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  1. CZukoff added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    Korea got a free Dandelion box for turning in X amount Dark Knight seals with her release, we got -----ed over hollywood XXX style time time.
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  2. CZukoff added a topic in Technical Issues   

    System Upgrade Help
    When BDO came out I was using 3 GTX 770's in SLI and was getting a solid 60FPS on maxed settings with no overclocks on the CPU or GPU's with aggressive fan curves set for all devices. I had 3 1080p monitors yet only ever used 1 for gaming in a landscape configuration. On a whim I tried playing with all 3 monitors in a portrait surround config (3240x1920 3K) and as expected my FPS died, 5ish FPS in towns, 10-20ish wandering around with the same in game settings, nerfing them into the ground made it very playable at 45-55 FPS in towns. Sadly I had my heart stolen seeing such lush visuals and couldn't believe what I had been missing out on playing at 1080p all this time. Now that there's no going back for me I need some advice on where to go, so lets get the basics out of the way.
    What I'm working with currently.
    Motherboard: ASUS Maximus V Extreme
    CPU: Intel i7-3770k currently overclocked to 4.4ghz @1.35v (Auto clocked by built in mobo profile)
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i *Even at 100% load with the overclocks I've not seen it exceed 60*c compared to the stock intel cooler which would hit 65*c with stock clocks and 40% load
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32gb DDR3 2400hz (XMP auto tunned)
    HDD: Crucial MX100 512 SSD Primary drive for OS+BDO
    GPU: Titan XP's SLI'd with high bandwidth bridge
    PSU: Corsair Ax 1500i (I want to run a microwave off my PC, shhhh >.>)
    Monitor: 3 ASUS 60hz 1080p panels in Portrait surround. 4k UHD Samsung TV 60hz
    The current system/config runs at a stable 60FPS in 3k with everything enabled except High End Mode in most areas of the game, World Bosses+Towns can drag it down to the 30's/40's. An interesting note is that when I use the 4k TV I end up with higher and smoother frame rates than using the 3k surround method. In either display configuration my GPU's laugh at everything thrown at them, even with some 200+ people running around all whilly nilly as expected of the highest grade consumer tech available as of this posting. The issue most certainly stems from the CPU at his point and given the age of my rigs foundation it basically means I'm up for an entire rebuild as there is no upgrade path for that CPU or Motherboard.
    One of the big things I was reading about was how Titan's scaled with displays. in 8x 8x SLI configs they did better in 1080p than 16x 16x, however when put on 4k/5k displays tje 16x 16x scored anywhere from 20% to 80% FPS improvements over 8x 8x so the baseline CPU has to have atleast 32 PCIe lanes dedicated to the GPU's. Coupled with the fact that I'm aiming for an M.2 SSD I could say a 40-42 lane CPU would be a sweet spot. I am aiming the put in a custom loop for Titan's so I can play around with overclocks finally and am unsure if I should do the same with my CPU or just stick with AIO's. If a custom loop provides some significant overclocking headroom versus an AIO then arguably would pursue that route as well.
    I'm not a fanboy and am just looking for what gives me the most gains, if theres a compelling enough gap I would gladly switch.
    One of the things I was reading about the Kabylake E series CPU's was the ability to have EACH core reach the same clock speed across the board instead of distributing the higher clock to most burdened core which is one of the reasons I've put off doing a rebuild... Assuming I read that correctly >.>
    Phew... TLDR: Aiming for 120FPS on 4k what would you pick as your:
    1: Motherboard
    2: CPU
    3: M.2 SSD
    The more in depth you make your case the more it contributes to my decision on the matter 

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  3. CZukoff added a post in a topic Hey, I'm GM Horizon!   

