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  1. Båten added a post in a topic <Enemy> PvP guild recruiting skilled players.   

    Should make this thread about a guild that actually mattered, like, say... TheOneAndOnly. 
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  2. Båten added a post in a topic Horse wizards, where art thou   

    As long as you kill off the small and sometimes the medium mobs in one Residual, it won't make a huge difference if you have 190 AP, 200 AP or even 210 AP. So yeah, ofc gear matters, as you need good gear to be able to do this, but when you reach that point where you kill everything as explained, it doesn't matter
    It's a bit different for ground wizards, as they got a bigger set of abilities. They aren't reliant on a few abilities like the horse wizard is and they have so much more utility, as you said. Changes in gear for the ground wizard might change the playstyle, if there's a more efficient way of grinding, whereas on a horse wizard you can't really change the playstyle (not to the same extent anyway) - you're still going to be using the same abilities. Hence the gear for a ground wizard matters more than it does for a horse wizard, once you reach that point where you can grind efficiently.
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  3. Båten added a post in a topic Horse wizards, where art thou   

    Got some recordings of me grinding in different spots as I was trying them out and comparing them. Might upload a clip or two, probably not of the spot that I'm currently using, but we'll see
    And yeah, 2.4k is half of what you need for 10m if you ONLY count the bandanas, but you get other shit too. Coins, pure silver and rare drops aswell as blackstones (I never account for the stones though). The coins are worth a lot, especially if you save up a bunch and trade them in Valencia. I usually do one of these trade runs after a week of grinding. Last time I traded in coins I got 100m, so yeah, don't forget about these  The pure silver is great aswell, about 2-2.5m (depending on how much you're slacking). And now we're already almost at 10m/h WITHOUT rare drops and blackstones. Add a few rings and perhaps an earring on top of this and you're easily pulling in more than 10m/h, even if you're not tryharding.
    This isn't a one time thing either. It's not like I did this once for an hour, got lucky with a few drops and managed to pull in 10m. In fact, I consistently pull in a bit more than 10m/h. I've spent more time than you can imagine grinding pirates on a horse, trying out different spots and different ways of grinding until I found the best way (for me).
    I have very good gear though, but it doesn't make a huge difference if you got 190 or 200 AP. Unlike grinding on foot, the gear doesn't have as much of an impact when you're on a horse. It's all about using your shit efficiently and perfecting the pulls.
    You should really try it out
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  4. Båten added a post in a topic Horse wizards, where art thou   

    I have a bunch of pets right now. Tier 4 dog, cat and 2 birds (thought I could exchange a hawk and a parrot when parrots were released, so yeah), tier 3 desert fox and a tier 1 penguin. I use the tier 4 pets obviously and I've had no problems with my cat. Sure, it sits on my horse, but only when there's nothing to loot. I've heard others have had the same issue though.
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  5. Båten added a post in a topic Horse wizards, where art thou   

    He said from bandanas AND coins, but with a few drops you'll easily reach 10m/h 
    I'm one of the few wizards that grind pirates on a horse and if you're at a good spot and know what you're doing, it's way better than grinding on foot. You can't even compare the two. I pull in nearly 2.4k bandanas an hour on a horse (even if I'm skipping loot here and there, which you should be doing) and on foot you just can't get close to that number. I doubt think any other class can. The "slow" pet looting isn't a problem if you play it correctly (I have 4x tier 4 pets though, but it won't make a huge difference if you only have tier 3 pets). To keep it short, you think about each pull. You don't just mindlessly go around killing shit. Each pull has to be thought through and planned around your pets. First of all, you pull as many mobs as you can. You should also divide the pull into 3 sections. A mid section, a left section and a right section. You kill off the mid section first (small and medium mobs die in one Residual Lightning/Fireball Explosion, for large, i.e. Crazy Jacks, you'll need a bit more damage, but don't worry about killing those right away - they'll die eventually) so your pets start looting. As you do this, you pull in the left and right section and you start running around the mobs that you just killed so your pets keep looting while you're killing the rest. If you do this correctly, your pets will pretty much have a 100% uptime on looting and usually all mobs will be looted by the time you've killed them all and then you just speed onto the next pull. Sometimes you might have to wait for a second or two for your pets to keep up, and that's completely fine. Should too many mobs die at the very end, just wait for a second or two for another round of looting and then move on. That's one of the reasons as to why it's important that you use Blizzard and Meteor Shower on larger packs that don't get wiped out instantly, otherwise your pets just can't keep up. Also remember to pre-cast your Lightning/Fireball so you have the follow-ups ready for when you reach next pull.
    You and your horse will take a bit of damage, so it's important that you bring a bunch of carrots and carrot juice if you're planning on staying there for a while. Per round (until I get 170% overweight), I use carrots on CD and about 50 carrot juice, which costs nothing compared to what you're pulling in. Durability on weapon is only down to like 70/100. You wanna bring mana pots aswell, since you get this annoying animation after using Healing Aura and Mana Absorption that makes you unable to use any ability for a few seconds. However, when you move to another pull you can and should use Healing Aura if animation is over by the time you get there and if one or two mobs are left alive you can cast a Mana Absorption and instantly start moving onto the next pull.
    It's important you find a good spot aswell. Generally you want to find spots with few snipers (they're not only hard to pull in, they also deal quite a bit of damage to your horse) and a lot of tightly packed mobs.
    This is just a fraction of what can be said about horse grinding. Best is if you simply try it out and experiment yourself
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  6. Båten added a post in a topic Now that we have people running around with 200+ AP on their chars do you feel tanky enough?   

