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  1. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Inventory Menu   

    Loyalty. go to the pearl shop page and there is a loyalty tab with various items you can purchase with the loyalty.
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  2. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Considering quitting because of this   

    im currently not logging in to this game until i see there is a fix for this. will check back every wednesday in hope to read patch notes and see servers, desyncs etc etc are fixed. 
    if i haven't lost hope and i'm still checking the forum when this happens then i will play again.
    otherwise - glhf
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  3. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Super armor damage reduction doesn't work   

    @CM_Jouska it would be really cool if we could get clarification on exactly what super armor should be doing for us
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  4. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Red battlefield after patch   

    as a zerker i love it. I would love it even more if they fixed the class. and hopefully i will love it even more when the desync issues are sorted. 
    played one with 50 ppl in. was not a problem. ofc if i go too deep i will die. this is GvG scale. there are upto 4 different battlefields to join. you dont have to join the one with the most ppl in if you don't like the bigger fights.

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  5. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Super armor damage reduction doesn't work   

    i've been saying this since release but some dimwits keep saying otherwise and confuse it with the separate problem with the grabs & desyncs or say its working as intended with iframes. either the 80% damage mitigation from super armor is a load of BS or its broken as fuk.
    clarification would be great to have, as the only reason i think this hasn't been made into a bigger deal is because the majority of ppl just gave up on this class an re rolled sorc.
    'F' that!
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  6. GAiNZ added a post in a topic no use to some Dried Fish   

    my mistake, i uploaded the wrong picture with the sword fish.
    thx for reminding me about BDO database. imo you are both helpful, is i didn't realise they could be used for cooking.
    although i found this http://bddatabase.net/us/design/9457/ so they can be made into crates but its just not possible in our current version it seems.
    thanks for both of your inputs none the less
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  7. GAiNZ added a topic in General   

    no use to some Dried Fish
    im wondering if anyone has found a solution to this or am i simply looking in the wrong place on a use for it?

    Ive checked at all the fish workshops and none of the crates are for these fish, as well as Dried Morays and a few others... currently only level 1 fish workshops exist so has this been missed or is it something that will be added later?
    ive also ran the search on these+other dried fish types and a number of them had no uses were found in game.
    Have i missed something here or is there really way to make these particular fish types into crates like it saids... any help is appreciated.
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  8. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Trade Crates?   

    same issue, i can only find level 1 fish workshops which does not give the option to crate better dried fish... i only wish i checked this before i stockpiled a few hundred of these types 1st
    fingers crossed its to be added later on?  or what is the point of dried tilefish / sea eel etc etc  
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  9. GAiNZ added a post in a topic What was your main MMO before Black Desert?   

    Darkfall UW i played until about 2 months before BDO release. i would still play it now but the population is not with the game anymore. it will remain my favourite pvp game to date.
    i'm hopeful the node wars will fill the gap this game doesn't quite fill at the moment.
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  10. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Now that everyone in Europe has Guru Fishing...   

    i was top trader before, i'm still top trader now. nothing has changed. if you are gonna be at the top an put the time to get there you will be there. Q_Q
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  11. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Marketplace Bots   

    maybe there is a max amount of people that can get into the 'bidding' stage on these items
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  12. GAiNZ added a post in a topic Marketplace Bots   

    i call BS an wanna see all 75 pics posted here.
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