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  1. CrazyLime added a topic in Suggestions   

    Freedom to control Male hairstyle
    As the title suggested, male characters need more freedom on how we want to make are hair look like instead of just length. Females have the freedom to control their hair to an extent, why can't males too? 
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  2. CrazyLime added a topic in Suggestions   

    Increase Ninja's Defense
    Increase the ninja's defense or give them better defensive skills! We go in we die, that is the gist of what a Ninja/Kunoichi can mostly do in this game.
    All phrases of Ninja also includes Kunoichi. Ninja = Kunoichi and vice versa.
    Solution 1: Decrease control to increase defense, as an accommodation. Example: If I had full control, my Ninja skill, "Ninjustu: Blade Spin Blade" can cancel at any moment, but no, there is no control whatsoever and when it goes off its a wasted 100% black spirit where people can easily dodge. I get the beat down on me when that happens, and leaves me completely vulnerable to attacks especially when a Ninja's defense is the lowest out of all the classes.
    Solution 2: Make us faster and evasive! We get hit like a truck! Example 1: Take out the 1 second cool down on ghost step so that we can instantly just cast it and move like a Musa/Maewha. Example 2: Increase the speed on Shining blade so that we have more than 10% speed on weapon attacks, Example 3: Take out "Target Chase", it is a useless skill and switch it with us Ninjas being able to dodge attacks and become invulnerable like a zerk when we dash while we ghost step in awakening and main weapon.
    Solution 3: Allow Ninja's to be able to freely attack when we block, Vengeful barrier. When a ninja blocks you are unable to attack except for the left click mouse button which is complete useless.
    As of right now, Ninja/Kunoichi feels more of a support DPS then actually even doing any real damage to other classes. 
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  3. CrazyLime added a topic in Suggestions   

    More Freedom on Male Hairstyles + more Hairstyles
    As the title suggested, male characters need more freedom on how we want to make are hair look like instead of just length. Females have the freedom to control their hair to an extent, why can't males too? 
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  4. CrazyLime added a topic in Suggestions   

    More Freedom on Male Hairstyles + more Hairstyles
    As the title suggested, the males in BDO need more freedom in hairstyle unlike the female counterpart. Males need more hairstyles to work with and more freedom to control how you want the hairstyle.
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  5. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Vagabond outfit [ninja]   

    There is...but why would you want to waste money or waiting to try to get it when it is already pre-made for you.
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  6. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Vagabond outfit [ninja]   

    I agree! Give ninja the vagabond clothes, but make it black.
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  7. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Bidding for items on the marketplace.   

    Hmm, from what I'm seeing from this conversation is that people are too scared for change, just enjoy the bidding as is, or too lazy to understand the new change in a bidding system if it did update.
    *Keep in mind that BDO is a bit far from Pay to Win, I also understand you can sell pearl items for silver. However, if you look at the price ranges to sell pearl items you are not really getting what you spent with real money. For instance, $30 for a 2-3k costume and selling it for 25 million silver is definitely a scam, that's right i said it, and it really is even when you do have those discounts on holidays. This is another great suggestion for you BDO administrators, keep the pearl price the same, but increase the item's silver value  by 40-60 million if you do plan on going the "pay to win" route. You are still getting the same statistical production value for real money if you are trying to produce money to be rich and game production. * I am placing this statement of mine in here since it plays a huge role in the marketplace and because of the fact that I am able to make more than 20 million silver a week to even get a pearl item after that it is just click to win a pearl item. This should also get fixed.
    So, even though people on the opposing force is just agreeing to disagree on this topic. I will also state some possibilities for the topic I suggested. I am assuming these are the reasons why:
    Pros and cons for opposing force:
    1) Know something about the marketplace that we don't.
    2) Rich players are willing to pay a hefty sum to get the item while bidding. (ex. 100mil PRI Liverto, player bids 1 billion silver to get the item.)
    3) They have a lot of patience in getting items they want when it does come around. (and I mean lots)
    4) They are able to bribe another player with a couple pearl item to post the item that they want and also provide the amount of money for that item when buying.
    5) They are outsourcing their game play hours to get the item they want by paying real money. (Paying someone else to play the game for them to get an item).
    6) They technically just like the RNG bidding, when they don't know if they won the item or not, and they like to click fast.
    7) Find it ignorant that a new player that bought the game yesterday now has an item they earned to pay for a few or couple weeks later. (which is reasonable, since they got the money and they bought the item with their own cash)
    8) Find it ignorant that getting outbid by another player makes them salty in an auction. Assuming the "auction" was set in place. (This doesn't make sense since the player who outbid you lost all that money they bought the item for and now has to earn it again)
    9)  They just wanted to comment on this topic to disagree, since topics need an opposing force. (life isn't heaven, you got pros and cons basically~)

