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  1. CZukoff added a post in a topic Rewards   

    Here's a simple and VERY elegant solution, make it so you turn in hunter seals for items.
            4 Hunter Seals = 1 Memory Fragment
        100 Hunter Seals = 1 Liverto Bundle
        900 Hunter Seals = 1 Boss Armor (player choice)
    1,2000 Hunter Seals = 1 Novure or Kzarka Bundle
    This way it would require no new mechanics for the game to be developed so deployment costs for this change would be minimal. This would help bridge the gear gap with people smitten with bad RNG, it would give people something they can tangibly work towards in the game.
    Mind you the seal prices are just rough examples
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  2. CZukoff added a post in a topic 12 Character slots   

    The energy gain from a 12th character would be minimal at this point, the contribution gain from doing all the quests on an alt tapers off and is less effective than doing daily quests given the respective time it takes to do each of those tasks. So the argument of an advantage would be quite shallow at this point.
    As I've pointed out previously it's easier to develop a new character to drum up interest in a game like this than to constantly churn out new landmasses and gameplay mechanics. So we more than likely we continue to get more and more new characters as development of the game continues, which effectively begs the question "Why keep making new characters if you don't allow us to actually play them?" As to the question of "Why not just delete another character?" I of course may not speak for everyone on the matter however maybe the people who've already spent the money to expand their characters slots to the maximum were willing to buy those characters outfits, maybe even flutes or inventory/weight expansions... So you've asking us to throw away our hard earned money again (Seeing as it's already been blown on worthless pixels at this point) when an easier solution that has been done before, that also allows the company a chance for even more revenue.
    Despite all the things going on in the community currently, Black Desert Online is honestly one of the freshest breaths of air in stale genre in quite some time, so yes I can see why people would be willing to commit to getting the full experience the game has  to offer. I honestly think if people are willing to spend the time it takes to get all 12(13 w/ elf coming soon) characters to 56/60 to see what each character has to offer why stop them?
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  3. CZukoff added a post in a topic Value Package   

    Carry weight+Inventory means more effective grind time.
    Tax reduction means more return from your grind time.
    Skill experience boost... Yeah this one ALONE makes it pretty much mandatory for ANY competitive player.
    So I'm simply asking that they make it worth $15 a month to justify paying a subfee in a game that has a F2P model yet works on a B2P method... with a Sub Fee. (Just look at the MP for cash sales, whats the most listed item, that should be a decent hint)
    On another note, Val pt2 reduces the amount of karma you lose for killing people dramatically, and it removes the increased chance for your gems to break when you die. Note that my gems break every time regardless if I'm at 300k karma or -1m so... THAT change is meaningless (Which is why I suggested it) The Kor/RU/JP versions of the game all have Kams blessing as part of the value pack, which is why I requested it, its clear we will be getting drop rate increases down the road at this point so that's why I'm asking them to put what should have been there from the start at least (Gem on death thing can be ignored more or less, but would be nice)
    Well, first off, read my forum "Title"
    Secondly... Their intentions have been made clear, and they've removed something from out Value pack that every version game has native with it... Kor also has a 2nd level of "Sub fee" type item which increases drop rates by 50% for 30 days, so that one will be coming soon. We know the true face and whats to come so why beat around the bush and not get the good shit rolling now while the game still has people eh?
    Edit: As a side note I've never sold cash items, nor will I. I've gifted people pets back when we could because ----- all I'm nice from time to time. But if I can have RNGesus suck my stubby ----- so I don't have to go another 4 months of farming to get a 2nd ogre ring? Pshh sure ----- it I will "Sub" the game.
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  4. CZukoff added a topic in Suggestions   

    Value Package
    Please add Kamasilives blessing for 30days along with the inability to lose gems on death to the VIP service.
    If were going to have a sub fee in a B2P game lets at least make it worthwhile for those who choose to support you going forward.
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  5. CZukoff added a post in a topic 18/08/2016 KBDO patch note(new boss offhand stat added)   

    That's actually a shame
    Had 4 T4 dogs for a few months now (Unless the new skills aren't retroactive)
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  6. CZukoff added a post in a topic Where to AFK fish? (On Land)   

