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  1. CZukoff added a post in a topic Do you find this fair?   

    This is one of those situations where a "Judgement call" is order in all honesty.
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  2. CZukoff added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    Don't worry pitty gear is coming, turning in 100 Black Seals will get you a Bundle.
    Oh and can gamble away at Patty for a chance at one some day.
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  3. CZukoff added a post in a topic Truffle Mushroom Hypha   

    @CM_Jouska Can we get some sort of clarification if this is intentional, I haven't seen a hypha listed on any of the servers and almost everyone who gathers them says they've never seen one. If its an oversight can we get them implemented or stricken from the farming knowledge table?
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  4. CZukoff added a post in a topic Cron Stones -----ed up enchanting!   

    This is why I stopped dumping memory fragments into skill resets and started working on alts. Albeit I'm a bit shocked with Daum EU's release pattern, wasn't expecting them to just hand out free resets. It also indicates to me that the content they teased in the interview is getting close to deployment if they are already making adjustments for it over here.
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  5. CZukoff added a post in a topic Cron Stones -----ed up enchanting!   

    While I don't agree with it personally the adage "The early bird catches the worm" should be rather evident here. Regardless pearl abyss stated multiple times this summers expansion is overhauling progression on all fronts as people have -----ed about these things for over a year and the developers are giving into logic here. How can an MMO sustain itself if it requires players be jobless slaves to stay competitive.
    Just suck it up for now, you guys are WAY to trigger happy on a game that's only 3 months old and 95% of the population can't even manage a +16 yet let alone obtain clean Boss armor or a Kzarka weapon. Chill.
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  6. CZukoff added a post in a topic Contribution Point System   

    [New] July first 5:59am: Man o man did I call this one. sitting at 289, with pro 9 gathering, art 4 processing, skilled 4 farming and 76 workers. I would basically have to sack 1/3rd of my established nodes to make connections to Valencia alone. To me the issue of the cap and the EXP curve are becoming all too glaring as I don't even get a chance to really enjoy the game itself while grinding out all of these quests just to facilitate something that provides a meager return compared to almost any other avenue the game offers now.
    The change to fishing hot spot mechanics also killed any chance of me fishing now as before I could sit on my boat in Altinvoia then load up my noble wagon at the pier and off load at Trent while active fishing, but now I need to constantly play shuffle board with points I can't reasonably spare. As much freedom this game offers in terms of how you go about playing this systems like an ever present and overbearing task master constantly asking "Is that a wise choice? Don't stop, but do you REALLY think that's a good move"
    I would love to explore Valencia and start expanding my trade empire into the sands, however seeing I've refined my connections and shops to perfection making no wasteful connections for critical nodes, the only way I could facilitate making a shift to the desert would be sacrificing countless connections I've invested 10's of thousands of energy into building up grind locations for leveling and valuables... I just can't willingly kill off that much time investment because "We've ignored this side of the game"
    And here we have a brand new expansion coming to Korea with 2 new regions to explore, an entire new sea region and brand new continent that eclipses the one we can play on currently (Still not able to acess many regions of even) coming in another expansion at a later date, and never once in a dev blog, Q&A, or CM/GM post was the CP system ever mentioned. I just get the feeling I should jump ship and just focus on leveling at this point as thats all the seems to get attention.
    Its a wonderful idea, but it has never been touched since it was implemented and the pitfalls of the system are glaringly obvious for those who commit to it.
    Just can't help but feel this system is going the way of the Beta-Max
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  7. CZukoff added a post in a topic Keep getting failed to connect.   

    Just here to add fuel to the flames I guess no go.
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  8. CZukoff added a post in a topic Post pics of your character!   

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  9. CZukoff added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    It was converted to storage in all of my cases, still at 282 max, no missing points after uninvesting the shops.
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  10. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 17th   

    They said in part of the patch notes that they were adding the house maids. Were those part of the same tux package, because if so... ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE!!!!
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  11. CZukoff added a post in a topic Getting "Luck"   

    Ideally what you would do later on is get the +4 luck from titles, then use undies to round out the 5th point, then stack CritDmg or BackAttackDmg on your offhand. CD is nasty as I saw my bereserkers damage go up quite a bit with his Liverto+Krea when I switched out the Luck in his Krea for CD. Went from taking 10% per crit off an elite to 15% which is QUITE an increase.
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  12. CZukoff added a post in a topic How to MAX fps through a Real Fullscreen Mode:   

    Just going to quote him here because he is 100% correct. When I play with my monitors in a certain configuration I get a 3240x1980 res that is quite taxing on a single 770, luckily the game does include support for SLI and uses it to great effect. I namely use my other two monitors for editing textures and models on the fly as I sample benchmark works in games to get a feel of how work is progressing. For the first time I've actually considered using them for gaming instead of workstation extensions as the game looks stunning on a higher res such as this.
    And its playable on higher settings too which just tickles me pink for how old this PC is by todays standards *(Note not HIGHEST, higher 40+Fps) 
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  13. CZukoff added a post in a topic Ogre Spawn Map with Screenshots   

