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  1. Islarose added a post in a topic Post pics of your house/ houses   

    I'm obsessed with player housing, and have wasted wayyy too much time scouting homes, moving all of my furnishings across the map (time and time again) and trying to justify the CP expenditure of reaching the housing cap. I started maintaining a list of the best looking houses in game, to try to keep myself from impulsively moving again. 
    My long history of housing..
    I'll add the rest a bit later today
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  2. Islarose added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    I disagree. It seems this time they actually looked at the photos chosen. At least two of them had some decent traction on social media. 
    But then, I guess any contest where I'm not included in the winner's pool must be RNG (kidding, kidding..). Frankly, I'm sympathetic toward the winners, with the responses to the winners in every screenshot contest, the prospect of winning is actually scary. 
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  3. Islarose added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    Don't be like me and forget a step ---  make sure you actually activate the quest item from the note in the bottle before digging - otherwise you'll never dig up the item. You probably already did activate it, but I figured it was worth mentioning, just in case. 
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  4. Islarose added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    So... how do we acquire apprentice, and/or skilled sailor's clothes? Luxury vendors only sell professional.
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  5. Islarose added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Excited to see the beautiful shots you guys come up with. 
    May the RNG ever be in your favor.
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  6. Islarose added a post in a topic Confused about trading and the so called profit.   

    Also, you might want to check out Black Desert Analytics to help you determine the profit margin on various crate types, imperial crafting, etc. both for items acquired manually/via workers, and/or if you choose to buy the raw mats off the market. 
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  7. Islarose added a post in a topic Confused about trading and the so called profit.   

    It depends on what you're trading, in terms of profit. You're selling junk crates, where the materials are (IIRC) worth more if you just sell them outright. In fact, prior to Master 2, you'll make more money selling plywood/timber/ore than you will in selling crates. Even when an item is fully stocked on the market, it is selling (especially items to make high value crates). When it comes to crate trading, you're really not going to see the best profit until you're over Master 2, and selling Calpheon Crates and Bronze Crates in Valencia, with the Desert Trading buff. I'm also of the opinion that you should never buy mats for trading - gather/process them yourself - as it's only profitable to do so after you reach Master 2 (hence why it's profitable to sell plywoods used in Calph crates at low levels). 
    In the interim, you can make decent money while leveling to Master 2 via Imperial Delivery - basically, press escape, click on "Trade Info" and you'll see Imperial Traders that are buying items from specific Trade Managers. As you can see in the image I added, Balenos (Velia) is purchasing items from Siuta in Heidel. Those items will sell for 250% of their value. As you can see at the top of the UI in the image, there's also a trade event taking place at Omar Lava Cave, wherein so long as the event is active I can buy goods from any other node and sell them for 200%. This will earn you an "ok" amount of money while leveling the skill - I don't time it, but I usually get 2-3 million (maybe more?) in a session before the magnate buff kicks in and makes it worthless. 

    Chickens are better off sold to the vendor, tbh. 
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  8. Islarose added a post in a topic Negative Karma Deleveling Stealth Nerf?   

    Ok, thanks. I've never had this kind of "luck" before, so I didn't realize it was possible. 
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  9. Islarose added a topic in General   

    Negative Karma Deleveling Stealth Nerf?
    I have a little -500 karma level 20 alt for deleveling gear. Usually succeeds in deleveling an item within 1-2 deaths. Today I have died approx. 50 times, in the same places I usually do, and not a single item has deleveled. I've died to mobs in addition to jumping off a bridge. 
    Did the item deleveling process get nerfed? Has anyone tried to delevel an item while on a character under level 50, and between -500 to -100  karma? I don't have the patience to keep trying, as at this point it's way beyond what'd be normal for RNG.
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  10. Islarose added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    And we'll get them when we get them -- IF they aren't KR exclusive. Stella (and Garvey I think) was a player design released around 4 months or so ago, and it's only been released on KR (I waited for Gotha Rensa since launch). I don't know if we will get the costumes from KR player design contests (Japan doesn't even have them). Anyway, it's foolish to get upset every week that they aren't released when there has been no commitment to release them nor a firm schedule given - unfounded expectations. 
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  11. Islarose added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    Last week they were upset about the delay, this week they're upset about the server apparently being up early (as if the time range given was guaranteed?).
    What a miserable existence. 
    They'll complain about anything, honey. It's who they are. 
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  12. Islarose added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    Lol, yes, because all jobs are 9-5. Anything else is welfare /s. 
    You're so bitter you have to try to insult people who aren't locked in to your schedule. You can do better. 
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  13. Islarose added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Did I say it was fine? If you reaallllllyyyyy need to get in to it (as you obviously do) it seems you don't understand how that working relationship can be. Kakao is dependent upon PA. It is PA's product. Kakao does not have the dev team, the tools, etc. that PA does. Not only is your suggestion completely unprofessional and lacking in the diplomacy required for a functional business relationship, but Kakao isn't in the position to make demands, or strut around with their chest puffed out, as you suggest. Also, whether PA or Kakao dicks us around, it's obviously bad business, and hurts their profits in either scenario - in which case it's pretty obvious that it isn't intentional (although I understand why you'd like to think the worst). 
    The reason most devs don't communicate anymore is because of hysterical, "young" players who can't manage expectations - who hang onto every word and then want to burn shit down if things aren't delivered exactly as theorized, exactly on time. Also, part of the reason I was forbidden from community engagement.  I don't think Kakao is doing a piss poor job, if I did I wouldn't be stupid enough to waste my time here (hint). I don't think they lack communication, nor that they're constantly messing with players. Seems like someone made a mistake in speaking before confirming info, the dev didn't play ball, and Kakao was put in a bad position. Thankfully, they fixed it and were responsive to player feedback (omg guys). Unfortunately they just have a den of angry kittens ready to fly off the handle if (and when) a mistake is made. They've always been helpful and responsive to my tickets, but then perhaps that's due to at least aiming for constructive, informative tickets as opposed to entitled rants and demands. I also manage my expectations, probably partly shaded by actually working in the industry and knowing what a cluster----- it is 98% of the time, and partly due to being an adult. My life doesn't hang on the game, or the patch notes, etc. and I don't feel entitled to shit. If I enjoy the game, I play. If I don't, I move on. Simple. 
    I come to the forums to see patch notes, be awestruck by the shi.tters that respond to them, have a bit of fun, and then get back to the game. I don't know why certain players waste their time here with fruitless -----ing.
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  14. Islarose added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Yeah, this patch is JUST a DP change. Genius. 
    Sin Terna. 
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