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  1. Zahrinah added a post in a topic How much did you spend on Accessory box?   

    There is a screen shot i can upload with the first 2 in my inventory, it went on redit last night, posted by my guild leader Tekki. Ill dig it out when i get home if you like 
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  2. Zahrinah added a post in a topic How much did you spend on Accessory box?   

    Ok so i spent a bit on this.
    Initial 25mill got me 2 Ogre rings and nothing much else.
    I sunk another 75 mil  in and got another one, 3 Seals a bunch of Benso and Scarlas.
    Pri'd the bensho and scarlas and used the remainders for fail stacking, made 5 tri Bares =) - now have due Seal and Core 
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  3. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Nerf shotgun   

    Lol, you are an awakened sorc being out gunned by ranger.
    Id say you should probably give playing warrior a go as your obviously a fail sorc.
    Shotgun used to be massively OP, it had the ass nerfed off it before. Rangers may hit hard, but they have no sustain and can be out maneuvered by a lot of classes. They are also hugely squishy
    In reference to your gear.
    194 ap and 243 dp (+13 dp from buff = 256 total dp)  - I have 188AP/258DP stock no buffs, full tri gear and Pri ap/dp accessories, remember you get de-buffed by will of the wind. Your DP is low (above does not include set bonus's etc)
    I have 55% knockdown ressit + 30% all resist from buff for 30 sec and when I get one overthrow most rangers killing me in 3 seconds.. - I run negation for knockdown on my ranger as its the only one i have, even if u at 60% resist, i negate it back to 25/30
    Only advice i can give is either get gud, or play a different class
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  4. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Best grinding spots for silver alone!   

    Hex has been ninja nerfed, i have node lvl 10 and +5 luck on all chars.
    Farmed 10 hours no earrings, 2 relics. not worth the time any more.
    Comparatively i used to farm there and get one earring an hour with 4-5 relics per hour too. I never tried the maines, im currently at pirates
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  5. Zahrinah added a post in a topic GM does farming = Gathering for this new event?   

    You only get shards from the pruning aspect/ killing bugs on your farms, not from gathering or breeding the crops.
    I'd like some clarity on this also.
    Will the increased drop rate affect the rate they drop on farms?
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  6. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    Soooo.......... Can we get clarity on if the hard/sharp drop rate also affects the farming drop rate as 90% of the people o know get their stones from farming not gathering
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  7. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    Port Epheria
    Epheria Port
    They switched it around =)
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  8. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    Gathering: Increased chance at receiving Hard and Sharp Black Stone Shards
    Please can you clarify if this will also impact the drop rate from Farming?
    Need to know if its worth pulling all my contribution and putting it into farms
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  9. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Witch's Earrings Drop Rate   

    I have s rank on 5 mobs there, node lvl 10 and used kams blessing for item obtain chance have 5 luck.
    Used to drop like one an hour average.
    Burned 10 hours there over the last week (5 hours in one go) not a single drop.
    I really think they have nerfed the drop rate in the area as i get alot less Relics and also gear items
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  10. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I bread 2 T7 H and got a T8 A.
    Looks like it rolled it on the black color =)
    Already has instant accel and S Instant accel =) @ lv 14
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  11. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Gamescom Info   

    Any more info on awakenings please?
    I herd rumors about staggered release for them with warrior being first =(, we have any official time line for it?
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  12. Zahrinah added a topic in General   

    Gamescom Info
    Hi, just wondering if someone has a link (non social media) to details of what BDO has in the future from Gamescom.
    At work so can not access social media and just wanting to know what they have planned
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  13. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Guide to producing consistent Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shards   

    Im artisan 3 farming, had 10 farms down for weeks turning round quality wheat. i work monday to firday so only had 2 crops a day but weekends i pull about 4/5 a day.
    in all my time ive never come close to 70 shards in a week, id say 40 at absolute best. some days getting 5-6, other days getting 1-2. 
    Im trying to Tri my last 2 pieces of armor b4 i look at TET, but ive given up farming, Liquidated all i ahd and bought last 2 pieces, alot less painfull and just sold my DUO ones
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  14. Zahrinah added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    One thing people are not really thinking about is.
    Regardless how much money is made by selling pearl items (using your figures above as an example)
    P2W players will not only buy and then sell pearl items but they will be grinding also, so we wil be 500mill behind anyway.............
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  15. Zahrinah added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Patch broke my game - Error 2001
    Patch broke my game - Error 2001
    I have tried a pc restart and also uninstalling, same problem, any know how to fix?

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