    They didn't remove the old hot spots, In korea they changed the locations of them every month to give it a more realistic feel of a migrating school. Daum never did that. Ever. But they "Might" be doing that now (They manually did this in kor, not sure if its the same now or they automated it) but "Old schools" of fish are still around, people just need to actually look for them. They usually didn't move them drastically far in Kor though.
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  7. CZukoff added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    I'm going to be lazy like you, thanks
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  8. CZukoff added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    Specifically the fact that the said players would not be able to sell cash shop items on the market place, then allowing sales of dyes, then of costumes, then the pure P2W subcripition service of the "Value pack", you can't honestly justify this as good practice for a business can you? I mean YES it is a WONDERFUL method to lure in more people then once inital sales taper off to back track on your word and open the avenue for additional sales.
    Also I never said the game was dying prior to this costume sales, I kept tabs on all new related articles and knew the game was making some serious bank from those alone. Why do I say the Q3 will be the tell? Because if the issue is indeed that prevelent in the community then sales will indeed be heading down due to it. Whales alone can't keep a game running. That's why I specifically citied Q3's results as being the indicator of the severity of the issue.
    And again smart ass it's not a logicall fallacy if the company states for months on end they won't do something, then turns right around and does it again. If these trends continue we see everything the korea version of the game has added in eventually because of the half hearted bullshit reasoning they've spoon fed everyone in their recent announcements
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  9. CZukoff added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    Even if it's a small minority (Say 10%, but I strongly doubt it's this low) the bonds of trust and faith have been severed for many people, you don't need to pretend your own indifference on the matter is an absolute for everyone else either. You can't reasonably deny that a portion of the community whatever its size may actually be, in any area of the net that has an open forum for discussion on BDO, or even in game itself, that people are up in arms over this matter.
    I've seen far more people who are against this change than are for it. I've lost of lot of RL friends from my own guild, as well as many other guild members and BDO buddies due to this change. Hell I've consistently had to fight people for farming spaces, be it at ogres/skeletons/pirates/sausans for farming rights and since this update its been pretty barren.
    It could just be an "Overreaction" and a new fad everyone jumps on for the moment, but the truth of the matter will boil down to those Q3 returns. Figures don't lie.
    Me personally? I'm miffed they wen't back on their words, but I'm used to far FAR worse thanks to 5 years of Vindictus & Nexon, so I'm not at the point where I'm willing to quit over something like this. How they go forward from here though will have a strong impact on my willingness to continue to play and pay for their game. It just sucks that this bridge has been crossed because as many people have pointed out it just opens the door for worse things to come. I mean this game has provided me with some of the most fun I've had in any RPG let alone an MMO, so I can try to hold onto hope... But even a blind man can see when a lines been crossed.
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  10. CZukoff added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    And the real tell will be the Q3 earnings after they slashed the communities trust vein in a fatal manner.
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  11. CZukoff added a post in a topic Field/World Bosses   

    As it stands it's very cloak and dagger, I've even seen people shunned for announcing a boss is up. This doesn't promote any sort of unity in the community, quite the opposite in fact. That's why I think this would be a decent step towards alleviating that particular issue a bit.
    As I also stated I think it would help give newer players something to focus on or look forward to as well.
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  12. CZukoff added a topic in Suggestions   

    Field/World Bosses
    This suggestion is to promote a more active "Raid team" aspect to black desert and to add a level playing field for anyone who wishes to partake in hunting them. As it stands if you aren't apart of a large guild, constantly monitoring channel/server chat, or a part of a group that specifically monitors/tracks their spawn times chances are you won't even know they were a thing (As is the case for the vast majority of new players)
    The suggestion is as follows
    -Add a new menu to the UI similar to the ones next to the mini map for NPC's/Hunting/PvP.
    When you click the button it would have a list of Field/World boss broken into respective tabs with an Icon showing what they look like and their names next to the icon. Once you click on the icon it would display a drop list under their icon bar with their respective respawn times for each channel. If the player has knowledge of the boss and the it is currently alive or being engaged it would display the HP% instead of a respawn timer.
    A possible extension of this UI or maybe even something in the game settings menu itself would be the ability to toggle an announcement similar to how a World Boss/Whale spawns, this should be limited to channels the player is currently in so as not to overwhelm new players with the system.
    Seeing as the game already has a spawn timer for all bosses and you can see boss HP if you have knowledge on them the only real difficulty of implementing this system should be designing the user interface then setting up the hooks under the hood to make everything click.
    While it may seem like a small quality of life change the effect would be quite dramatic as it would actually give everyone playing an equal shot to try and fight these bosses, it could also end up promoting more open world PvP for farming rights over these bosses.
    I sincerely hope Pearl Abyss would be willing to consider this as it could help expand the gameplay paradigm for many players.
    As always I'm open to feedback on this idea from the community because after all this is a change for all of us, so please feel free to share your input in a civil manner.
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  13. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    It would actually be quite funny if a group of people were able to get a class action lawsuit against Kakao and Pearl Abyss on this. Greed begets greed, hows that for a "Karma System".
    As sad as it is to say this change just killed any bright future this game and these companies might have had. The defends of it simply don't comprehend how much damage bad publicity can do to a company. What is Sony? Oh... Right Samsung's -----.
    One day someone will get it right.
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  14. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    No one paying them anything anymore is fare more powerful than you think.
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  15. CZukoff added a post in a topic 12 character slots yes or no ?   

