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  1. Warclaw added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon's thoughts on BDO   

    I'm pretty sure this is just here to make us feel better and they don't read any of it.... at least from the "response" we get from them.
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  2. Warclaw added a topic in Suggestions   

    Are these even being read?!?!
    It would be really nice to see some comments by the devs to at least let us know they are even bothering reading this stuff... I can't remember playing a game where they has been such a lack of communication between the devs and the community on the forums. It feels like this was just made so that it could be said it was here, with no feedback how do we know its even looked at?...
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  3. Warclaw added a topic in Suggestions   

    It would be really nice if there was a log for combat damage and if mobs also showed actual numbers for their HP. It is really frustrating to hit a mob with the same ability and see a huge difference in it each time and not being able to test out combos.
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  4. Warclaw added a post in a topic A large list of suggestions to prevent more players from leaving BDO   

    There are some good points here. I think the whole loot system is messed up really bad and it has really started to get on my nerves along with a lot of other people. I've killed tons of world bosses, even with small groups, and gotten the bad loot always. Ive seen players come in and pop a few hits and get a boss drop... Fix the RNG and no more hidden stats!
    As far as class balance goes.... learn to play you class... There are people out there who know how to play their class and don't follow some "guide" online to spec their char. I know gear plays a large part in this... Don't just follow a guide online for which gear you should have and expect it to make you a better player. I have decent gear and I am still learning my class for pvp, its part of the game, I get my ass kicked and its fun because I find out ways to survive longer than I did before... imagine that... Then there are times I can go in and kill someone easy... Its almost like the game is setup so that if you play your class well and have ok gear you can kill other players that might be considered better stat wise. There are some people I fight that I know if they catch me off guard I am dead in a few sec, then there are others that can come in and burst on me and ill be ok if I react and heal fast enough. I play a sorc as my main too... I know fighting rangers sucks for me, group pvp sucks for me often too, and 1v1 I do really well at. I have fought berserkers who can rip me a new one and then I've fought others two at the same time and because they didn't play their class in a way that hurts me, they didn't stand a chance.
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  5. Warclaw added a post in a topic A better system for high ticket items.   

    They need to have it so any item over like 1mil has an bidding window that gives people the time to buy it and the price to go higher, but give the seller the options to put a buy it now price on it with current market place values. That way for the items that are way to cheep for what they are  would have the chance to go up higher in price. I think the livertos should cost more money personally. Its a hard item to come by and the person that gets it is basically who ever refreshes at the right time, etc...
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  6. Warclaw added a post in a topic MEGASERVER / SERVER MERGE BEFORE SIEGES   

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  7. Warclaw added a post in a topic HOLY MOLY, how much?   

    I would say considering how much people are spending on the game they really need to work towards the things we are all requesting. If you make the people that spend the money mad then you are screwed....
    Ive known some people who have stopped spending money on the cash shop because they are unhappy with things like customer support.
    I know the hidden stats and rng has made me consider not investing in the game any more....
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  8. Warclaw added a post in a topic Red/Orange "S" rank Meaning?   

    sucks because I miss my red "S"'s
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  9. Warclaw added a post in a topic Red/Orange "S" rank Meaning?   

    well... I didn't think to screenshot it the other day when I checked it after making the post. I did look today after the update and theres new missing info for bosses and such for me and now all my "S" are yellow... maybe it was a bug they fixed without mentioning anything
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  10. Warclaw added a post in a topic reveal hidden stats/fix broken stats   

    we keep asking for this and will keep posting about this till they do something about it or people get tired of it and leave game.... maybe then they will...
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  11. Warclaw added a topic in US Guild   

