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  1. Mashiroh added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    This system has the potential to do great things for the game. Right now if i make a new character and generally feel like im going to be playing it as a new main, there are certain items I feel the -need- to purchase on them to be competitive, this makes me feel that currently the game is pay to win in my eyes. Now if this system is implemented properly to the point of where the conversion rate on the percent market value is low enough to where its not funding end game gear and is suppose to be something for a newer player or lesser geared player to catch up with, than this system has the potential to be great. It will allow players who have worked for their end game gear with a high gear potency to purchase items from the cash shop with money they are earning in game. The problem will be finding that fine line of where it isnt worth it for end game gear to force competitive players to do it, but still has enough incentive for newer players to want to sell it and wealthier players to want to buy it. Someone selling items for in game currency shouldnt feel rewarding, it should be a steep price. ill give an example at 20-30million silver for a 30$ costume. Ive seen this system work great in a few other games ive played and this system is generally a new player trap or a lesser skilled player trap that brings in money and keeps those players interested in playing but does not push them into the realm of competing with someone who is an avid player at the high end level.
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  2. Mashiroh added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    I really feel the value pack should be insentivised with reduced cost of store items if you have the one that costs pearls and not the loyalty version. An example would be, someone who shows an interest in being a recurring every month spender that is willing to chuck the 15$ a month at the game, should get a reduced cost of costumes or whatever they are interest in from the store while they have their monthly subscription, but player B might not be inteersted in the long term investment and just want that shiny new costume for his character so he will pay the 30$ for it, but player A is already investing 15$ a month so possibly give him a 15-25%(the number is placeholder and whatever you feel is appropriate) discount. It will insentivise players to spend a recurring fee and bring in a constant and consistent cash flow rather than a sperratic influx in costume sales for new costumes.
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  3. Mashiroh added a post in a topic Perma Banned please help.   

    Is here anyway I can get my loyalties back? I have been saving up and they spent all 2500 of my loyalties on megaphones im assuming. Ive never even spent them before ;-;.
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  4. Mashiroh added a post in a topic Perma Banned please help.   

    It happened within maybe 30 seconds of disconnecting... i see the same spammers in a channel for hours, I doubt it was that. Im really hoping it was just some automated IP checking thing that instantly locked my account because of unauthorized access from a Chinese IP that is a known scamming IP or something. I just really want my account back and want to go back to playing with my guildies. We were preparing for war!
    I did have 2600 loyalty though, so who knows.

    Here is a picture of a chat log from a buddies game. My character (Shiinah) was logged out when I crashed then my other character (Olaverty) logged on while I was logging back in so thats why were are assuming that my account was compromised or some sort of bug happened. That character also was logged out right when I get the ban message.
    I recieved a response from a GM and my ban has been lifted, after logging in I realized that -ALL- of my loyalties were spent. For sure someone hacked my account and bought abunch of megaphones to spam on my account with. Hopefully I can get my loyalties back.
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  5. Mashiroh added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Perma Banned please help.
    I was just perma banned recently and I legitimately have no idea what happened or why it happened. I was out with two of my friends testing out my new fishing boat I had just got off the auction house when my game froze and I got disconnected. I then re logged back in receiving the error message duplicate login or something and assumed it was because I crashed that my character may have still been in the world so I tried re logging back in again thinking it was fine and received the banned for exploiting error message ive attached with this thread. Was this an automated ban that I received because I tried logging over myself logged in and it may have triggered the system to freak out? Was this my account being compromised possibly and it instantly banning me because of the IP changes? Or was I legitimately banned for exploiting? I honestly can not think of anything ive exploited or abused in this game and its just been a game ive been enjoying with my friends and all the new people ive met in my guild and what not, ide hate to just get banned for no reason.
    Picture of the error code I get when logging in. Ive ran a full system scan and malware check and changed my password.
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  6. Mashiroh added a post in a topic A Gamebreaking Problem With PVE World Bosses In This Game   

    This is a very specific problem with Rednose. The same thing happens with the scroll version of this boss. It will be fixxed, but its a very specific issue with the boss you fought. Sorry m8
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  7. Mashiroh added a post in a topic [Updated] Patch Notes - March 11th   

    Why would you lower the EXP on the only mobs that we have to farm at end game
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