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  1. Sayton added a post in a topic Berserker Desync/RNG IMMUNE movie   

    I think the plan is to upgrade the servers before they enable sieges? Maybe that will kill all birds with one stone.
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  2. Sayton added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 08th   

    Nice patch!
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  3. Sayton added a post in a topic No Means NO! PVP should be consensual(trigger warning)   

    Yes, remove big bad PvP.
    Also "Computer game" sounds way too competitive and might scare the more sensitive users. Let's change it to 'computer playtime' while we're at it.
    Also send blankets with every copy of the playtime experience in case the sensitive little flowers need something to hug for comfort.
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  4. Sayton added a post in a topic Aussie warrior = fail?   

    ooh darkfall avatar. Yeah the server lag is messing up the grabs for most melee players right now, probably a lot worse with high ping. I'd say go ranger or something if you want to pvp without the headache.
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  5. Sayton added a post in a topic Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap   

    They should just remove mana/wp altogether, just let us use all attacks like in street fighter or whatever. 
    And add 2-5s to the hp potion timer.
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  6. Sayton added a post in a topic It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...   

    Then do that?
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  7. Sayton added a post in a topic How/Do you make your Berserker work at least for PVE?   

    spin2win with the +4hp. (protip: hold down both mouse buttons)
    Compared to warrior I pve exactly 100000% more effectively and hardly use pots.
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  8. Sayton added a post in a topic Crimson Battlefield is a joke   

    1. Do you think the use of Health Potions in Crimson Battlefield should be allowed? or Have a drastically increased CD?
    Yes / No
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  9. Sayton added a post in a topic The insects must be HUGE!   

    mind blown
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  10. Sayton added a post in a topic It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...   

    what if I told u that u can be playing on an irregular basis but still spend that time effectively. Making you a hardcore casual.
    #blackmatrixguy #gamechanger
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  11. Sayton added a post in a topic Fake or Real CM   

    Seems legit to me.
    But one can never be too safe, the scammers are very crafty. Send your password and account name to me in a pm here, and I will keep your login details safe for you!
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  12. Sayton added a post in a topic Overplaying is destructive   

    lost me at "a normal day for a healthy person"
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  13. Sayton added a post in a topic Give me the ability to turn off combat exp   

    this has to be the most pathetic thing I've seen all year
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  14. Sayton added a post in a topic Berserker Buff Numbers   

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  15. Sayton added a post in a topic We'z buffed!   

    papa bless
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