    Actually had to get a refund on a character expansion this time around, I'm in favor of having the ability to make each character myself.
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  16. CZukoff added a topic in General   

    Character Slots
    I'm posting here to find out what other people think of the character slot situation. As it stands we can make a maximum of 11 characters while there are 12 characters in game with a 13th coming, and a possible 14th hinted at by our former(Currently on parental leave) @PM_Belsazar in a Q&A with Pearl Abyss. Given the trends of games like this the "new" characters generally don't stop coming because it's cheaper to develop a new character than an entire new landscape, quest chains, or even new game mechanics, Like dungeons, life skills, forms of PvP, etc, to keep players active interest in the game.
    I'm of the camp that they should at least match whats available on the roster to allow everyone a chance to experience everything the game has to offer while giving Kakao/Pearl Abyss more opportunities to make money off of non pay to win methods. (This method would cause less data bloat than making a new account on the servers and be a MUCH more palpable option for most people as I don't know many who would be willing to start the game from scratch just to try out a new character)
    So fellow BDO players, what are your opinions on this matter?
    Also, if @CM_Aethon or @PM_Jouska were able to give us some feedback on this, it would be quite wonderful to hear an official stance on the matter as well.
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  17. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    So you betray the communities trust who fought hard to try and avoid having these types of things put in the game from the onset. Now we have the night vendor and can suddenly sell items on the market place, which effectively boils down to real monetary transactions to fuel pay to win to try and milk the sudden influx of players for as much as Kakao can acquire in a short period effectively killing off the games future chances for being something more than a 2nd rate cash grab mobile phone grade piece of rubbish from korea. Good freaking job, well done in fact.
    I do hope you guys understand the sheer amount of revenue you are going to lose from people who have/are/will leave from this will FAR AND AWAY exceed what you will generate from people selling things for a quick easy in to end game.
    No I'm serious I had hope, and I saw the actual chance for this game to rival Blizzard and World of Warcraft... Yeah, no not any more, just another Nexon wannabe. Because greed begets greed this games going to end up having similar player populations and revenue as Vindictus because you're doing identical trends, that's NOT a good thing as the plug is about to be pulled on that game.
    I will give you guys Kudos if you manage to even have 50,000 active players this time next year though~
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  18. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    ----- all of them, just add an item that makes it so enhancements always pass for $10, even on PEN items. Also add another item to value pack "Prevents gems from breaking for the duration of the pack" along with "Drastically increases drop rates of all RARE items (Like kzarka/ogre/etc)"
    I mean don't go half way for -----s sake, commit to your mistakes if you're going to make them.
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  19. CZukoff added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Is it just me or is did everyone just kinda gloss over those little words... Those are some serious implications about RNG NOT BEING QUITE SO RNG, and would explain quite a bit about a few "High rank" guilds and filthy rich players.
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  20. CZukoff added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    Jouska... I don't want to be a pessimist or to quite honestly doubt, but I am quite curious. Do any of you at Daum EU(Or w/e its new official designation is) have access to the script mechanics to validate what the representative from Pearl Abyss told you? I mean in my line of work we have to actually demonstrate that changes we made to factory systems are working as intend according to the plants contract and have to have members validate that all changes made are running according to spec, be it software, hardware or otherwise.
    Again the reason I bring this up is because in the Korean version of the game there are quite a few things we can't directly buy that would be considered "Pay to Win" and a possible method of "Griefing" certain types of people into paying more would be utilizing a "One more shot" mechanic in the game, which I can certainly understand why no one would want admit that as its akin to saying "Yes you are playing with a loaded deck, don't like here's the door"
    I guess what I really should be asking is did they give you an in depth explanation for how the looting mechanics work? Something along the lines of
    ;Loot Script
    If [plvl=+6>mlvl]
    then [/u Degrade_Loot]
    If [plvl=+6>mlvl]
    then [/u Normal_Loot]
    add [xyz to Normal/Degrade_Loot]
     -Bleh item 100%
     -Meh item 20%
     -Ohh item 10%
     -yay item 5%
     -Woah item .01%
     -No loot 75%
     -Loot 25%
      -Bleh item 100%
      -Meh item 20%
      -Ohh item 10%
      -yay item 5%
      -Woah item .01%
     (Script example is none functioning rubbish, just a short hand example)
    You don't have to divulge company secretes but I'm curious were they upfront and professional going into detail on how the system worked or did they simply say "LUCK RANK NODE, RNG IS RNG" and give you a dismissive short answer on the matter? Profession curiosity here...
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  21. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    Pearl Abyss stated a few months ago they plan to unify all versions of the game into one global version of the game. More or less the EU+NA/RU/Jp versions of the game are nothing more than testing beds for what works/doesn't work with a larger global audience. Their responsiveness to player feed back is in large part due to Pearl Abyss realizing that this is their one, possibly ONLY shot to make to the big leagues in gaming.
    I've got a lot of expectations from them seeing what they've already done with their game, and what they've teased plans for. I just hope they don't end up like many Mobile developers or even some mainstream/AAA gaming companies and get blinded by greed.
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  22. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    Even god himself would be hard pressed to cleanse this sea of stupidity.
    As a side note:
    B-b-b-but but...... The only reason they delayed the release of the awakening weapons because forum users CRIED tears of blood about balance concerns about ___ classes having them while _____ classes wouldn't, thus Daum(Kakao now) made the logical decision to release them all at once and I for one am glad they did so. As a matter of fact thats part of the reason they delayed the +20 system and night vendor as well, due in part to similar player concerns.
    Its astonishing what the publisher actually done for us so far, and how quickly "these" people seem to forget that a lot of things are this way because they themselves stood in defense of the very same thing not THAT long ago. Its looking like goldfish have a one up on your average forum poster...

