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  1. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    Maybe they fix the file-corrupt error?... hmmmm
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  2. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Choice of Underwear   

    Well as far as i know we can't see other players underwear anyway, even if they are in underwear mode... (not sure if thats a bug)
    So i don't see the problem.
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  3. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 6th   

    No fix for file-corrupted error? This is bad...
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  4. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Offline-training would be much better. I see no point in going afk for training skills and leave the computer running... save some energy instead. Do the EVE Online approach!
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  5. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Ok, so after 2 days i got the error again. Disabling shadercache is no fix!
    C:\Black Desert Online\Log\ Client_20160402103510.log (just now)
    2016-04-02 19:21:51  2024-00-5 eErrNoErrorHappen  (3749371554) Error!=>패키지 압축해제시 오류 발생했습니다: c:/black desert online/Paz/PAD00057.PAZ(c:/black desert online/character/model/1_pc/3_pew/armor/38_underwear/pew_00_uw_1034.pac), (0/357509)
    2016-04-02 19:21:51  2024-00-1 eErrNoServiceLog  (3235169522) Service log!=>Terminating App: corrupted package
    That PAZ file has not changed though...
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  6. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    The PAZ files aren't even touched in my case at least... they haven't changed for ages. Use a diff tool to check.
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  7. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Let us show Bikinis to other players!   

    A bump is just fine i guess...
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  8. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    I disabled the "Shader Cache" in Global Settings of the Nvidia driver (see image).
    EDIT: Sadly the error occured again after 2 days. This won't fix it!!
    Warning: Global settings will apply this change for every game! I only did this for testing!! You can try and add this setting for BlackDesert64.exe specifically.

    Side note: Before i made that change, i was able to reproduce and force the file corrupt error by just changing the game graphic settings! (for example switch between "low" and "very high" settings). It really seems like the problem is GPU driver / cache related.

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  9. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Are you guys still getting errors? (especially those with Nvidia graphics cards)
    I'm not sure, but i made some settings in my nvidia driver and i did not get any file-corrupt-errors for 2 days now
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  10. Ilmyr added a topic in Suggestions   

    Let us show Bikinis to other players!
    just noticed that you can't show your bikini to other players in safe-zones. This should be changed!
    Maybe its too sexist for some folks and maybe they feel offended. I don't share this opinion, therefore a solution to please all sides:
    Solution: Implement an additional switch to show/hide other players underwear in equipment window OR game settings.
    Velia beach party only allows bikinis or any other bathing clothes (that means no armor!)
    Summer is coming.
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  11. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    I have the same problems. File corrupted error appears randomly, multiple times per day.
    Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 970 (latest drivers version 364.72)
    Also two of my friends have a AMD graphics card and they have no problem!
    Sidenotes: i even freshly installed my System/OS (since i wanted Windows 10 anyways) and i'm running on a very clean system now. I can eliminate any Memory/HDD failures since i checked those already.
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  12. Ilmyr added a post in a topic Event: MS Painting Ostereier   


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  13. Ilmyr added a post in a topic The prices needs to be lowered.   

    Yes, its too expensive. That comes from a gamer with nearly 500 games in his library. Cash is not a problem, but is it reasonable to spend that much money for what we get? NO! i don't see the value, especially compared with plenty of other games that have a similiar model.

    Let me just quote this, which perfectly reflects my opinion/feelings:
    "From my perspective, $15 or Euros is more than enough for a costume and $5 for a mini-pet. Encouraging purchases by everyone is, in the long run, a sensible option and would undoubtedly allow Daum to earn more income based on impulse purchases. But when you’re asking for over $30, that results in players saving for longer (thus resulting in fewer sales) or simply avoiding a purchase all together because it isn’t seen as good value."
    Source: http://www.tentonhammer.com/news/black-desert-online/black-desert-online-reveals-outrageous-store-prices
    So here it is: The costumes are clearly pay2win (+stamina on chestpiece), while there are other useful stats aswell such as +luck, -10% death penalty etc. And those costumes are not even account bound. So i bought ONE costume for ONE character and this will be it! I won't buy another costume for my alt, unless they reduce their pricing.
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