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  1. Kasathar added a post in a topic SAVE US, WE ARE IN THE SEA   

    As serious as this is, it's nothing short of hilarious.
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  2. Kasathar added a post in a topic 90 Days Value Pack has increased item drop rate   

    This might not be a 100% "Free to Play" game, but damn, it sure behaves like one.
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  3. Kasathar added a post in a topic Dye problems   

    Depends on the type of dye you are using. If you look carefully, there are like 6 different types of dyes, ranging from matte to metallic, which resemble "materials" like cloth, leather or metal.
    Unfortunately, unless you have access to Merv's pallete you are kind of screwed since there is no real way to "test" the dye you want.
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  4. Kasathar added a post in a topic Storage Maid Question   

    Yeah,I'm sorry Nabi! But hey, you got my number! You owe us a visit to the Stormcrow
    You still play this?  
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  5. Kasathar added a post in a topic Storage Maid Question   

    You're pretty ridiculous for necro quoting. ^.^
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  6. Kasathar added a post in a topic Trade Issue Explained   

    I don't know what drove you to use a post from an entirely different topic about some of the positive features the game offers and use it out of context to make a weak attempt to make me look like hypocrite just because I do not share the same enthusiasm you do for the draconian solution Kakao is using to blanket the RMT problem. 
    Basically, with you either we love and adore this game, or we hate it and abhor it, no middle ground...and then we complain why is it that the industry is so full of garbage like this.
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  7. Kasathar added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I agree with you, I quit cold turkey about a month ago and honestly, it's the first time in my life I haven't felt any kind of regret from leaving an MMO. This game just made me solidify the notion of how much of a turd wrapped in glossy wrapper Korean MMO's are. It's the same feeling I get when I open a bag of chips and it's full of air.
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  8. Kasathar added a post in a topic sell costumes   

    You can re-sell the costume as long as you haven't taken it out of the box. Still, even if you sell it, you do get hit by the Tax, not like the people who buy them directly from the cash shop and put it on the market. So you will lose about 3 million silver or so.
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  9. Kasathar added a post in a topic Valencia is broken. Fix it. game getting stupid as is   

    Well, what do you expect from a game that is originally Free to Play? The devs and publihers only care about the "coin" YOU "drop" in their cash shop.
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  10. Kasathar added a post in a topic GAMBLING Boxes - What success?   

    The answer is easy: If you gamble, you will always lose. The house always wins.
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  11. Kasathar added a post in a topic BDO gtx 1060   

    The game's optimization is shit, that's why. It's been like that since forever. But that's the nature of these Korean, free to play shitfests.
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  12. Kasathar added a post in a topic Hurricanes and my free Red Nose Armor   

    OP: Better think about how your whole livelihood is going to be chewed and spit back at you after a hurricane hits your home and how you are going to get up from that. 
    USA, a first world country with a third world mentality.
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  13. Kasathar added a post in a topic A cash shop item that prevents item fromdowngrading   

    I hope Kaka does introduce an item like this.
    It would cost €/$25 per use, it would be called "Maybenator RNGnator's Memory". There's a small chance it will fail its effect, this small chance will be at about 50%, because whales. Happy shopping!  
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  14. Kasathar added a post in a topic Trade Issue Explained   

    Well, I am sorry to hear that, it's not like what you experienced anymore, it's actually quite fun, definitely worth a look. You should take advantage of the "Welcome back home" events SE releases once in a while.
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  15. Kasathar added a post in a topic Open Seamless Game World   

    Not really, I think people have been confused about the concept of "Open World" for a long time. Open World is a general term that includes any Free Roam, Sand Box and any other game where you eliminate all or almost all instances. A Sand Box game allows you to build a virtual world and have a strong impact in how it interacts with you. A Free Roam game is just a non-instanced, already vibrant world set up for you where you just enjoy of what that world has to offer but you cannot create absolutely anything new.
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