    <Clockwork> of the Brotherhood Is Recruiting! (UNO Mediah U1)
    Clockwork is recruiting members!
    We are PvX with an active group of core members lvl 50+.
    We accept all levels and will help new players.
    Our main focus is on building up our members so that they have better gear and become stronger players.
    We are part of the Brotherhood Alliance and one you meet the requirements for other guilds in the Brotherhood, you can move to them if there are openings.
    Players already looking to join other guilds in the alliance that do not meet the requirements, talk to that  guilds leader and mention joining us until you meet their requirements.
    We are currently trying to recruit more level 45+ players that are active in order to do more guild boss scrolls.
    We do boss scrolls, world bosses, relic shard groups, and guild bosses.
    We do a lot of relic shard groups for gear and exp!
    Our main requirements are that you use Teamspeak for voice(if you don't have a mic you can sit in and listen, and we can also know if you are actually afk or not because of the afk channel.), use Discord for texting/forums(we are using it to replace our guild site and will store info there, Its also a great way to keep in touch outside of the game when you can not be logged on but need something.), and help with guild missions(if you are in the middle of popping an exp scroll or relic scroll group for example, we don't expect you to just drop it and run off.)
    We are more than happy to help out new players and players that have been in the game since day one, but we do not accept leeches in our guild. Our home channel is Mediah U1 and unless its for farming or world bosses we expect you to be on the same channel. It is where we do all of our guild missions and it is the only channel we will renew contracts on. This is the help the guild over all so that people are not just on for the guild buffs.
    All of that being said, we are a laid back group of players who do not throw salt(taunting and being a smartass are ok), and have a lot of fun playing the game.
    Whisper me on Aurri in the game if you are interested in joining. If I am afk, I have a window just for whispers I check every I come back form afk. You can also message our officers Rookio and Grenton for invites.
    If you are a small-med size guilds who are having trouble expanding or are just looking to merge with another guild feel free to message me as well.
    - Matthew
    Aurri(Warclaw) - Guild Leader of Clockwork
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  12. Warclaw added a post in a topic Any active guild?   

    Just Message me in the game on Aurri anytime someone needs an invite. Even if I am afk, I have a window just for whispers that I check every time I come back.
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  13. Warclaw added a post in a topic Red/Orange "S" rank Meaning?   

    Yea, I'll post one when I get home later today.
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  14. Warclaw added a topic in General   

    Red/Orange "S" rank Meaning?
    I currently have two different color "S" ranks: Yellow and Red/Orange. I am thinking that the Red/Orange color one is maybe "S+", does anyone know? I believe I have seen S+ pop up one or two times for me, but can't remember for sure.
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  15. Warclaw added a post in a topic Knowledge Rank Color   

    I have one or two orange/red "S" ranks I believe I have seen it pop up on my screen as "S+" for the ones that are red. I do not have any white "S" rankings, just that red/orange color and yellow.
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  16. Warclaw added a post in a topic RNG Hidden stats   

    Hidden RNG and other stats at some point is going to push players away from the game, especially on NA servers. I really cant think of any of the MMOs I have played in the past that had hidden stats that were different for each char that lasted very long at all.... especially a damn pvp game. I mean seriously, if our rng sucks at high lvl, basically we have the option to role a new char of the same class until we get on that we feel has good rng after leveling it all the way up?.... that is an extremely poor design. I don't even mind having a little difference between the chars, as long as we know the base and caps along with how we do in comparison, I know if my char is a little lower I am not going to re roll her, but if its a lot off I would be pretty pissed after all the time I have invested in her. Every person I talk to about this issue wants more transparency.
    Scrap the hidden stats, tell us what ALL of our stats are, no more hidden AP/DP that may or may not be there. No more other hidden stats that basically leave us guessing as to how they change our players stats. Tell us what our RNG stats are, since they seem to be different for each char, and show us how much our luck effects it, and tell us how much our fail stacks and each upgrade chance is. This is not some minor issue in the game, it will only continue to become more important, the devs need to respect the players wishes or not be surprised when this game burns people out.
    Treat us like adults, the ones who are paying to buy the game and pay for items in the cash shop to continue to support the game and the devs paychecks.
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  17. Warclaw added a post in a topic They said they rule the entire game   

    There are guilds like this on UNO, some of them can back it up because they have broken guilds, but the majority of them can't and it all talk.... you see t his in almost every game...
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  18. Warclaw added a post in a topic Too much moaning about "pvp" "ganking"   

    Pvp this, pvp that..... its part of the game, get over it.
    Clockwork is actually taking a more active role in pvp due to the recent content changes added to them game.
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  19. Warclaw added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild size
    Could we possibly get larger guild sizes on the NA servers.... I know several guilds are braking off into smaller ones just to have room to  grow, and others are creating a second or even third guild for their members. I know we have that issue with some of the guild in our alliance The Brotherhood. I know there are also guilds out there that would merge into one guild but they have a few too many members to do it. Its just a thought. Putting an Alliance system as people have mentioned would also help a lot with this issue. I personally think adding alliances and increasing guild size would be wonderful.
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  20. Warclaw added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Emblems
    Most of my guild members in <Clockwork> and people in other guild in the Brotherhood have been talking about having a way to display the guild logo larger, maybe have capes in the game.... have it on the horses somewhere, etc....
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  21. Warclaw added a post in a topic This the game that most play afk.   

