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  1. Furlozza added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    As a sidelight....
    let's just hope and pray that they are using the 7 hr break to do something special with the servers. You know those problems with DCs, Freezes, etc that have plagues the game for some from day one and for others as patches are added and somehow break something within the game.
    Just a hope...
    Oh and D.. nah, why be totally repetitious.
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  2. Furlozza added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Something simple.
    Hey, you are aware that folks from Australia and New Zealand play this game on the US servers, are you not? possibly even EU servers as well.
    You are aware that there is a thing called the International Date Line, are you not?
    You are aware that there are differing times zones around the world are you not?
    You are aware that when it is 5.26PM on Thursday the 30th March 2017 in Sydney Australia it is 1.26AM in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA on the 30th March 2017.
    Ypou are aware that when it is 12.02AM 26th MArch 2017 in Sydney Australia it is 8.02AM 25th March 2017 in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA are you not?
    Did you see what I did there?
    I quoted irrefutable fact. (until daylight savings kicks in/ends.)
    So, why do you persist in starting and finishing contests/events on date and time? Australia and New Zealand are ahead of you by that manner and therefore miss a day with you using that format.
    Use the one standard. IE MAINTENANCE.
    Oh and allow folks to turn in stuff for a week AFTER the event finishes. They are not gaining anything, other than what they have earnt through participation.
    Use your brains, folks. think outside your local time zone or the pieces of paper that you have stuck to your monitors so that neither US or Europe are penalised, but Aussies/Kiwis ARE!
    As I said in another post elsewhere, a game designed for a country, when transitioned to one open to various time zones around the world actually requires some thought outside your own neck of the woods. Quoting GMT means SFA to me.. cause I think in local time... universal time?? the same.
    AH ya got me... I admitted it was me.... so you are right and one again I am wrong. Continue believing that.
    Just THINK about timing.... and remember some of us are actually ahead of you in Europe and WAY ahead of those in the States.
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  3. Furlozza added a post in a topic reset for new day (real)   

    Just be greatful you don't live in Australia/New Zealand and play the game.
    A guildie just turned in a number of the Dark Knight seals and I found a toon that had 14 in Inventory... so went to Heidel and the NPC there... the turn in lines were there, but I couldn't use them.
    Why?? CAuse the blasted programmers are morons and don't realise that when it is the 29th in America, it's actually the flaming 30th in Australia/New Zealand. Ergo, we miss out again. But why the hell should they care?
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  4. Furlozza added a post in a topic Huge problem on class wizard   

    put one or both in slots 9 and/or 0..... summon using either and dismiss using either.
    My little bug is that if you want to us S + F and you accidentally press F first, the pet changes before you get the spell you wanted and then you.. ya well, that's just my shirty fingers and/or keyboard, ain't it.
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  5. Furlozza added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Lovely Quest :Beat the Freeze
    Had two final quests to do on Pirate Islands..... sailed there no trouble.... completed one quest.. no problem save for the odd slowdown in action/movement. Got quest reward...ran to boat.. sailed to lema Island...exchanged the bandanas for silver and DC'd.... oh have I mentioned the crossing of the bridge of Freezes?? Where you freeze, it flickers and then you go to either pearl Abyss black screen or KakaoGames black screen?? 10 times between Pirates and Lema?? the last freeze and DC I was on Lema itself, jogging back to boat.. figured that'd cure it.
    Trip from Lema to Pirates to get gold exchange (reduce weight)... 11 crashes/freezes.....
    Pirates to Subsidiary to complete quests.. 1 freeze
    Subsidiary to Pirates 1 freeze
    Pirates to Lema... 8 freezes and a DC
    Lema to Port Ephiria? No idea, cause I was pissed off and went outside for a ciggie, but when I came back.. frozen .. move a metre.. frozen... moved a fair bit.... and Ifroze and DCd. Game is currently shut down as I type, pondering if it is worthwhile re-starting.
    Or even playing this game again
    No you can't have my gear.
    This can't be blamed on my puter, as it didn't start until december 2016 and I've played since march of 2016. It is the program itself. It has leaks.... is designed for a country to play, ie South Korea, where they have a you beaut Broadband scheme.... Fibre to the HOME not the node as the current group of paranoid Aussies in power have condemned us to.
    It is within the program. FIX THE EFFEN LEAKS.... Optimize the game Properly.
    Actually acknowledge that you, Kakoa Games, have taken a game that was made for a national fibre to the home connection, NOT a WWW of differing and at times unsuitable connections and servers, including your own blasted puerile servers.
    Folks will come back and play it and suffer the dc's/freezes and be told it is all at your (the user's) end, cause we have no problems at all. to which I say "total and utter BULLSHIT" but politely, of course. Don't want to offend anyone, cause their offending the player base doesn't matter one effen IOTA.
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  6. Furlozza added a post in a topic [Notice] *Update* NA Server Connectivity Issues - 3/12   

