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  1. Zuxx added a post in a topic Agerian vs grunil (Newbie Sorc and New to the game)   

    Sold my Grunil recently and gone back to Agerian, Grunil is superior once you have lot of money for crystals, and also the Grunil is not good for every class cause the crystal setup is not the same for all classes.
    I still hear people saying " but i remove grunil if i do world bosses or solo grind" so what's the point of a set you keep in your inventory ?
    The loss of a crystal into the Grunil set transform it into a crap set, cause Grunil is all about crystals, Agerian is way, way more cheaper to sustain if you are not a super hardcore gamer who can spend lot of time into the game.
    That's what i learned recently .. because i don't have a lot of time for playing so make your considerations and decide
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  2. Zuxx added a post in a topic World Bosses as a Melee   

    After some WB done with my Sorceress i just quit doing them ... there is absolutely no point for a melee to do this crap, ranged loot-fest ... seriously disappointed.
    The problem is they drop end game gear so .. reroll ranged seriously ?
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  3. Zuxx added a post in a topic Is Agerian still viable ?   

    And Agerian will be, thx everyone 
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  4. Zuxx added a post in a topic Is Agerian still viable ?   

    Yeah ... i know the pain ... Grunil is good but damn expensive 
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  5. Zuxx added a topic in Sorceress   

    Is Agerian still viable ?
    Hello everyone, i unfortunately  fell in love with Maehwa ( i just love blades ) but i don't want to "trash" my Sorceress who i still like and i will keep her mainly for professions,.
    But ..... i need to pass some Grunil to the Maehwa and enchanted Agerian is quite cheap right now at marketplace, i was thinking if it is still a viable armor ( i can even try to enhance it in the workshop ) for a second character.
    What do you think ? 
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  6. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    I dare u to speak Italian as i, at least try, to speak english, my re#@rd friend.
    Are you so short on valid arguments to change subject on my maccaroni english ?
    Just go kill players grinding mobs cause you are so stronk.

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  7. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    Ganking grinding players is cowards playstyle, full stop.
    Gild vs Guild is PvP.
    You should use my avatar, is suited for you.
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  8. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    At this point a "get a life and relax" is wasted on you .. no more hopes.
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  9. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    I guess serious PVP guild vs guild is not for you cause you probably suck really hard when paired against people who is ready and organized for pvp, unaware players are your target ... i see .... 
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  10. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    Caps lock writing grows ... the dark side is taking over ....

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  11. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    The frustration grows strong in this one i can feel it ..... 

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  12. Zuxx added a post in a topic Poll: Would You Elect to Play PVE-Only BDO If Given The Option?   

    I just like to do PvP when the frak i want to do pvp.
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  13. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    I suggest you take care of your frustration elsewhere ... like a doctor and not in a game.
    Do pvp with people who want and it's geared for PvP and stop crying cause you can't let your frustration go out killing people who don't give a damn frak about PvP and probably like to do PvP when the frak they want.
    Join and do guild vs guild PvP but you are probably scared tu suck as hell when serious and organized pvp is there ... crybaby like you prefer gank players grinding mobs.
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  14. Zuxx added a post in a topic PVE option will destroy the game   

    I love frustrated PvPers tears, scared to not be able to go around playing the cool dude killing others 90% already engaged with mobs ... ahhahaha
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  15. Zuxx added a post in a topic Regarding non-consensual PvP   

    Your nick name suit perfectly what you say
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