    Now here are some Pros and Cons for people who are FOR a separate area known as "auction house."
    1) Rich players are able to buy whatever they want, at the cost of losing the large amount of silver they just bid for; however, not as much as they are spending now since they are able to "See" the values.
    2) Poor players aren't able to purchase items that they want due to the fact that they don't have enough money to outbid the other player. (Easy problem to solve if you just play the game more and earn more silver, *people don't have infinite silver unless you hack or you outsource your game play.) => Daum can always ban you from the game or you just lose your account, easy as that.
    3) This allows for a equality of bidding in a game, since you are either losing and gaining silver. (Buyer becomes poorer and Seller becomes richer).
    4) This doesn't defeat the purpose that this is how a real bid should be like, unlike the current system where you can't see who outbid you.
    5) Don't have to deal with a RNG and hoping to get the item.
    6) Don't have to deal with the approximation of the item's value
    7) Daum is able to track gold sellers faster and ban players who actually buy silver with real money.
    8) People get angry that they are unable to get the item they want, because of money issues.
    9) Game starts leaning towards more on Pay to Win.
    I have added a poll for who is leaning no or yes towards a new system known as auction house where you can see the values of bidding from other players.
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  8. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Bidding for items on the marketplace.   

    I understand it is mostly RNG based for bidding for this game, based on the winner; however, at the end of the sentence I also noted that "when you can't see who is outbidding you." The very definition of bidding is "offer (a certain price) for something, especially at an auction" (google). When you define auction, "a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder" (google). I am stressing the words "to the highest bidder." Black Desert's system is a very a hypocritical opinion of what bidding at an auction means, when you don't even know who is outbidding you. In this case, Black Desert's "bidding" is nothing more than click bait on a random generated numbering system that the player may only hope they get it nothing more nothing less. This is what I meant by "Click as fast as you can," because technically you are within that 20 seconds time frame to win the item. However, when the,
    "'Failed to purchase item" = You did not win the item. The winner did not yet buy the item and it might fall through to open market.
    "Item already sold" = You did not win the item. The winner already purchased the item.'"

    notices Does not pop-up everyone is at a stalemate to "Click as fast as you can" to click the "Buy" button.
    So, overall Black Desert needs to fix this ignorant system that they call "bidding," and placing a separate software program called "auction house" is more reasonable to what a bidding really means. As it stands, this bidding system is at the farthest place in the universe as to what a bid really means. Might as well put the stupid button called "Bid" and re-write the source code as "click to try to win."
    A super poor player
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  9. CrazyLime added a topic in Suggestions   

    Bidding for items on the marketplace.
    Greetings to all GMs,
    I wanted to bring you to the attention that bidding on the marketplace should be fixed. Having to bid for nearly a month now, how is any player able to even buy the item that they want instead we are stuck with this "click as fast as you can to buy the item you want" game when you can't see who is outbidding you. This makes it very annoying. Staying at the marketplace for about 7 hours a day or even staying up 6 days in a week is just too painful for a player to withstand. Please fix the bidding because as it stands, it sucks really bad. Suggestion, make an "auction" house specifically for bidding so that you are able to see numbers and keep it separate from the marketplace.
    A really poor player
    • 15 replies
  10. CrazyLime added a topic in New Adventurers   

    "The Creation of Adam"
    Found this in Calpheon while questing. Thought the easter egg was pretty funny.

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  11. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    Picture the Seasons:

    Winter Weather

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  12. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    Autumn screenshots~ 

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  13. CrazyLime added a post in a topic Remove karma completely.   

    Hmm, I don't think Karma should be removed. I am looking at both sides, and PVP should be fun. However, one thing for sure is the stress levels players will receive when they DON'T want to get PKed or when they can't PVP the other person themselves because they under geared, unexperienced, or simply just ignorant at playing the game. So, the PKer should definitely receive a penalty, and you can say for sure there is a lot of assholes, trolls, douche bags, heavy grinders, dumbasses, and the list goes on who won't abide to any rules out there just wanting to go out there and kill. In summary, North America = We are out for blood :Q.
    If you are looking for blood, the game already offers the player PK button, Red Battlefield, Soon Node wars, Soon Guild Sieges, and Guild wars too. Removing Karma is just a way to say ----- the rules and killing everyone in sight. Keeping Karma allows for players to be in check and having the guards/NPCs dislike you until you gain it back. Last thing, I find it hilarious when PKers get chased by guards in town under Karma.
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  14. CrazyLime added a topic in General   

    Energy Investment
    When investing energy into a node, how much of a percentage increase does the item become? Let's say you are at lv. 6 for a node, and you are trying to get a Mark of Shadow.
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