    I have my toons doing afk stuff all the time.... I do it while I sleep at night, and especially at work here I can be there enough to actually change activities but I can't be there enough to actually be considered playing the game.
    Also, correct me if I am wrong, but a lot of internet providers in Asia charge per data, so games want  people to be on as long as possible.
    About the boats and horses, I think its great, it adds to the game for me. I also keep my boat out 100% of the time at the dock off to the side ready to go if I need it. I leave my horse out off to the side of the road the majority of the time I am playing, if I'm using it or not.
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  22. Warclaw added a post in a topic Knowledge grade for PK afk fishers   

    There is a valid point here. I have had a stance that my guild does not PK people while they are doing afk activities even if we are at war with them, that was our own choice, even for the guilds that have done it for us.
    Now... with that being said, since we have pirate outfits in the game and my guild has turned to piracy, I do allow the practice on anyone who is on our kill list and we are at war with.
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  23. Warclaw added a topic in US Guild   

    <Clockwork> of the Brotherhood - UNO - Mediah U1 - is recruiting!
    Clockwork is currently recruiting new members that are active players. We are a casual PvX guild that is part of the Brotherhood. We will help and build up new players to the game, but we also help with players that are in their 50's who might not be up to spec to join other guilds in the Brotherhood, that have higher requirements.
    Teamspeak is a requirement to join the guild, you are not required to talk if you do not have a mic or some other reason prevents you from being able too. The important thing is being able to listen in so that you know what is going on within the guild.
    Discord is another requirement, we use Discord for texting chat, we have the voice channels turned off. The reason we use it is so that we can use it to store important links and also have it so that we can communicate through text chat from anywhere.
    You are required as a new member to help do guild missions so that it is not just the guild as a whole helping you, but you helping the guild(it is especially important for players who plan to move onto other Brotherhood guilds). Obviously you are not required to do every guild mission, especially if you are in the middle of doing something important while it was started, but will be looked at case by case so that members do not abuse our laid back style.
    Clockwork is a casual guild, but we do have very active members that are on every day. We are currently hoping to start doing guild boss scrolls as soon as we have a strong enough force to do them without having to worry about the time limit. We are also pretty active in doing relic scrolls and other boss scrolls.
    Groups join us - we do accept larger groups of players wanting to join us, or smaller guilds wanting to merge into our guild. If you feel that this would be a good option for you and your friends or your smaller guild. We will do an interview to make sure that we fit well together of if another guild in the Brotherhood might be a better fit for you.
    If you are interesting in joining Clockwork please contact me in game on Aurri or Eodiin (one in a blue moon on Deviie). If I am not on feel free to contact any member and they will get you with an officer.
    Thank you, 
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  24. Warclaw added a post in a topic Poll: Chat with family name rather than character name?   

    I am in full support of this....
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  25. Warclaw added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Warehouse
    I want to start off saying I think that the no trading between players really helps with the gold sellers, along with the auction house.
    With that being said, I think its clear that most players are in favor of some kind of system to exchange items with other guild members. 
    I think having a warehouse for the guild that is another option with the current warehouse npcs would be a great idea. I feel there would need to be different restrictions in the warehouse, maybe separate tabs for members, officers, and leader so that not just any member could rob the guild warehouse of all its goods. Or have it so that there are set limits for the different ranks as to what they are allowed to do and how much of it they are allowed to take. For example, have it so that regular guild members can only take out 10k if the guild leader allows, then officers able to take out more funds, and the leader unlimited. Also have it so that not just anyone can take out all the guilds blackstones for example, have it set so each rank is allowed to access items depending on the guild leaders settings.
    In NA we are use to being able to help out our guild members, and the current system really hurts that in my opinion. Maybe make i so that you have to be in a guild for x amount of days and you cant join a guild for x amount of days are you leave one to keep gold farmers from taking advantage of the system. That way the would have to join the guild and stay in it then not be allowed to join another guild for a longer period of time than the current 24hrs. Maybe even have a tax when putting silver into and take it out of the guild bank since thats a big part of the game to keep the currency stable. 
    I think keeping the storage very limited, would be a good idea too, so that players do not stop using the auction house.
    Another option that I think would work, is make it so that guild members can trade between each other in towns, but have to pay a fee to do so, maybe 10%(I would be happy to have it 30% just to have it in game) of the average auction house price at that time for the item. Also have it so that the fee can be paid by either player or split between the players 50/50. Maybe make it so that the players both have to be in the guild for x amount of days in order to trade items(for the gold farmer issue). Maybe even after you do a guild trade you can not leave the guild unless kicked for a set number of days and you also can't join a new guild for a set number of days.
    Just a few ideas about how I think a system could work if it was added into the game.
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