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  1. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Add Value Packs to the night vendor   

  2. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Any more animal costumes in the future?   

    Friggin Carebears. 
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  3. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Soldier's Grave Mob Density   

    I like how many more there are there now as it's my main spot. That being said, yeah, those damn riflemen are like the ghosts from Mario Brother's. They're only vulnerable when you turn your back to them  . I hate those buggers.
    I agree wholeheartedly though, the leashes could use a touch up. 
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  4. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Striker Awakening?   

    Awakening quest involves three days of powering up. 
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  5. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Spin the wheel   

    My guild is planning a huge RP event on the road just outside of Heidel tonight too... That's a tough break man. 
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  6. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic No Merv Palette from Value Pack   

    It's an issue that's been around for a while now. Submit a ticket, I believe they'll send you a merv's pallete.  
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  7. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Has anyone tested the DP change?   

    I can confirm this. 
    P.S. It may not have been consensual, but I was satisfied by the time you finished, so it wasn't all bad.  
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  8. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic 🎇We Are The Borg. You Will Be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile.🎇   

    Do we get ulimited Bheg gloves then? Hey, if we assimilate someone with full Pen boss gear do we all adapt to that?
    Assimilation is starting to not sound all that bad. 
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  9. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic How about an exorcist for the next class?   

    There! He said RP! I'm butthurt! Ban him!
    Where's that report button? I'll get you this time!  
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  10. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

    it gets a fatality?!? That's so OP. I can't stand for this! MOM, GET MY PITCHFORK!!! NERF WIZA... I MEAN STRYKER! 
    Sorry, force of habit. 
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  11. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic Bidding System Poll   

    I'm torn, it's good for some things, like high end items to give everyone a chance (I'm blissfully ignorant if it is rigged and would like to remain that way, please don't burst my bubble) as well as for pearl items, even though it seems to hate me on those.
    I hate it when it puts things up for bidding that already have others on the market though, that's stupid. It's been alleviated somewhat with being able to buy within 5% or so from the lowest price, but still at times causes frustration for me still like when I'm trying to buy a bunch of armor so I can repair for more fails stacks and have to wait for a bid to end. It's not the end of the world, but frustrating. 
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  12. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic W.E U DID LAST PATCH   

    So long as I'm not desyncing badly I have noticed some smoother game play as well and I'm on an older system. Desyncing has improved for me the last couple of days also. 
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  13. TGxRazzyman added a post in a topic 2 days fighting bosses for no loot   

    I don't mind the rarity or difficulty to get a box to drop, but yeah, I think a gold bar should drop a majority of the time. You should see an Aura 50-75% of the time as well. In my opinion at least.
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