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  1. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Possible Solution for the Ghille-Suit Rage Wars   

    I think the advantage is there, especially if your enemies are using low to medium graphics settings. Objectively you are less of a target, you can be watched on minimap but that will take your focus from the action. 
    But if you want it, you can buy it. It costs like 2 months of subscription to any monthly paid mmo.
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  2. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Berserker need help!   

    2. World bosses - give up being in the top 20 dps bracket and go for the RNG bracket. That means no armor (you will get oneshotted either way) and go in when it is safe - for example Red nose is jumping on his belly - > Lava piercer in, RT and go away, repeat. That way you will die max few times for the same chance of loot as if you try hardcore to to damage.
    3. Krea gives accuracy only if you have both axe and offhand, it does not get acc for getting more +. So sayier gives a lot more when you enhance it.
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  3. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Livertos from Marketplace - Your Experience   

    Got one yesterday, at +7 enhancement level. Went through 2 bids, then I was faster and got it. Like 5th or so try to buy since start. I am berserker, so probably less opposition compared to wizards and rangers.
    I would suggest to save money and stones for now, in a month they should be more available and you need like 50+ MIL to upgrade it anyway.
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  4. Zhalfirim added a topic in Berserker   

    Liverto Crit build
    I have got my hands on Liverto, I read somewhere on this forums/reddit about Liverto crit build. Can anyone clear what it entails? Taking all the passive and crit damage gems to max crit and crit damage? I mostly spec towards GVG so I am not that interested in heavy dps build though. But I want to full respec soon so I would like to see my options.
    Thank you
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  5. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Here to complain like everyone else.   

    Ok I will try to help you a bit. If you are fresh 50 with DP around 100, I would highly suggest leveling a bit in Calpheon area - Hexe or Rhutums. It will be good exp for you, good money, good start. If you want to go to Mediah, it will be quite hard with low DP, I went there with 135DP and died a few times here and there. Now with 170 DP life is good again.
    Well here is some Mediah advice:
    Use Saiyer offhand
    First buy some food - +10 Acc, +5AP - this will help you a lot
    Try to fight in area without a lot of obstacles, or you will get stuck and die
    Try to keep the amount of "Big" monsters (Giant Mane, Khuruto Sheriff, Helm Giant Axe, Giant Rogue) you have agroed to two, or one stun will means you are dead.
    Watch for elite mobs. Skip them.
    Small mobs should be fine with RT with HP/hit, big mobs you should always move around them with RT, never stop, they will rarely hit or stun you in RT
    Start the fight with Headbutt into FD double smash, continue with RT - +10%ACC, +16AP is huge
    Really good advice - > level in group, Berserker can use mobility to aggro mobs fast and easy for others to kill
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  6. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Super armor damage reduction doesn't work   

    I really love the situations when you do combo like this: Lava piercer to get to the enemy line -> rubberband back 5m -> look at your character rolling on the ground like turtle on its back -> watch incoming rain of arrows from laughing enemy rangers - > finish the combo with mighty Ress at the nearest Node.
    Seriously this happened on Tuesday to me like 5 or more times. Then I missed like 10 or more grabs due to desync.
    While it is more of a desync issue, I think it is really connected, the superarmor maybe works but you can die before it even registers that you used SA ability. or the ability never happens because you are already CCd and you get the graphical effect but not the "buff". So without fixing server issues we will not found out if SA works or not.
    Honestly I have never seen class so borked in my 12 years of mmos. We are low damage class, with only pros being CC and tankiness based on moves with SA, both of which are destroyed by crappy servers. We suck in PVE fast farming, world bosses. Maybe in other versions Berserker is best GVG class, but with these servers we are like naked people dancing (Corpse storm whiffing) between enemies until we rubberband and die. 
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  7. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Berserker GvG gear   

    I would like to add one more question, has anyone tried to GvG with 100% DP setup? From my experience I still feel squishy at 107AP/163DP when against big enemy group (gear not maxed though). When I max my gear and get full DP accessories, I should be able to get over 200DP, the loss of AP does not matter in big fight. 
    I am rocking 2 Taritas, 2 Grunils, switching to full Grunil would up my HP, but I kinda worry about missing the MP with all our skill eating a lot.
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  8. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic 100% gpu after server disconnect   

    Same issue, just bringing it up.
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  9. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic FD and Grabs   

    You also have headbutt for +ACC bonus and F for moving mobs together and some debuffs. So you can have rotation of Headbut to range, F, FD double, RT.
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  10. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Where is our innate tankiness, Meadiah Edition   

    Well other classes will not get worse at +15 gear, so I think this point is not that good. They will not lose any damage ratios getting to +15, ours will not magically increase at +15. We are still same, not sucky but passable.
    I just don't see what is the reward for us for being squishy (super armor - you are not using skills with it in pve and in pvp it kinda not work at the moment), low dps melee. For sorc it is clear - they are squishy melee, they get mobility and huge damage and iframes and some cc. Rangers are squishy ranged they get mobility while attacking and some cc and huge damage. We are squishy, melee, we get low damage, cc that is not working or one use will make the enemy immune (great idea for class with cc in nearly every skill) and mobility that is stopped by every stone or box.
    I think our passive could be +10-20% damage reduction and we would be fine, offering less damage but performing the role of cc/disruption in team fights. Or if we have to play cat and mouse with most other classes, make it so that if we catch them, they will feel it.
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  11. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Where is our innate tankiness, Meadiah Edition   