    Going to point something out but there are indeed only 8 Ogres that spawn, have been farming them since the first the game has came out, most of them are under the "Calpheon Castle Ruins" node affiliation. The lower 3 on his map fall under the "Mansha Forest" node, so before you point dump in one node be mindful of which one you pick if you're limited on En.
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  14. CZukoff added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    I run 9 alts and my main is Art 9 gathering Art 10 Processing, with alts being skilled 8 to Pro 5 in Processing. As much as I'm a fan of the PvE and PvP side of this game the crafting side yanked me away from Fallout 4's settlements with some 1,200 hours of playtime on ONE unmodded save (Still havent down loaded a mod for that game and ran skyrim with 321 mods and fallout NV with over 750 mods, Morrowind had some 20ish mods back in the day but I was 11 when it came out, so credit where its due (One being self made), so that's a VERY strong testament to what Bethesda did with Fo4.
    I whole heartidly welcome these changes as do MANY of my guild mates and friends IRL (Most of whom are on my heels in crafting) If you dont have the contribution points to sustain your standing in the leader boards when the market can't fill your needs then you -----ed up royally from the onset.
    I just hope they take a note from Bethesdas books and keep expanding on the none combat side of the game in all respects, not just crafting. Hell if they allowed us to build towns/houses/forts/castles/etc like Fallout 4's settlements I would be dumping a couple extra grand on this game at that point. (Could be an expansion to the contribution system, or a new life skill altogether...
    Either way it's a change for the betterment of the community as whole and I wouldn't be surprised if we soon see the removal of En from more elements that would put us more in line with the Actual version of the game (Koreas) in this regard.
    Maybe instead of viewing it as the end of the world, try looking at in another light, or even come up with new ideas for the game similar to how I've done in this very post or even in the suggestion forums. They don't write off well thought out ideas. Hell I would "Like" to think that we were able to get more character slots for Musa/Maewha thanks to a question I asked in a Q&A thread before they released and how I made the point that people like the "Play the field" (Make alts) and giving us the ability to have a slot for would open the potential for more sales from cosmetics and other cash shop items.
    I mean when I made that suggestion Korea hadn't expanded the default character creation limit since the game had launched, and BOOSH we have enough for everyone the day we got new characters...
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  15. CZukoff added a post in a topic Boss spawn   

    I went balls deep on launch day and picked Sorc because she looked like a smoking hot goth and proceeded to grind the never loving funk sauce out of professions and contribution points for the next two months. I had made alts of all the characters for processing materials and finally started to level them slowly over the past month to finally test the waters of what else was on the table.
    Funny enough seeing as I had Heidel as my main crafting hub all my alts were stationed there, and incidentally all of the "Field/World" bosses spawn in close proximity to Heidel so I would occasionally test the waters with my low level alts (Had them all complete the Velia crafting chain for the free crafting outfits and Shabby Fencing) was funny seeing a level 12 warrior go 15 minutes against red nose without dying as all the level 50+'s tip towed around him before the masses arrived to finally enage him. Felt like a boss until I started lagging from some 300+ people and their pets >.>
    I've consistently gotten drops using +0 militia weapons on my Sorc and w/e crap my alts had at time when they were processing (Levels ranged from 16-21) never gotten a belt/ring/bundel, but I've always ranked in the charts to get "something" atleast, so maybe just keep an alt there for giggles to give the old college try if your mains too far away.
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  16. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 17th   

    God damn you look good in that tux @.@
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  17. CZukoff added a post in a topic Please Remove XP Change   

    That in essence is where the revised EXP+Gearing overhaul and the Karma 3.0 changes coming to the Korean version of the game should be payed keen attention to. The game is after all developed in Korea, which is also the reason why Node+Siege wars were delayed because Kor had deployed a new iteration of rules to that system to expand them while we were in the middle of getting Mediah content.
    I mean I've honestly not been this geeked for an MMO since Planetside 1 had its first TV Commercial on G4TV waaaaay back when (Was dragged into WoW when it launched by several friends in high school) and am quite eager to see how it evolves and sinceraly hope that the game prospers and hopefully elevate PA+Daum onto the world stage as they honestly have the potential to do so if they keep the fact that first and formost this is a game, not a job in mind.
    I just hope they keep that feeling of wander lust alive and expand on the freedoms already established in the game going forward while paying keen attention to player concerns like yours. I mean this is PA's shot at the big leagues after all...
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  18. CZukoff added a post in a topic Please Remove XP Change   

