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  1. Divini added a post in a topic Tamer Waffen/Set/Build   

    Also ich bin erst auf Roaring gegangen und hab auch den Leaf Slash mit hoch geskillt.
    Jetztz habe ich (erst 47) auf diese Skillung umgestellt und ich tue mich etwas schwer mit dem AoE killen von Mobs...
    Gibt´s da eine gute Rota, Combos bzw. wo ich das nachlesen kann?
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  2. Divini added a post in a topic Will There Be Offline Energy Regeneration?   

    It still requires you to be online and in a bed for maximum gain yes?
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  3. Divini added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.1 - Party System and Energy Changes   

    The energy system is total crap. It´s extreme Hardcore Faked Longlivity as it gets. If it really stays the way it is and stays a game that needs to run 24/7 - well that is a trend that is dying out. Just sayin.
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  4. Divini added a post in a topic Lack of end game content is this really a problem?   

    I was told this is a PvP game.
    As long as there are players, there is end-game to be killed.
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  5. Divini added a post in a topic Restricting Forum Posting - Another Poll!   

    What´s a senpai? Is that tasty? No i don´t google every crap.
    That Porn spammer i witnessed. Wasn´t that just one guy?
    Poll manipulated? How can you tell?
    Honestly i think you want to do the right thing, but can you base the poll assumption on facts and was there even more than that one guy who posted sweet looking gays? (<-girl)
    If not. Put your broadsword back into the sheath. (Restrict all and everywhere, just because of one bad example) and use a forum ban (to the perpetrator).
    Did i already say i hate laws/changes/rules that come true because of one moron f***** up?
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  6. Divini added a post in a topic Questions you'd like answered (before launch)   

    Maybe - but i too like it - i am opposed to the outdated "Casters only wear cloth" classification. That´s one point why i like Archeage. But ESO did that even better.
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  7. Divini added a post in a topic Release time and server list.   

    Mega as in one Server without channels. Should have said one Server - if the tech can handle all the players.
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  8. Divini added a post in a topic Costume removal due to "PC America"   

    That is a troll right? Or is the greatest nation of the world plummeting to the dark ages again? Is that because of that nut job that is running for president? (Donald Humpalot?)
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  9. Divini added a post in a topic Release time and server list.   

    Honestly i still hope they go for Mega.
    I never understood that drama anyways. And i am german and have no problem with ppl talking in various languages. Funny thing is ppl get upset once "my folks" start talking german for those that don´t speak english.
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  10. Divini added a post in a topic About trading (pvp)   

    Really wish some publisher would re-do UO with the looks of BDO and the absence of Trammel.
    Though today PvPer will whine about the potential stat loss upon death.
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  11. Divini added a post in a topic Let's Trust DAUM   

    For me Daum is a fresh start, never heard of them actually before BDO.
    I do still hope Daum did research how what other publishers did wrong. But since game developers these days seem not be able to do that, why should publishers do.
    Also the energy system remains. If that is not changed (@SammySJ) the game will suck for me personally. I won´t let my computer run 24/7 only for max benefit in a game nor do i have the slightest notion of a game restricting my limited time even further (out of energy for crafting) when i throw in a casual day.
    Still - i am looking forward to release. I have some faith (due to handling of CBT1 - professional and stable) that Daum can be a good publisher. If they prove to be - we will see.
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  12. Divini added a post in a topic Let's Trust DAUM   

    I thrust my sword in somebody´s belly other than that there is no room for that. Watch Game of Thrones and evaluate those who trusted some one ^^
    For me as well as a couple of friends it all decides wether DAUM will change the energy system and remove it from most of the activities. If it stays, Archeage will be the better game.
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  13. Divini added a post in a topic Abolish the karma system.   

    You summed up the general problem very well.
    I don´t know yet how the node GvG works and how regularly it can be done, but i see plenty of PvP there. PK is just someone attacking a weaker / low life player for pure grief. It´s still PK when you attack trade routes, but that has some sense in it.
    Also - PK needs to be in the game for the extra thrill - i remember it well how it went when they stripped Ultima Online of that experience by adding a PvE "server" (mirror of the world).

    But if you want to be a badass, jackass or whatever - you gotta live with the consequences. That´s why the karma system is good. If you want to kill all day long, you can do so. Just don´t whine about the loss you might incur.
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  14. Divini added a post in a topic The PvP Flagging System. PLEASE READ OP BEFORE VOTING   

    I really love this. "Those who care about PvP" - you´re insinuating, that you only PvP when it´s worth, because you value PvP, then again you already gave up your real motive earlier - ganking "just because".
    You can do that. Work your karma.
    Otherwise don´t try to tell people that you care about challenging PvP.
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  15. Divini added a post in a topic The PvP Flagging System. PLEASE READ OP BEFORE VOTING   

    We obviously need the Vanilla Ultima Online flagging. Why on earth should a PK be able to do so without any consequence and why should a "white" turn Purple/Red whatsoever because he defended himself?
    If you want to steal and murder live with the consquences and deal with it like a grown (evil) hero.
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