    Thank you for response, I am mostly doing what you have written in the guide already, I am not total noob :-). It is just that I don't see what we get for being melee, no reward for the risk.
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  12. Zhalfirim added a topic in Berserker   

    Where is our innate tankiness, Meadiah Edition
    I was quite happy with the Berserker before Media, at least in pve. The spin was quite fast farming tool, no pots, no hassle.Here comes Media and all the problems people were talking about just got to the spotlight. We rely on spin for our pve, most big mobs everywhere will stun you out of it, then proceed to 3-4 shot you, if not you have to dodge around and try to weave some lackluster skills until you can spin again. Unless you get stuck on some box or rock, then all our mobility fails and we die. I have 102ap/145dp. I feel squishy as a sorc, but without the damage. I can finally see the awakening on spin as a crutch, I don't see how berserker can farm 50+ without it.
    Honestly I don't understand how was basic pve/pvp balancing done in this game. Squishy classes have damage, cc, mobility (Sorc, Ranger, Wizard). Tanky classes have burst (somewhat) and block (war and valk). Then you have berserker, with no range, no block, low damage, no mechanics to tank damage. Superarmor is fine in pvp I guess, but in pve? No use. If we are to be this squishy, I want the damage. You can see most other classes kill stuff much faster. Yes, when a sorc make a mistake, they can die. But same will happen to Berserk, with no trade off. 
    If Blader hits next week, I will definitely go try him, it is melee, with CC, with mobility and damage. Squishy? Maybe, but then again berserker is squishy too.
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  13. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    I think there is one game that found the compromise - EVE Online. I would even go that far and said that BDO can aspire to be fantasy EVE Online, you have the open world, the living business, the grind.  My guild actually made a push into EVE like 2 years ago. We were literally years behind on skills compared to the vets, using basic ships and modules. But with good leadership, shout calling and strategy, we were able to live, fight and be successful, because even those basic ships were useful and usable with right strategy. The veterans had their fancy ships and skills, they had something to show off, when you met them alone, they would probably smoke you out of the sky unless they were bad, but noobs were able to participate one month after starting out. The skill floor is quite high in EVE, but the the grind floor can be actually quite low - you can put together some cheap tackler in few days of training and few hours of grinding and be useful in big guild/corp fights.
    In BDO, this is not true though. You cant really kill someone geared with numbers or strategy, he will just one shot you all. People who are leveling at the moment, they will never be able to catch up, especially when +15 is no longer a cap. I think a lot of people will be sorely disappointed after the node wars are in. When a small group of higher level/geared people will be able to own bigger groups with no effort, when you will see your enemies are not taking any damage, when you get one shotted, when you see your enemy has no strategy or lacking in skill but still taking you out just because they farm 10 hours a day. You can somewhat discount this in open pvp we have now, that it is joke and class balance is not based on 1v1. But when that happens when you are fighting with your guild, your friends, a lot of people will be unhappy with this, stop showing up, guilds disbanding, drama, etc. In the end you can have just a few guilds kicking friends, because you need to have 100 100% geared people to compete.
    In the end I think there is no catch up mechanism or a way how to be useful to your guild when you are not geared. You can't hit, you dont do damage, you get oneshotted, there is no real healing or support role. You can't give a new player good set of gear, or give them money to buy it also like you could in EVE. When your friend joins 6 months in the future, you can powerlevel them a bit, but they will miss the silver, the stones, the enhancement levels to be useful for so long it will probably not be worth it for them.  
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  14. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Saiyer vs Oros Knots   

    I think this is true but with hidden stats (I don't really understand the reason for hiding half of them and having obscure numbers on the rest) we are not actually sure if more accuracy or more crit will translate to hitting hard. 
    There is also a test on Rangers forums with some evidence that higher DP decreases chance to hit for the oponnent. 
    I think it is worth it to have both. Oros for pve farming at the moment and Saiyer for pvp. Because really, this game is not about 1v1 and in group situation, your role is not damage but hitting your CC skills. Also Saiyer will be good when we get higher level mobs again.
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  15. Zhalfirim added a post in a topic Sooo. Who quit berserker today?   

    I was little on the verge of doing it after trying a witch alt. Damn all the spells are so fluid. easily castable (I think a lot of the berzeker spells are hotkey or bust), you get a lot of options for farming (fireball, snowstorm, lightning), you get great MP and HP sustain, great farming mobility, just awesome experience. But you can see that the grass is not greener in the end, you pop freeze, teleport and then if someone gets to you, you are bust.
    Also I think Berserker is kinda function before form. We need to be good at farming, you get one skill for that. Single target - FD. Other than that - grabs, charges, jumps, kds. We get the things we need in really barebone way, but it works. I don't really need witch for farming, berserker is great at that. And I am aiming at group pvp, so there will be a lot of what I can do.
    Last note, I don't know if it wise to take all these 95+/120+ people saying that it is fine later as a good example. I went no-life for first week, but then work happen (so I get like 2 hours of gameplay per day) and the upgrading slowed down a lot (I am at 75/103 something). I don't want to make myself a role model for this, but I have still like 100+ hours on my character in 10 days. So I am not quite sure you are fighting people on similar gear level. I don't mean this is as an insult, just something to think about, you must be really at the up 1% or even less if your Liverto is near your +15 Yuria.
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