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  1. Xom added a post in a topic Gear Appearance Diversity is Lacking...   

    add craftable outfits with no bonusis but with durability that will still make you look like a pleb or lowly soldier but different than other people
    keep good looking and uber outfits in cash shop.
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  2. Xom added a topic in Suggestions   

    In residence weather sounds
    Its immersion killer to enter your residence and lose all of the thunderstorm sounds outside. It would be awesome if you could hear in your residence, raindrops dropping on your roof and muffled sounds of wind and lightning strikes.
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  3. Xom added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    Play only single player games, dont ruin multiplayer games for other people.
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  4. Xom added a post in a topic Hackers   

    thats what you get for trying to buy from gold sellers
    now you know from where do they get new accounts to spam from.
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  5. Xom added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    wut? Making a new outfit is piss easy, you reuse the old one with its animations and just remake the geometry, you can make a single costume in a day and thats stretching it.
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  6. Xom added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    i just wish there were more costume sets in pearl shop, but not waky costumes like fish costume or camuflage, but like awesome or at least decent looking armours. I alredy bought once costume but its ugly. Please add more costumes to item shop, It should have at least 20 different costumes for each character.
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  7. Xom added a post in a topic The prices needs to be lowered.   

    who said video games is a cheap hobby?
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  8. Xom added a post in a topic AFKing too valuable   

    here is my suggestion
    -Remove energy
    -make workers work while offline and autoeat food from local storage
    problem fixed, no more afking players
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  9. Xom added a post in a topic So, got to exp getting PK'd   

    your idiocy upsets me.
    Let me quote you
    Realy mature of you. all because someone called you a name in a game. Hypocrite.
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  10. Xom added a post in a topic So, got to exp getting PK'd   

    What you tend to not notice is its an mmo, not farmvile. PK and pvp is inseparable part of any real mmorpg, trash talk should be viewed as "fantasy character calling my fantasy character a bad name", it should be treated like "make believe". Instead you chose to inject real life into a -----ing game and you take offence like a spoiled kid. You are the one who sees no difference between real and virtual, not me, you are the one who brings conflicts from vritual into the real, you are the one who would use violence against real people because of what happened IN A -----ING VIDEO GAME, you are the one who requires protection from a virtual world in form of artificial restrictions put on other players or else your little sensibilities get hurt. And you try to patronise me and talk down to me like im a kid? Thats disgusting behaviour worthy of intelectual bancrupt. From what i see you have been ruining mmos for 16 years, thats a achievment for you buddy.
    also tl;dr
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  11. Xom added a post in a topic Market Price/Processing Energy Cost   

    whats the recipe? when i chop logs all i get are planks.
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  12. Xom added a post in a topic Market Price/Processing Energy Cost   

    Maybe RNG hates me. I chopped 500 logs and got 1 scantling and there is literaly 0 on the market and gets bought out very fast.
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  13. Xom added a post in a topic Market Price/Processing Energy Cost   

    chopped 500 logs to recieve 1 scantling
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  14. Xom added a post in a topic Market Price/Processing Energy Cost   

    market is broken and unbalanced
    most things are too cheep for the amount of gold in this restricted market, this leads to inflation which leaves market shelves empty like in communist country.
    rare materials are too cheep (usable scantling is an example, rare material for ship building) and its not worth to sell them and even if someone does it gets bought out instantly, making market empty
    its not worth to sell anything, selling serves only ""getting rid of items you dont need"" purpose.
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  15. Xom added a post in a topic So, got to exp getting PK'd   

    So you are just a oversensitive little bi.. baby, who would beat up and phyicaly assault a person in real world, because you chose to be offended like a kid over trashtalk in a VIDEO GAME and you couldnt handle hearing few words. Thats great! Your problem is you let the game leak into the real world you wimp. If someone trashtalked you in a game, beat him up... in a game! Not real life! Thats the point of sandbox mmorpgs. The point you still miss. Its funny how your ilk rationalises violence towards other people which opinions and words you dont like.
    Also the consequences of your actions in the real world would be going to jail, you cant beat up other people, even if they call you names you big oversensitive baby. people like you who cant differentiate between real world and video game world give gamers a bad name.
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