    Because they decimated PvP+PvE for a long time and people are still bitter about it?
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  4. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Feb. 22 - 2017 [Updated]   

    Hoss they stated during the Merge that if you had 12 characters in total you were golden, if you had more than 12 characters they would be listed in order of creation date, that you could see 3 extra characters past the 12 character limit but could not use them unless you deleted one of the 12 playable characters. I had 14 characters in total Prior to the merge and deleted the 2 spares for login events from the other servers because I actually read the patch notes and knew what was happening. I made sure everything they had was either consumed or deposited in a town storage the day prior that patch hitting.
    I'm not trying to be an asshat here but reading patch notes is part of MMO culture and this issue you're experiencing was explained in great detail in a simple enough manner that even 10 year olds who read it would understand what was going on and what they would have needed to do in various situations. I know it might be tedious but it is important to read patch notes in an MMO because things do change quite often and being unprepared/uninformed can lead to situations like the one you're in, plus the NA/EU team actually does a phenomenal job of telling us about important changes like this well in advanced as well as detailed to changes to most things in a patch.
    Specifically to fix your issue right here and now you would need to:
    -Delete any of your existing 12 characters to access the next inaccessible character in your roster (13th in the list) and keep doing that until you only have 12 characters in total.
    -Wait until emergency maintenance is over on the 23rd (Today) for them to extend the playable character roster to 13 then log into each character you previously couldn't play, loot their misc crap then delete them and do this until you ONLY have 13 characters in total or 12 if you want to actually play Dark Knight.
    -Keep tabs on patch notes from now on without skimming over their contents as that would have avoided this entire headache for you.
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  5. CZukoff added a post in a topic The Dark Knight Joins Black Desert Online March 1st   

    Been waiting since JUNE for this man... along with Dark Knight >.>
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  6. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Feb. 22 - 2017 [Updated]   

    I was going to go on a minor tangent of disappointment about potentially needing to delete one of my 12 characters who've all had at least $100 invested in them... lo and behold you guys are on point with this issue.
    As a LONG time advocate for allowing us to at least make as many characters as are available to be played I approve of this timely response!
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  7. CZukoff added a post in a topic Renewing focus with upcoming changes.   

    What it boils down to at this point is you zerg to 56, get your awakening weapon and only look at your primary weapon for a few skill links/keynote combo moves. The entire concept of this game was freedom of expression and choice in how you play. If you read the blog post from the devs their intention is after doing sweeping balance changes they will then awaken primary weapons to bring them on par with our secondary weapons. This effective gives players more options for those (Like me) who really could care less about the new playstyles most of the awakened weapons offer.
    I'm going to say this rather bluntly, whet your anus with the finest lube becase whether or not you like it... Its coming.
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  8. CZukoff added a post in a topic Renewing focus with upcoming changes.   

    First off notice how I said "At least" and "of these 4 characters 2 are dedicated to specific tasks" like Field bosses/specific farming locations. I also find it cure that everyone assumes the only way to get gear is the night vendor/marketplace. Guess what? You play enough you actually become a supplier of said items when you're done cherry picking the things you want. I gave up on "meta/competitive" gaming in BDO as trying to maintain top 10 in 5 life skill categories as well as PvP was starting to wear me down mentally and physically as I do have a job. The point of me listing those stats was again to point out that once again "Gearing is not an issue" in regards to what ever choice is made as I can either go make a PEN dandy weapon or buy one directly, albeit as mentioned have no interest in those weapons.
    Your response had absolutely zero relation to the topic of this thread quite honestly. Which was "In the face of awakening weapons coming out soon for primary weapons who would you main and why regarding Sorc/Tamer"
    @Majora during the interview the developers stated that was something they were looking into, not a confirmed development plan as of yet but it IS something on their radar and something to potentially be aware of down the road.
    @Ketal they specifically mentioned they intended to rolling balancing of all character before they rolled out awakening versions of primary weapons to add variety to the exhisting characters. It was actually a pretty big ass announcement and not a simple "We are making a few spread sheet tweaks to quell the class balance rage" cliff notes from fan sites don't do the actual article justice if you read the thing in its entirety...
    Similar advice can be given to metaxa regarding my post.
    Edit: I would like to point out that I read things in their entirety as I read for substance, not context. It's one of the reasons why my bank and paypal rulled in my favor over a large refund with Kakao due to a marketing scam they effectively pulled off many months ago with the game and I'm not banned for doing so. (The illegally breached their own EULA/ToU and multiple US/EU trade laws in the process then attempted to claim "Theres nothing we can do about it")
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  9. CZukoff added a topic in General   

    Renewing focus with upcoming changes.
    For the longest time I've been put off from giving a serious effort in the game because of the shift in meta due to awakening. To be quite honestly the only awakening weapon I cared about was greatsword, and recently Dark Knights. Where as with every other class I enjoyed their original weapons far more. With the recent news that Pearl Abyss is making sweeping balance changes to all classes then making an awakened version of main weapons while also considering a 3rd weapon class for all characters my interest in the game has been lit anew. This brings me back to my original issue prior to the release of awakened weapons.
    Who do I main?