    In my opinion, 250-260 DP is too low for PvP. The difference between 250-260 DP and say 280 DP is huge in the current state of the game when well-geared players have around 200 AP. Sure, some have more and some have less, but the difference in DP still changes everything. We start really struggling when we take too much damage in a combo. It's very hard and sometimes next to impossible to play offensively and get shit going when we're constantly fighting to survive. If we're able to tank the combos, that eventually will hit us no matter how hard we try avoiding them, fairly well, without preemptively using certain abilities every time, we'll have a much better time. We want to control the fight. Slowing down the pace benefits us more than any other class. The better gear people get, the worse it's going to be for us and with awakenings just around the corner, we've got some dark times ahead of us.
    That being said, if you've got the gear, start using Krea Dagger with 2x BSC for some evasion and to boost up your DP to 270-280 or even higher. Though, for this to be viable, I'd say you'd need atleast 165+ AP without Steel Dagger, otherwise you might struggle scoring kills.
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  7. Båten added a post in a topic Iframe on TP missing?   

    The cast time and movement are both iframes. Only reason it sometimes gets interrupted is because of lag.
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  8. Båten added a post in a topic Wizard vs Kunoichi   

    I love watching wiz duels, it's hella entertaining. Definitely has one of the highest skill caps of all classes. There's so much more than just straight up one shotting someone in a combo. It's the small things like teleport juking, using abilities that grant you immunity to CC for a second or two/super armor/iframe at the right time, kiting effectively while setting up for combos, applying debuffs etc. that distinguishes a top wiz from a decent one.
    Kunoichis and ninjas are tricky to face, annoying as hell. Gotta play it fairly well to beat them most of the time. Duels were all right - I would've probably played it a bit differently, but they were fun to watch  Keep uploading!
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  9. Båten added a post in a topic Feedback request from PvPers about Earthquake & Protected Area.   

    Gonna keep it short, but go for Protective Area first, for sure. It has a 100 second CD when maxed out and is extremely powerful in both group PvP and 1vXs aswell as 1v1s. Earthquake is actually quite underrated. It's not particularly good in PvE as the damage is deficient and you won't be using it for grinding, but there are definitely situations where it could be useful in PvP. For example, in group fights or node wars/sieges you can use it when people are stacked up to CC the entire team and in 1v1s you can use it to try catch sorc pushing in on you. These are just two examples - there are so many more situations where a well-timed Earthquake can be devastating, but I can't really go into too much detail - it all depends on the situation.
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  10. Båten added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    To be fair, he makes one hell of a chick...
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  11. Båten added a post in a topic Top Tier Class for 1on1 pvp - Let's Vote!   

    Sorceress really isn't as overpowered as everyone seems to think. Don't get me wrong though, they're very good and definitely up there as one of the best 1v1 classes.
    It's really hard to say which class is the best, but from what I've seen tamers are incredibly strong 1v1 and probably one of the best, if not the best 1v1 class.
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  12. Båten added a post in a topic Combos? Do we have combos? What is a combo?   

    We got plenty of complex combos. Start by setting up Fireball Explosion and Lightning Storm on your hotbar and play around
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  13. Båten added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    Really? Man... I've been living a lie this whole time
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  14. Båten added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    If you wanna play with the one and only, your main man Big B, I suggest you apply and join Grind.
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  15. Båten added a post in a topic Wizards/Witches feel free to post and share your build [after patch]   

    Purely designed for PvP - 1v1, 1vX, smaller group fights and GvG.
    If you have any questions regarding my spec, don't hesitate to let me know
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