    hey// at least you aren't still being booted from the game
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  7. Furlozza added a post in a topic [Notice] *Update* NA Server Connectivity Issues - 3/12   

    Some peed off gold seller corp running a DoS?? nah, not nowadays.. how 1900's.
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  8. Furlozza added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    posting here for a change as I am currently locked in a loop of images at the channel selection page. Was playing game with L57 in Shakatu until running back to town and.. hmmmmm in the stream/pond, couldn't hit targets even with all of water as it just said immune.... ok.. this is not right.
    Umm "Disconnected from server"..... ok.. will try This trick and see what transpires. To be totally honest? Not holding my breath.
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  9. Furlozza added a post in a topic "Disconnected from Server"   

    So at 6.30PM Eastern Australian Summer Time, I attempted to log in again.... and succeeded..... and was actually able to go from toon to toon and do stuff. I finally came to the AFK fisher and decided at 7.50PM ESST that I'd have a bite to eat, so set toon to fish and then tried to send game to tool bar only to discover I was now playing in full screen mode, not windowed mode. I'd have sworn In set it as usual, windowed mode.. but yet there I was... and suddenly the screen went white and then I came back into the game and the screen was black, and there was unusual writting on the screen in yellow orange and other 'not usual' colors. It was at that stage I just closed the game, which I could do via the ESC key... but even that acted weird...
    So, am off to eat... who knows what will happen. Oh some toons have had their Inv rearraged randomly, others not. Some Warehouses have been rearranged and others not. Have not been to all of both, but.. that IS weird
    Update #2
    Before crashing last night (Aust time) say at 12.00 midnight, I tried once more since today is saturday in Oz. Got on.... got to the character and then.... yep "disconnected from server" so bed.
    Now, a thought has permeated my brain, since the longest time online on the NA server (my home server) has been from 6.30Pm tp around 8PM my time yesterday.. and most americans/canadians europeans would have been asleep or at work/school/uni..... so will post this when I get into the game and then post another message when I leave.
    By into game I mean to the toon selection on my home channel and have selected which toon will have the pleasure of my usage.
    Here goes nowt: 12.28PM
    4.38PM and "Connection to the server has been lost"
    In the four hrs online, on 4 toons and 2 channels there were 5 Kakaogames blackscreen events usually whilst riding , but the last two were whilst fighting at Sausans (NPCs) After the first, the only visuals I saw for spells were the wall of water and ground detonation. Nothing else.
    going back in (hopefully) as I just started the daily XP run....
    will post when I get to toon select again
    Time is 4.53
    5.19PM Connection to server has been lost.. in the middle of a brawl...at sausans... yay /sarcasm
    once more as I would like to finish the xp run
    Time is 5.23PM
    At 7.40 I went to tea after setting up an Alt to fish. When I returned @11.45-ish, it was to the "DC"message. Re-entered and lasted ti; now with just a couple of Kakaogames experiences. Logged out at 1.00AM Sunday morning Aust Times.
    One other thing that sticks out about the freezes and KAkaogaames window... on returnas my Main his costume particularly his back and back of legs are non-existant. Can see his suspenders for his pants. Weird, eh??
    bed time.
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  10. Furlozza added a topic in Technical Issues   

