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  1. LoreChief added a topic in Suggestions   

    Standardize the time it takes for Pearl items to register to the market.
    So here's what happens.  You have a notice placed on an item you want from the market, a Pearl item.  Say an Outfit or a Pet.
    So you get the notice, and go "OH SHIT!  I gotta get on my MP character!" - So you switch over, which takes forever for some damned reason by the way.  Anyways - you're right in front of the market, you check, "Item literally sold 1 second after this notice came up."  WTF.
    Other times, you get there just in time, sometimes you still have to wait 30+ seconds for it to show up.  Again, WTF.
    Make it a set amount of time, or increase the time.  One of the two.  Right now it seems to post randomly between 0-60 seconds after you get the notice, which is a dice roll as to whether or not you'll be able to get to the market in time.
    Suggestion:  Increase the time to post on Pearl items to either 90 or 120 seconds.  No more, no less.
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  2. LoreChief added a post in a topic Allow item exchanges if new item < max weight   

    I submitted a suggestion like this a few weeks ago.  So obviously +1.
    One change I would say though is to make it "New item < current weight".
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  3. LoreChief added a post in a topic Personal sailboat bug   

    You're in the Suggestions subforum mate.  Bug Reports are found here;  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/forum/117-in-game-bugs/
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  4. LoreChief added a post in a topic Idea for a new class   

    Hey I like your idea, and would certainly welcome a class like this to the game.  The problem though is that they have pigeon-holed themselves into a very specific type of combat system, where no matter what archetype you play, they are all relatively very similar.  "Run around, evade a lot, mash AoE skills, rinse and repeat".  A summoning playstyle would be a great way to switch this all up, but I think that's why we won't see it.
    Still, I like that people make threads like this for this game.
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  5. LoreChief added a topic in Suggestions   

    No EXP loss on death, at all.
    It's an archaic way of punishing deaths.  It doesn't make the game more immersive, or fun, or even really that difficult.  More importantly though - since we still have potatoes for servers for EU/NA, that like to lag out and crash dozens of times every day (more the farther along we've been in the week from maintenance) - many deaths aren't even the fault of the player, but the server.  Why should the players be punished for what Daum is too cheap to fix?  I'm not even so far along that the 1% penalty is a long time to recover, but I imagine it has to suck being a 60+ player and losing a lot of time every time you die to to shitty server lag.
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  6. LoreChief added a post in a topic Project: Casual hit 55 as warrior before exp event end   

    Spam Ground Roar, what?  That skill doesn't hit for squat, takes forever to kill anything with it, even tiny structures.
    Spinning Slash + Scars of Dusk is the way to go, and get the healing effect on Ground Smash and you're good to go.
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  7. LoreChief added a topic in Suggestions   

    Cherry Blossoms all the time.
    These trees look amazing.  We should have an area where they are present all of the time.  They make the world feel so much more alive, at least around Heidel.
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  8. LoreChief added a post in a topic Improvements to Custom Action Slots   

    Auto-align feature has been added for individual quick slot setting. When moving individual quick slots through the edit UI function will now automatically stick together when placed near each other.
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  9. LoreChief added a topic in Suggestions   

    Improvements to Custom Action Slots
    1. Allow us to 'snap' these to each other.  Other games have a similar bar system, and you can do this by holding 'shift' when moving the slot around.  This makes it so that they are better arranged.
    2. Allow us to 'delete' an entry from a slot, rendering said slot invisible afterwards.  Presently we have to go Esc > Edit UI > Toggle off the slot when we have one we don't want to see a quickslot anymore.  That's pretty silly.  Just make it so we can remove the item from there, probably by using the 'delete' key when we hover over it.
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  10. LoreChief added a post in a topic Can't see Wiz awakening weapon effect   

    Wait I don't get it.  Both screenshots are taken with the same settings, but you can see the effects in the first picture?  What did you change, if not the settings, that resulted in the second picture?
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  11. LoreChief added a post in a topic Costume Proposal   

    We already have too many outfits that look like this.
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  12. LoreChief added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    I don't want to see bigger head sizes, regardless of it being "preference" because I don't want to play in a game where people weeb out their characters even more than they already do.  Looking at the top-downloaded Beauty Album entries, there's way more than enough "2D girls > 3D girls" without everyone turning into anime bobblehead waifu's.  No thanks.
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  13. LoreChief added a topic in Suggestions   

    Remove "Item has sold on the marketplace" mails.
    I've got to manually check and delete like 40+ of these things a day.  There is no need for even having them in the first place.  Please remove them.
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  14. LoreChief added a post in a topic Get rid of the female haircut that looks like a penis.   

    Yeah, I think its ridiculous that they actually took time to make that haircut, when there are so many not-good haircuts already.  I can't help but think "This is what we got instead of something good."
    Also I find it funny that ----- is censored on the forums, but Penis isn't.  One's a name of a person, the other is the name of the part of the body they wanted to censor in the first place, lol.
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  15. LoreChief added a post in a topic Get rid of the female haircut that looks like a penis.   

    Guess y'all don't play around in the configurators as much as most.  Pretty much everyone that mentions it in game calls it the ------Hair/Penis Hair.
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