    All of my characters are independently geared as I've always been against gear swapping, I like having my characters "Earn" their wears themselves to prove how much I actually enjoy the class. These two are identical in gearing/level while my sorc is Art/Master in almost every life skill (First character) I would include my witch/maewah

    But my witch has been at level 49 for over 9 months due to a very specific reason overlooked by most people in the game (Not PvP related as she used to be the bane of a few farming areas on Uno) I mean... she has 1243 skill points after all. My Maewah is dedicated to farming Rednose/Tree, have other alts dedicated to various other Field/World bosses as well, but those two were also high contenders for the "main spot"
    So alas, if you had to pick one character to focus on giving the circumstances outlined at the onset and the options of Sorc/Tamer what would you pick and why?
    *Note that the characters shown are all at least 175ap/160dp+ so gearing isn't "much" of an issue, as well as having at least 900+ skill points.
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  10. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    Please? Been waiting close to 8 months for this now p,q
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  11. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    The differance between Nouver and Kutum is 20ap in Nou's favor, One gives +10% AR, the other negates it so in effect they cancel each other out.
    If you were to have two identical characters with identical builds using identical skills at the same time then the Nou' user would win more often than the Kut user statistically speaking because of the higher AP, Kut's decent but Nou IS better and why most people are -----ing that he isn't out yet because he was released WELL before Kutum and is still regarded as having the best in slot off hand.
    Everyone knows AP outscales DP because of the way skills are desinged, Diablo 3 has the exact problem with itemization, it leaves little room for compromise in the arms race.
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  12. CZukoff added a post in a topic New World Event Series   

    3rd Tri failed from farming them, my ass if offically chapped,
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  13. CZukoff added a post in a topic Customer Service   

    Eh, they could have told you the same thing they told me "We took your money and denied you access to the game because we felt like... Neh nyah neh neh" Suffice it to say banks and paypal don't take kindly to crap like that, especially when the company in question broke multiple laws and their own Terms of Use in the process.
    Just keep badgering them until it gets resolved and if It doesn't dispute the charge in a civil manner with your bank/payment service.
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  14. CZukoff added a post in a topic What HAS Black Desert thought us..   

    It taught me that while there are many great MMO's in their own regard, nothing will ever beat an offline single player game with user created content.
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  15. CZukoff added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Dear customer service
    I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to where the company stands regarding its customers. You did something against multiple EU/US laws and consumer rights several months ago, not only did every finical consultant I talk to assure me Kakao was in the wrong but definable "An agregace breach of their own contract". After review of the events all financial institutes involved sided with me against Kakao. Against better judgment I followed up on my word, which was a suggestion by me originally to make the matter far less complicated to deal with, and reinvested the funds back into the game.
    Something so small, so trivial, so easy to deal with and you consistently screwed me every step of the way requiring drastic efforts on my part to rectify an illegal move you made. As a tip, when you make a stance change you need to actually put it in writing in you ToU/EULA and make it abundantly clear when purchasing a product instead of giving a B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T excuss of "This was always intended" when that precedent had NEVER ONCE been established anywhere at any point then telling your customers "We are unable to do anything regarding this"
    I've dropped over $2,000 on this game to date, no refunds outside of "minor" issues like the one this post is pertaining to. I'm done supporting this company, to fight me to this extent over something your company did illegally against your own terms, then to sit there and treat me as though I was the one pulling off the scam. Cute.

    Yes, indeed "Better luck next time"
    The lesson of the day here is two fold
    1: People DO actually read the terms you set out
    2: Don't treat your customers like unintelligible shit
    To anyone who still  supports the game and sells costumes/pets/etc on the market I thank you for having a stronger resolve than I do to support an otherwise fantastic and forward thinking MMO.
    All the best regards to my fellow BDO community members

    *Won''t let me upload any of my 3240x1920 shots regardless of how I compress them so an old B-Roll will have to suffice q.q
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