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  1. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Guest pass codes   

    There you go ladies, extra guest-pass codes from my account
    Code 1 : DA0F-FD10-B6E1-4D26-9FB2Code 2 : CB5C-7AB1-9BD6-4E1B-8D02Code 3 : F425-A5DA-B99A-4213-8138Code 4 : 1264-7E20-66E1-4E82-94F2Code 5 : 6794-C8AE-D86D-47B1-A50F
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  2. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I played Aion since release and it was good while under NCsoft, then f--ked by EU publisher. You obviously have no clue what to compare.
    Worst MMO ever? Hardly, 3.0 Assault on Balaurea was incredible and great time where thousands of ppl could come together to launch assault for main open-world bosses which required: Conquering forts on your part of map, go through portal to enemy part of map to conquer their forts, defeat enemy boss in massive organized attack. Also dungeons were great time to spend playing with guild. But 4.0 totally send it to s**t, I do agree on that one.
    And reason I play BDO still? ... chatting with ppl in guild is some serious pop-corn stuff sometimes and I like the economy sims I can do there ... but that's as far as it goes >.>
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  3. Arcticcz added a post in a topic BDO on Steam. Let us link our accounts, you owe us that.   

    These "devs" should pay us for actually playing this trash
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  4. Arcticcz added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

  5. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Now that all the GMs have moved to the new forums can these forums be a lawless wasteland?   

    I like that "volunteer" mod poping out of nowhere ... how about they answer to REAL posts lol
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  6. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    You sir ... obviously have no f-ing clue on what you are talking about. This game is P2W paradise compared to those two or pretty much anything I have seen so far.
    Being ignoratn littel creature let me give you a minute ok?
    In here, if you are rich you can buy stuff from pearl shop to boost your silver (and no "it's limited per day" kind of BS, because it's still resetting daily)
    Also Pearl gifting broke this game to even deeper level of -destination f**cked-
    Being unable to trade nearly anything made player NOT to interact with one another since it's not possible BUT you can see a lot of "gifting" and "preorder" rolling around
    (To gift someone pearls so he would list up item you won't so you could play lottery with Pre-Order to buy it .... that's jsut next-gen level of retardatuion)
    let's not forgot about function items like carry weight, inventory slots, VPs, tears, Memory, costumes that give you extra XPs/ability (such as maid outfit)
    .... We can go on but compared to what you stated above, it's like 13351364524313 zillion times worse than in other games you can encounter out there
    PS: I have to NOT to forget about RNG lottery on many levels, mainly the gear enchanting which bankrupt many players and made them quit, I lost few ppl in guild also,just like other ppl did.
    One bright side is we don't see that many bots in BDO ... however ...
    Servers and game itself have serious desync issues, lags, crashing/dc for part of palyerbase, optimization problems, ... and we we have solutions against bots and "abusing game" such as "communistic market AKA Lennin 2.0 and Stalin 1.3.8", let's not forgot about "Welcome to North Korea 1.2" which started with trade restrictions now it even expanded them to more items. .... For example you could have traded meals, well, not anymore. (What is the logic behind that sicne you can't sell the stuff after trade?)
    Also being unable to trade gives you a lot of let-downs and makes ppl quit since it renders the game into soloRPG with heavy AFK functions to progress.
    And lastly .. guild stuff is about as much entertainment as sandpapper dildo ... you can't do anything here as guild if I discard broken Node wars.
    Guild boss? .... rewards are trash yup
    Relics/scrolls/bosses? ...becomes more like a chore with not much of a reward compare to time sacrificed
    No dungeons, no capability for solid PvP especially since PRI-PEN was introduced, no nothing lol
    We could go on and on, but we know it, ppl know this game is broken at many levels now.
    PSS: Personally I play it mostly AFKing now while playing some REAL game instead.
    Total of some 3,9K hours in game, which like 1,2K-1,5K was active stuff using some game mechanics to entertain myself.
    ..... And yeah, I've played a lots of MMOs with Aion Online and Guild Wars series beign my favorite ... here it's just broken >.>
    Biggest joke is that you can hardly reach L60+ but skills since start stretch up to L80+, some even L90+ I think ... WTF devs? What-the-actual-f**k?!
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  7. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    yet you understand about IT as much as pidgeon about rocket science ... GJ mate! keep trying somewhere else
    I actually am IT tech. guy and I can assure you all is A-OK with all of my PC, network, provider, ... hell, why am I trying to explain how "nuclear reactor" works to a kid? -.-
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  8. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    guys ... guys! ... some of you are saying that horse gear cost money and that it has to be fixed right?
    What about my Value-2-Pac?
    It did cost me money too and I wasn't able to "use it" for some 10 hours. Cashback real?
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  9. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Sick and Tired of being sick and tired   