    "Disconnected from Server"
    Have been playing this game for over a year continually.... had the odd disconnection problem.... but today??
    Logged in at 11.10ish AM (Am in Australia and that leads to other screw ups.. however...) and selected character and started doing normal things like getting daily 50K on toons and the daily Fame reward. Switched to next toon to get stuff and low and behold.. too many quests.... so decide to delete.. unwanted quests. open up two slots and then get silver.. so decide to run to Olvia to get plants to kill off two other quests in oze hill area. Get there and the fun and games started.
    Firstly, couldn't hand in quest item.. then screen went to black KAKao screen and sudden;y I am not where I was but back down the hill, off my horse. try to mount and toon starts running on the spot. Can move camera, but can't do anything else as toon continues to run towards the horse to mount, not in any other direction.
    Black screen Kakao.
    Am now in another place, but can mount horse..... so ride back to the three NPCs around Oze's House, dismount and face first toon to hand in required item. except that although had the blue quest mark on head, when I get within the area, that vanishes and I can't 'talk' to npc.
    Frustrated, I quit game and decide to delete cash and also repair the game, just in case.
    That is done. Log in to a channel to my knowledge I'd never been on before (as per instructions) and proceed to reset chat and game preferences. (On a side note... although I had nothing at all in my task bars, not once did the annoying message about no HP potions appear... I guess that was a secret warning that not all was well) That done, I decide to change back to my 'normal' home channel...... and then things went pear shaped..... it hung.... then I got a screen like at login toon selection and then.. toon I was playing appeared in bottom right corner.... but nothing else... so quit game... and was on normal desktop rather quickly.
    started game again... went through the normal prolonged load.. got to character screen, selected toon.."processing"  popped up....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... new background with man and black Spirit appeared and moved across the screen..... ..... ..... ..... ..... reached end and "connection to server has been lost"
    Close game (straight to my decktop)
    Repeat log in procedure..... ..... yeah.. got toon, "processing" Man and BS running..... "Connection to server is lost"
    This time pop over to this forum and start reading and then I notice that I am still on the 'processing' page... click on it and there it is again "Connection to server has been lost"
    So, what I am going to do is reboot my puter and see if that makes any difference, and will duly report back.
    EDIT: Hey, guess what? I got in as a character and started running back to Oze House and then was back where i started and then continued running back to oze House and then "Connection to server has been lost"
    My attraction to this game for the time being has been lost.
    Could it be that I haven't paid enough real money to the game for them to allow me to enter and do what I have been doing the last 12 mths?
    to be blunt, and I know it is nighttime in Europe (ya see, some folks realise that there are things called time zones.. summat certain programmers overlook when they set up Events) FIX IT. This is not a new problem, but a recurring event. Oh wait, is that it? Our prize is being able to play the game? Well, butter me with surprise.
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  11. Furlozza added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    could play game yesterday, but today?? log in.. get to character select.. select...connection to server is lost
    rinse and repeat
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  12. Furlozza added a post in a topic -BAGGEDMILK- Looking for individuals that love to PVP!!   

    G'day from a pleasant (for a change) Australia
    BAGGED MILK are still recruiting.
    We are still doing guild missions and groups are doing weekly scrolls.
    We are bleeding with envy for those who get TRI plus enhances and drowning our sorrows with un-BAGGED MILK (with a scotch filler) at all failed attempts.
    Come join us, be you a Yank, Canuck, Pom, Kiwi or fellow Aussie or from any other place on this planet. Our world within BDO is welcoming to all.
    (For more info, refer to our opening post that lists our benefits game-wise)
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  13. Furlozza added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Maybe they tested the  new rewards and surprise surprise...... they start on the 2nd March... which is hours away in EU and US, but it's now 2.11AM 2nd March in Australia  and guess what.. the program is set to EU/US time zones and shyte folks.. "we'd better fix this or else we'll cop more shyte from those whinging Aussies and Kiwis."
    Yeah, thinking another Valentine's massacre is on the cards if they DON'T fix run times.
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  14. Furlozza added a post in a topic Valentines Day Popularity Event - Winners   

    At least you Northerners were able to vote 8 times. Aussies got screwed again by bad programing/design.
    This game is starting to get a damned bit more annoying than enjoyable.
    no you can't have my stuff leeches.
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  15. Furlozza added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    At one stage, the loyalty reward was supposed to end on 20th Feb (next week_ but thn their were changes made and guess what? lose three days due to heat in Oz and stiff chickens. Also with the warranty event that also finished on Maintenance, usualy you can still turn them im, but Oh No.. Not this time, even thought the bugger in Trent was showing the rate of return (2 warrants = i log)... guess they want folks who just pay real money to play. Their wish may come soonere than they think.;
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