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  1. Pherona added a post in a topic how is kuno performing in pvp   

    Imo kuno in it's current state is about engaging on your terms and never letting your oponent getting the upper hand.
    Use stealth and rely on it to give you the opportunity you need. 
    Just running in and expecting to take someone down while facetanking their attacks is not the way to go unless you massively outgear them. 
    Attack towards the end of your stealth duration if possible and if your engagement fails escape and try again.
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  2. Pherona added a post in a topic New & Improved main story quest   

    Not sure about that specific quest but I know the lvl 50 cap unlock quest is now a summoned catfish boss.
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  3. Pherona added a post in a topic proper fish for marogira guild missions?   

    We did this a week ago. Think we ended up finding out that sunfish qualified.
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  4. Pherona added a post in a topic Viability of rosar kunai   

    Totally forgot to get back to this thread after testing 

    Sitting on 186 awa ap and 285dp on sheet with my tri rosar kunai atm.
    The survivability difference between ap offhand and rosar is nothing less then massive imo.

    Done a couple of node wars and some arena etc with it and I can easily escape a 1v5 with very little problems unless I'm unlucky with cc. Before with the ap offhand I was more or less dead just from a stagger.
    The damage dropoff wasn't much of a difference either imo so in my eyes it's a no brainer from here on. Sticking to my rosar for any form of pvp.
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  5. Pherona added a post in a topic Wheel of Wrath - Black Spirit Rage 100% - No Frontal Guard   

    I believe this is intended. It's a trade-off for the bigger cone and extra damage.
    Tamer 100% loses it's block as well and I believe warrior does too.
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  6. Pherona added a post in a topic Viability of rosar kunai   

    Got my muskans to tri and a tri rosar in storage atm waiting to snipe 2 ap gems for it off market. Gonna test it sometime this week.
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  7. Pherona added a post in a topic Boat collection at Kuit Island   

    Thank you for saving my boat! <3
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  8. Pherona added a post in a topic Boat collection at Kuit Island   

    Same Issue.

    Request #234953
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  9. Pherona added a post in a topic Viability of rosar kunai   

    I guess you might be right.

    The ap loss from a rosar kunai vs. estique isn't very big though since it's got another slot for another +5ap gem.
    Gotten my muskan boots now through preorder so will have to see how that affects my survivability at first.

    Rosar Kunai just sitting on the market at tri not selling atm so might buy it togive it a try just to see how it works out.

    I'll let you guys know if I do and give it a few tests on damage reductions etc.
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  10. Pherona added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Viability of rosar kunai
    My kuno is currently lvl 58 with 200/194/250 and I'm about to add another 13dp on that from tri muskans in the form of mostly evasion.
    Currently running an ap build with estique kunai and dealing enough damage to people to off them fast isn't any problem at all.
    The big problem comes with surviving long enough to deal that damage. One single spin2win from a high ap sorc and your 2600hp is more or less gone if you get cought off guard i.e.
    So my question is as follows;
    Now that I'm getting muskans and are running 5eva gems in helmet, would adding another 30eva on top of that with a rosar kunai be viable?
    As I said earlier dealing damage isn't a problem, being able to have a failsafe of passive defence so you're not insta-dead on your first mistake would just be really nice.
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  11. Pherona added a post in a topic Red players, no penalties in the desert?   

    Atm I'm playing as a desert outlaw over Christmas until at least well into the new year.
    Being neg karma is basically the same as painting a big red target on yourself. Just about anyone will attack you on sight because they can.
    Half the reason I'm doing this is to force myself to get better at world PvP. I view any other player I encounter as a target no matter their gear. Keep in mind I stick to my own channel, only play at night and if there is free room I won't repeatedly kill someone over a spot.
    For now it seems like it's good training and the muiquun daylies sends me to crescent, fogans and pila ku. Gotten my arse sent to jail multiple times but it's quite a fun change to the usual "go to spot A and hope it's empty, if not move to spot B" etc.
    Lvl 58 kuno at 200/199/250 btw.
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  12. Pherona added a post in a topic Awakening animation cancel   

    If you a/d+lmb before shift+lmb it starts the spin without a wind-up. 
    Only one I've found so far though.
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  13. Pherona added a post in a topic Awakening - Initial Thoughts   

    The hp regen on shift+lmb is really good too. Doesn't even need to hit multiple mobs to regen a lot.
    Loving it so far but need to get comfortable with combos etc. Took me a week to feel right on my tamer but this just feels better in pve at least.
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  14. Pherona added a post in a topic Game Crash   

    Same issue.

    Ticket ID: 220412

    Edit: Fixed. Thank you!
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  15. Pherona added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Getting the 67% corrupted file detected.

    No .paz file is corrupted, the launcher is claiming to download a patch that is 1,43gigabytes and as a result is getting an error upon going from downloading it to actually trying to install the patch.
    Look at my obove post. Would explain why there's no network traffic at the point where it says file corrupted.
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