    Let's not be mad, I do offer free hugs
    Let's not be mad, I do offer free hugs
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  10. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    Thanks for not contributing to this topic on any level at all ... but at least we know you have learned to read and write.
    Good for you! but my condolences to rest of your brain that isdead as it seems
    Play? -.- .... you call letting my character do something AFK, so rest of the game which requires to be online, will do stuff for me?
    Let me guess, you didn't know your workers don't do s**t while you are not logged-in right? Figures!
    and ... just to let you know ... this 8-9.30 thing you said is in reality basically 2 days many of us can't do ANYTHING as we couldn't set it up at mornign and go to work ... guess those things my workers are crafting will be ready in some next two days, time to play something else meanwhile, yeah! lse meanwhile, yeah!
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  11. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    There certainly came a wave of salt to this thread but hey ppl, I like these replies like "costumes cost money too" or "it is real issues as well"  and best level is "They are company and need to manage their income/expenses" kind of BS I see here.
    Let me give oyu all one simple reminder which seems you have fortgotten over the time ...
    All of us PURCHASED this game in the begining so we should get some solid services for it.
    All the cash shop purchases we do are extra income for them but hey, let's tun it into numbers shall we?
    Let's say "only" some 2 mil. ppl in EU and NA bought the game so far (which is most likely quite more) and everyone paid "only" 30 EUR for the key (again you can/could have purchased better package) .... 60 mil. EUR just like that and what do we get? Nothing
    Reminds me of DayZ Stand Alone ... that game doesn't work properly as of yet and was released in 2012 BTW selling each copy for 29.99 EUR.
    PS: Go back to school many of you seem to attend math and economics class once again -.-
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  12. Arcticcz added a topic in General   

    Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item
    Ok let me see if I understand i correctly ...
    Most ppl can't set up their AFK setup simply due to you taking random maintenance during 8:00-9:30 CEST today, ... to perform "Hotfix for Anemos Horse Gear Set issue"
    I have spent hundreds of Euro on this game too purchasing weight boosters, inventory slots, VPs, etc.
    Can I now ask you to fix the freaking REAL issues?
    - server being trash from Bangladesh or something Haven't seen something this bad since .... oh wait, never saw anything so bad persist so long.
    - Disconnected cancer. Already lost 30+ members in guild ... permanently .... since they can't either play at all or get DC after 10-20 minutes.
    (Just saying you are loosing customers who are willing to pay cash as they play ... great strategy and marketing right there, I hope BDO dies as MMORPG within a year )
    - Optimization of this game is on level I never really saw before lol
    (Please fix buttons in settigns and stuff pls. Also for some reason I get stable 30-35 FPS in Heidel on max details while I get 10-15 on lowest .... I think there is some serious issue fellas and no, you can't say "See. we let you play on better details isn't that great?!" ... no it isn't because that means this game is seriously broken in many ways)
    - Items/skills/even game basic mechanics don't seem to work or rather are nearly impresively broken
    And last remark: .... Time to go to work, glad I was able to do literary nothing in BDO today. Same as y-day as well due to 7 hours o maintenance to get it more broken right?
    So despite game being repetitive trash now as it seems due to all the other problems like incredible amount of RNG being slipped everywhere ... I can't even let my production empire make money for me as I process that huge sum of mats in warehouse. Thank you PA and Kakao for being so good at managing the game, next time I'll go for Pac-Man 2017 or something.
    PS: I miss the BDO from April 2016, good old system that made sence and with hard effort you could slowly try to reach the top of the food-chain ... and yes, I still didn't get over spending so many Energy Points on cooking so it would be made into "no EP consumption" and my attempt to be one of few masters would be beaten by random dudes making zillion pcs of beer every day ... f--k you with capital F and you know who I mean
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  13. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Like 2-3 hours active rest is AFK.
    I do lots of life skills on my main. Don't really like grinding anymore so I play this game as some kind of economy sim
    yup, worker Empire around Heidel, Altinova and Epheria. I never said there's not much to do, but everything is still the same, it gets boring after some time so most of the game I enjoy is AFK stuff lol
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  14. Arcticcz added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Let's take a look at this s**t ... yes, there are ppl who will say "This game is too big to let you do EVERYTHING"
    that's true ... but srsly, let's take it on an exampel shall we?
    I have 5341385435434 pcs of the same wooden plank ... each is in different color ... well, at the end of the day, it's still just a random, normal, boring AF wooden plank.
    So yeah, you can do lots of stuff here, but once you do lots of them, you realize there is jsut few different things and each has many different "colors".
    PS: I enjoyed questing at some point but true, it's carry this there, talk to him/her, run around, ... well was fun 1st few days but it's basically 5 types of quest but each has 1k different names, yet, still the same run from here to there quest -.-
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  15. Arcticcz added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Let's be true about this maintenance ppl ...
    How ppl think it looks like in server room right now for "maintenance"
    (Nothing to see here, just doing minor adjustments and stuff)

    Why it really takes 7 hours to do a maintenance ... staff is too "pro"

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