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  1. Korvgubben added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Maybe they cut the life support but the forum lives on by its own?
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  2. Korvgubben added a post in a topic [COMPARISON] Forced to be with the same armor skin/look from start to finish...   

    Why the sudden influx of necro trolls? I know this forum is shuting down but still, why?
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  3. Korvgubben added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Can I get "best matching avatar & nick" ? (my nick means "Sausage man" fyi)
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  4. Korvgubben added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    1st post a mere 10 days before they shut down this forum. Not sure if good timing or bad timing ^^
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  5. Korvgubben added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    You totally can though. Some1 that thought that Aion was 10 times better in its prime than BDO is currently would not be playing BDO now because it would be so bad in comparison.
    Thats the thing with games and mmos especially. You have to constantly improve and inovate for the game to have any chance of actually being good. You cant just take an old game, change a few minor things, some for better and some for worse and then update the graphics a bit and expect it to be just as successful as the old game in its prime.
    In my experience Korean games are especially guilty of not learning from past mistakes when it comes to just simple game mechanics.
    One example from Aion: The loot roll system. They took the same system as WoW, and probably many other games used and removed a vital function in it namely the greed button. The result was that a rare item drops, bind on pickup, and everybody wants it to extract enchanting stones from it. But what if some1 in the party needs it because its better than his current gear? Shame every1 has already hit that need button and rolled for the item because if 2 players rolled the same number the one who rolled first wins so no1 wanted to wait.
    They later patched it so that BoP items could be traded for 15mins after being looted but what possible reason did they have to not implement the existing working solution? That question was never answered by any GMs on the forums although it was asked relatively often by me and others.
    An example from BDO, that has since been fixed however, was the having to write in the selling price on items you listed again for every similar item you wanted to list. Now it actually keeps the previous price so you can list similar items in succession much quicker. This should however have been in the game from release. They just added a problem that already had been solved into the game for no reason other than being uninformed.
    Another rather minor complaint would be the way you move items around in your inventory. There is typically drag-n-drop and there is click once to pick up, click again to drop. BDO has drag to move and then click to drop which I fail to see the point off.
    Much of this might seem like nitpicking but its the small details that makes a game seem well-made and polished and when there are existing solutions to problems that arise in games during development/early testing then why not just fix them then? It requires no effort in creativity or planning its just work hours.
    I might have derailed this discussion slightly ^^
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  6. Korvgubben added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    You shouldnt asume that hes talking about the Aion free-to-play relaunch. Nothing you are complaining about existed in the game for the first 2 years even.
    Some valid complaints about Aion that I like to bring up:
    The memory game crash. Once the game reached a certain memory usage it just crashed. Cities, sieges and pretty much all crowded areas crashed the game for a large part of the playerbase. The ones who werent crashing where the ppl still running windows XP due to its lower memory usage compared to Vista. Dunno why it mattered what memory usage the operative system used but thats how it was. NCsoft denied that there was a problem with the game for MONTHS before they finaly addressed the issue and iirc they fixed it by limiting how much ram the game was allowed to use so that it never hit the crash threshold. N1 fix 5/7 pergramerz wud rcmnd.AoE skills/spells and aerial combat. AoEs didnt work on the Z axis so you could completely avoid a lot of them simply by being 0,5m under or above the one attacking you."You cannot do that while you are status" no explanation needed.As much as I like to bash on League I have to say that your statement is vastly exaggerated. Even though the balance have declined a bit over the last 2-2,5 years it still crushes any and every mmo that I have ever played when it comes to balance.
    Also with the pretty large champion pool there are still not that many champs that are so bad that you struggle to win games with them.
    Just take one of my fav champs, Gragas, as example. Hes one of the bottom 10 champs imo simply because of how hard he has been nerfed in an attempt to get him out of the pro scene yet he still sees playtime during championships while sporting a rather patetic winratio overall.
    When it comes to online pvp games with good balance you need to look in the FPS or RTS category to find better balance than League. Or turnbased whatever if that is to be included.
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  7. Korvgubben added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    There are probably more candidates but no other that poped up in my head yet
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  8. Korvgubben added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    How about some1 like Moonraker who actually post helpful stuff?
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  9. Korvgubben added a post in a topic last topic   

    What about muh forum likes? Will I have to go back to facebook for those?
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  10. Korvgubben added a post in a topic Trading vs Pure AH.   

    One tip I can give is to not transport your materials to often if you do it manually. Let them build up for a while and then use the horse overload trick since it takes the same time to move 10k and 100k timbers as long as they are in 1 stack.
    I've always felt that its more interesting to do life skills in cycles instead of doing everything at the same time every day.
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  11. Korvgubben added a topic in General   

    A thanks to the Devs
    Thank you for adding changeable keybinds for pruning/plant breeding.
    I actually have no idea when this was added but concidering how much I have whined about this when they moved them from F1/F2 to F5/F6 I feel like this thread needs to be made.
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  12. Korvgubben added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    The party can freely PK him 25 times though. Doesnt sound that easy to me when you get killed after every pack you clear for close to an hour and this doesnt take into account regained karma for the party from the full rotation -1 pack they clear.
    So if you are gonna see it from both sides who is the real loser here. The lone "karma bomber" who gets 1 pack from a full rotation for 1 hour or the party who gets a full rotation -1 pack for a full hour?
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  13. Korvgubben added a post in a topic New patch nothing fixed but hey we add more pearl gifting. AKA shakatus seals   

    Petition to rebrand Pearl Abyss to Pearl Abuse!
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  14. Korvgubben added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    I got  ~375 days of ingame time on my main which is pretty much 9k hours. Got very few hours on my alts though so the 10k reward is probably a month away at least.
    The trick is to never log out ^^
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  15. Korvgubben added a post in a topic Just kill me now   

    If its any consolation getting the armor to a usable enchant lvl is a horrible process and now you wont have to do that just yet ^^
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