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  1. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Failed to connect   

    Too late, I've already stopped playing. I do not compromise my standards on connectivity. Many other things I am willing to let slide but inconsistent connection, and punishment to the player for things outside of their control, are terminal faults for a game. I will never compromise these standards, even if not enough people hold them as to make game companies shape up.
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  2. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Subscription pricing~   

    well people have fun in different ways. Personally I like myself a controlled environment with rules and regulations, with people who are trying their best. It's wrong to push those beliefs on someone in random battles, just as it's wrong for them to expect me being okay with them playing poorly.

    Best thing to do is find something you can do and stick to it, try to improve and expand upon it, only then can it be a challenging game and not a maddening shitfest. To not go crazy in world of tanks it is essential to learn how to accept that random battles are shit, and that they wouldn't be as bad if the in-game stats had a recent portion. This would incentivize people who know how to play but have ruined their stats doing dumb crap to play well instead of rationalizing it as meaningless.
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  3. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    for a game to be PVX  the pvp to pve ratio for gear acquisition must be roughly equal. In all honesty, DCUO is more of a PVX game than this will ever be because gear for either is rewarded through participation in their respective categories and has limited effectiveness cross category. And this is despite their nickel and dime dlc strategy for the gear ladder. In actuality, if you want to pvp in DCUO it requires very little investment at all, and the best pvp category is legends because there is no gear gap in legends (and to this end the gear limited arenas in bdo are probably the best organized pvp experience in the game,) but I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

    With how gear is acquired in BDO, that means BDO is not PVX or PVP. Because the relevant pvp is in gvg and arena format, that means BDO is "PVE with Arena and GvG elements" and because BDO is a game that relies exclusively on PVE and RNG elements to raise your combat potential for both pve and pvp, it can never be a competitive pvp game and those who start later will always exist as fodder to those who started sooner due to the grinding nature, something alleviated by "catch up" events. However, the persistence of catch up events is also proof of the persistence of the gear ladder, meaning "catch up" events don't really do much at all for new players except to get them  close to the real grind, where they will lose because they are behind in time (unless they get really lucky, but in such a reckless case they will most likely lose everything and quit to go play something else) and again, exist solely as fodder. This means that there will always be a massive imbalance in gear because there is no top end to reach, only endless grind. The cornerstone of competition is a set of rules and regulations and so this game is not a competitive pvp game. Sure, players can create their own competitive leagues with rules and regulations, but they lack the tools to enforce their rules which means their rules don't matter. Something they will be reminded of every time someone breaks them and completely halts the whole venue. Providing they were caught breaking them, of course.

    This is a grinding economic model geared towards no life losers with an addiction to gambling. That's all it will ever be and while I will make fun of the community with no limit or end, I'm impressed with how well kakao is doing in regards to making a profit. They have my respect.
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  4. Waifu_Hunter added a topic in Suggestions   

    How to make a Guild Forge interesting with PVX
    Imagine if various bosses and npc's dropped a "contract" for an npc that could be put in a Guild Hall, and this NPC depending on his rank  race and nationality (human, elf, orc, imp, etc, calpheonian, valencian, etc) could craft various equipment including rare accessories and boss equipment utilizing rare materials gained via guild missions, bosses, and possibly even from mines on various nodes.  It would simultaneously give more meaning for guilds being competitive while enabling them the opportunity to help their members gear up and be more effective. We wouldn't have to limit it to gear and accessories either. Think of the possibilities.
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  5. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Mixed Review, Holding Judgment for a few Weeks.   

    Using emotes as a combination of abbreviation and bullet point is creative, but you need to understand that what you're doing is making it difficult to read because I'd rather come to my own conclusions and the emotes are coming across as some sort of implication about how I should feel because you feel that way. Frankly I don't care about your emotions.  In the future it's easier to separate them into two categories pros and cons and this will allow people to intuitively go to the section that most interests them in regards to the counter-argument I'm sure they will post in great detail and not just "no ur wrong xDDDD"
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  6. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    thank you for the hotfix
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  7. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Witch and Wizard   

    gotta do combo quest too
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  8. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    where is ultimate teleport
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  9. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Nouver   

    Yeah and when we drive a forklift into a wall at work and it creates damaged goods we say the crate fell off by accident, not because we're gifting ourselves a holiday bonus in slightly dented cheesecakes.

    I'm on to you. Making things look like accidents is an underpaid worker pastime.
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  10. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic 111 / 89 / 63 Failstacks on 1 Item.... 2Billion gone...(Screenshots added now..)   

    guess we should add valk tear then.
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  11. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    yeah i'm glad they did the maint after their servers killed my horse twice.
    This is why we get patches that are cosmetics only.
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  12. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    I believe that the opinions of consumers don't matter because they buy whatever you throw at them especially if you have control over supply. If you have control of supply you can even completely ignore any complaints they have and deny them proper customer service (because that costs money) because your turnover rate is high enough that there's always more wallets for the cash pile, so losing one occasionally isn't a big deal because not only are there always more people, but whatever money you do lose is saved by cutting corners in customer service. This is why marketing usually gets the majority of the budget in "popular" games. You tell these potato salad brains what they like and because they have no taste of their own they're inclined to trust and agree with you, a complete stranger, because you happen to be on that magic picture box in their home, and then some time later when their gormless faces realize they've been tricked you already have their money and there's a copy paste response from support waiting for them via the automated system.

    Just shut the hell up and give kakao your welfare money. It's not like your capable of doing anything else. To even think you believe you have a choice is hilarious.
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  13. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic How much does Harassment, or even being killed/attacked unexpectedly actually happen?   

    i don't think of it that far, but if i could collect teeth or ears or something to trade in for potions or shards that would be neat.
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  14. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Getting your ship back from Kuit Island   

    No, that is kuit straight, not kuit island.
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  15. Waifu_Hunter added a post in a topic Boat at Kuit Island   

    No, that wharf is kuit straight. Not kuit island.
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