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  1. Vlad_II added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    Can you elaborate on that? What pearls, what is forced and auto promote? There is no cash shop items in EU/NA version related to workers…
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  2. Vlad_II added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    Check again, someone else said that it only works if you have enough resources for the bonus ones. 
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  3. Vlad_II added a post in a topic Market taxes are obsolete, here is why:   

    Oh yeah different server could be the reason why we disagree because I have seen reported prices for many items that were very different on NA server compared to EU. 
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  4. Vlad_II added a post in a topic Market taxes are obsolete, here is why:   

    Wrong on yuria and black stones. I'll look into the rest but I don't remember them from start so I can't really reliably say but blackstones went down, no doubt. Forgot the Forbidden Books, those went up because they are basically = relic shards. 
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  5. Vlad_II added a post in a topic Player to Player Trading   

    For start, allow us to use boats and horses from our guild members. Maybe through settings where the owner can contract the usage of the horse/boat to the guild for their needs. 
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  6. Vlad_II added a topic in Suggestions   

    Market taxes are obsolete, here is why:
    We were told that a high market tax is here to prevent inflation. Can you show me 10 items that have a rising price? Among them you might list: ancient relic shards, memory fragments, MOS and Witch’s Earring (last 2 might not go up anymore after last patch). This is basically it. 
    Everything else, weapons, armors, stones, material, 99% of all items in the game is in a race to the bottom. 
    Potential adjustments:
    -    Lower production yield.
    -    Lower market tax.
    -    Find new ways to use up/invest resources (not silver directly as with taxation).

    We are overproducing, nobody wants to buy from AH and everyone wants to sell there what they got "for free" (via workers). I don’t know how you’ll fix it but it is not OK right now. 
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  7. Vlad_II added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    Those are excellent points, well done:)
    Do you know what the fastest way to level up workers is? Do they level up linearly or do some jobs give them more XP/hour?
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  8. Vlad_II added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    But in case of lucky tools I really want those lucky ones and the rest more or less just take away space in warehouse. Goblins are perfect for everything else like: silver clothes, furniture, stones…
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  9. Vlad_II added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Eventually it will be shared yes, just try not to help it too much:) Some methods also only work if you can go over all channels or a large portion of them. Harvesting something rare only in 1 channel is usually not worth the effort. I managed to find some places that are never farmed because they were not posted yet. 
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  10. Vlad_II added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    Why goblins for crafting tools when humans have higher luck?
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  11. Vlad_II added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Well some stuff is too rare to be shared. If you are going to start posting them all, you'll turn it into unusable content. (secret caves, precious nodes, rare herbs and other tricks...) It will only provide frustration then, surely not your intent. 
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  12. Vlad_II added a post in a topic 'lucky' tools   

    With Zinc node you really mean Sand- and Blood- right? Did you notice any difference between shining lucky and steel lucky? Does level 5 luck has anything to do with lucky tools?
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  13. Vlad_II added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Alright:) Great site, but don’t make it too good if you know what I mean:D
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  14. Vlad_II added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    What is the source of the percentages that tell us what is the chance of getting certain ore from certain stone type? Like 10% from one and 5% form the other. Is there any data to back up this theory that certain stones are better for the precious drops?
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  15. Vlad_II added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    Awesome map! 

    I have a question: Are there no rare drops from forest nodes for Ash Sap and Maple Sap, when being worked by a worker? I am not seeing them anywhere on the map. 
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