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  1. CommonS added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    There is a google doc with the average hp per level of each class. I assume the word average was confusing?
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  2. CommonS added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    "There are 6 ability scores: Strength (Str), Dexterity (Dex), Constitution (Con), Inteligence (Int), Wisdom (Wis) and Charisma (Cha). There are various ways to determine them. Check with your Dungeon Master whether he wants you to calculate them via dice check, or he will hand the scores himself. You can also check the Core Rulebook for standard starting Ability Scores for a faster approach. Should you choose to use the dice, there are a number of ways to do so, also depending on your Dungeon Master.
    The standard way is rolling 3d6 (6 headed die) for each ability (6 times), and assigning a score to each. The Dungeon Master may decide whether you're allowed to re-roll when the dice hit 1. Using the standard way, the minimum score for an ability is 3, and the maximum is 18."
    I dunno it would make sense if you were making an rpg or something.
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  3. CommonS added a post in a topic LF> Warrior movement teacher [Orwen]   

    I use charging thrust > Shield Charge > Forwards Slash, Then straight into sprint Then ShieldCharge (cooldown is up) > Forward slash and usually charging thrust is ready in just a second to repeat.
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  4. CommonS added a post in a topic "AP scales much better than DP" what does it actually mean?   

    while not one/two shot, 4 seconds TTK is pretty fast considering the almost double dp. (and frontal/standard dmg too)
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  5. CommonS added a post in a topic A definitive answer on accuracy.   

    I ignore a lot of common assumptions and try my own thing (Ive spent too much money on skill reset items -.- ). DP does seem poorly scaled though, even against PvE, let suar hit me to half life five times, took off my chest (gem removed) counted hits to half five times and it averaged equal amount of hits. Not rigorous testing by any means but does lend to what I have read.
    Note: after I made the assumption only thing that makes us "tanky" is block, so I was also testing if anything plays into how much block meter we get. Was hoping something like endurance boosted it so used zereth bonuses etc, then without zereth bonuses but also averaged equal before meter depleted, couldn't find anything that boosted it in a way I would waste gold trying a unique build.
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  6. CommonS added a post in a topic Negative One Million Karma Fun   

    Good to see real PKs, instead of carebears who just name their guild pk.
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  7. CommonS added a post in a topic The better player gets griefed, cool!   

    Or you could be pro and go red instead of hiding blue.
    But that is tooo haaaard *cry*
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  8. CommonS added a post in a topic World boss trolls   

    Hello OP, I am a Saudi prince and have 4 million dollars I would like to transfer to your bank account.....
    As troll-ish as that is the fact that scam literally still makes millions tells me Darwin's theory has went horribly wrong.
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  9. CommonS added a post in a topic Most retarded world bosses in a game in history   

    Don't your friends / guildies tell you if you missed the pop-up.......
    oooh I see...
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  10. CommonS added a post in a topic "Slutty" costumes?   

    Why would you need to hide your screen? Your prudishness is between you and your cult.
    Spend some time in Australia at a good few of the beaches, you might be less inclined to "hide your screen".
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  11. CommonS added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    If you are 10, no it is not.
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  12. CommonS added a post in a topic One-Hit Wonder   

    I went about that, only issue was casters not grouping up, the knights are affected by chopping kick so after building a full bar with scar of dusk you should be able to unload the full bar in one go iframing spin slash / kick without getting touched and usually finishes the job. 
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  13. CommonS added a post in a topic PSA: A warning to new players looking for endgame pvp!   

    Empires, alliances, PvP, Land dispute? What is this madness ...   it is like the developers wanted this crap to happen.... 0.o
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  14. CommonS added a post in a topic Please give the pvers a pve server, don't kill our pvp   

    What is it with these fake I am a pvper but.. people. No you are not lol, and no one buys it.
    They have a expansion addressed to karma, a town for player killers. You have an answer.
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  15. CommonS added a post in a topic POLL: How many of you would prefer an option to turn off all EXP, just to avoid level 45+?   

    If the quest was placed at 49 I would give this forum 2.13 hours before the post of l"et us level to 52 before pvp" came up.
    Poll who wants to level to 52 with pvp off. 0.145 hours after that.
    This is why natural selection should still be a thing. Why not go play FF14 leave the few sandbox-esque games the f alone.
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