    The game actually died out in Korea thanks to the sheer cruelty of the PvP system. Players would drop gear on death for REALLY bad karma, imagine that +20 Liverto weapon you slaved a year to obtain was lost instantly because your connection lagged, or some hacker juiced your legit ass with 300 shotgun blasts in .5ms. Yeah, that "Hardcore" thing didn't fare too well with a lot of people considering how hellish of a grind it is to get ONE character to "End game" stat thresholds.
    Speaking of which another reason we keep seeing EXP events, and the looming global increase is because the gap between no life grinders and novice newcomers was so massive new players NEVER stood a moths chance in hell of contesting a farming area or ranking on a Field/World boss to actually make any meaningful progression which effectively killed off more interest in the game.
    Not to piss on your parade, but if you payed keen attention to whats coming, this EXP change is the tip of the iceberg in the "Care Bare" department as the actual developer "Pearl Abyss" said they were looking into overhauling the Karma system... AGAIN. Not only that but were looking into stream lining the leveling and gearing process even further, so people spend less time grinding NPC's and more time FIGHTING each other.(1)
    Now... Don't get me wrong, I'm a straight up grind whore, Diablo 1-3, WoW, Fallout 4's Adhesive hunt, Vindictus (The proto-BDO incarnate) all end of the end game geared, refined to numerical perfection, Min-Maxed out the unimaginable ass, even running in clans/guilds/etc that had attained world ranks in various manner. I ask you this in all honesty...
    Whats the point of making a game whose whole concept from the ground up is player vs player interaction, then to have the game revolve around who out levels who, and who has the most time to gain a tet ogre ring vs the common rabbles tri ring. Doesn't that effectively kill the point of the game if instead of fighting players, you fight monsters... so you can then fight players >.>
    Hell I'm sitting at 283 contribution points and am PRAYING they overhaul the system or remove the "Soft cap" and normalize the EXP curve for it instead of having it skyrocket at 255 like it does, yet nope, nothing, not even a blip on the radar. Guess that's what happens when you dedicate yourself to a system no one uses, right beta-max? RIGHT?!
    I just want to own the enite map and every house in every node while having 10x10 plot farms covering the hill south of heidel... Too much to ask for? q.q
    Edit: (1) Had to gather sauce as this should be a rather large sign of what to expect if you choose to read the rough googlation of the content.
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  19. CZukoff added a post in a topic Boss spawn   

    Its not random, it was explained by @CM_Jouska that they spawn after they die in ___ amount of time, it was every 12 hours since march but one of the more recent patches reduced the spawn timers for Field bosses (Dim/Red/Bheg/Mud), and I can atest that the spawn timer is correct. Normal monsters respawn every 50 seconds after they die, While elites (<Violent>, <Swift>, Ogres, etc) spawn every 30 minutes after their deaths.
    Field bosses/elites are Channel based as well. (Like having Dim Tree Spirit spawn at 3:22am on Velia U1, then seeing the call for him on Velia U2 at 4:50am)
    As others have mentioned it would be nice to have a unique notification for when they spawn, but usually having Channel+Sever chat tab opened will have someone raise the call to arms.
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  20. CZukoff added a post in a topic [Request] Black Seals Quest.   

    Have 8/8 Liverto weapon types currently, and would LOVE to finally get my own bundel for my ninja instead of losing 93bid on a blade again...
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  21. CZukoff added a post in a topic Item Drops   

    They keep adjusting the drop rates, up one week down the next. Some one in Daum EU is apparently leaking those things in advance to certain people as well. Pearl Abyss is releasing a new expansion this summer that should make the drop rate issues non-existent though. Could see that one by the end of the year.
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  22. CZukoff added a post in a topic Horse flute   

    Would be nice if the flutes worked on wagons too >.<
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  23. CZukoff added a post in a topic Refund Consumables   

    It was stated a few places (Path notes, official reddit responses, etc) that they are going to rework the dye system to remove RNGesus from the equation.
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  24. CZukoff added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    They actually do, the customer service has been quite responsive considering how small their staff is and how many people are actually playing or reporting issues. Their ticket logs are over the 170,000 mark which is impressive for how short of a time period this game has been out. Yet the still manage to deal with issues regardless of how small (Like a refund on an honest mistake of a purchase) or something far more serious like legitimate game bugs and issues.
    Daum EU aren't the developers of this game, they are the publishers.
    What this means is if any significant change has to occur or any massive issue happens in the updating process they need to consult Pearl Abyss with how to move forward as this game is PA's IP. The way Pearl Abyss designed some of their systems is actually VERY convenient for quick alterations. Say they don't care for how certain animations play out while attacking or moving/etc or how certain armor pieces or hairs look with dyes (Like incorrect alpha layers in the hair textures causing you to see their scalps). All of which are easily accessible making turn around for alterations rather short.
    Even if it looks simplistic on the surface all the other interweaving elements that are in play behind the scenes tend to be a lot more complex and fairly easy to damage if explicit care is not taken. Even the sheer volume of things occuring can be overwhelming, similar to how DaumEU had no idea that there was variance in stat gains everytime some one leveled up. IE Instead of always getting +4HP +4MP, it could be +1/+5, +3/+2, etc.
    TLDR: These things happen, even more so considering how fast DaumEU is pumping out content for this game. Level up more alts and stop demanding that I build you people boats/wagons. 
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  25. CZukoff added a post in a topic Bidding System   

    Everything been tailored around X valuable items drop rate. 
    Ogre Ring 1:500 = 95m
    1hr of trash grind = 2m (Turn ins)
    In a game where 95% of progression comes from RNG I wouldn't put it past PA to have a loot metric set to dole out loot at set intervals similar to coin slot machines in Vegas. Maybe we are too naive for thinking there is any honestly left in business.
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