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  23. CZukoff added a post in a topic Sexier outfits   

    Could be worse, could be shooting up heroine with that money or buying bullets to go on a spree. Dropping large sums of cash on video games is becoming much more common place these days, hell my 17 year old cousin has spent close to $1,000 on CS:GO. I know my parents spent a fair chuck of change at arcades back in the day as well.
    His suggestion isn't too far fetched as anyone in business knows that sex sells, it plays off of one of prime directives of human instincts "Procreate". Advertisement is all about targeting a demographic and sparking an interest, seeing this game with open and unbiased eyes should be blatant as to who the developer is targeting. Again I would be willing to put down some serious money that most sales so far have been on female characters, and as far as outfits go, more than willing to say that the more risque outfits generate more revenue. I mean the most common outfit I've seen so far is the Kibelius toga... It is transparent and quite skimpy honestly speaking.
    The reason why I would even make such a statement is because the developers have made it a point to make awakening outfits quite revealing, and most of the recent outfits they've designed/chosen from players are quite risque themselves.
    "To each their own" as they say.
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  24. CZukoff added a post in a topic Sexier outfits   

    Closed Beta Test: basically before the game was even available for public testing (In house or specific focus groups used to gather feedback on the stated of the game)
    Live: What we log into when we play.
    Basically when the development team (Pearl Abyss) were designing textures (Skins as some incorrectly call them) for the female characters and NPC's they went to great lengths to make them anatomically correct (The nude textures they developed were better than most modders even for games like The Elder Scrolls series), meaning females when view without gear would "bare all" if you will. This is in a part supported by the fact that when armor condition degrades it usually reveals the area around the characters crotch/buttocks/breasts, another hint on this end is when most game developers "Model" (Create points in space for form a face on which to apply textures that give 3D objects shape and depth) they usually aim for simplistic models to cut down on Poly counts to help reduce GPU usage because those details are never meant to see the light of day. Pearl Abyss artists' included nipples on the breasts of female character that are actually adjustable in size while giving female characters breasts and butts their very own physics system.
    At some point in the development process the idea of outright nudity was scrapped, more than likely as to make it more publishable as more often than not having graphic nudity in games will have it banned from most common methods of sale and advertisement.
    Instead of creating a brand new texture they simply used a spray brush with similar flesh tones to "Mask" the details, however the masking was quite poorly done, if you actually look at those very textures in game in the right lighting or extract them and load them into editing software you can QUITE easilly see the original details. Interestingly enough many of the underwear on sale has slight gaps and creases that show you what lies behind the modeled assets. Interestingly enough again is the fact that instead of deleting portions of the body not normally seen to save poly counts, the artists use whats called double sided textures, and keep tight form factors with the body of the character, so characters actually wear armor and underwear instead of having it awkwardly clip through their chests/torso/legs/etc allowing some... interesting views.
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