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  1. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic leg length   

    It's not all classes. My witch, ranger and kuno look much more proportional.  I had to make my DK as short as possible or her head appeared ridiculously tiny in game.  Funny thing is, it looked just fine in the creator.  I wonder if there's a scaling calculation discrepancy between editor and game.
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  2. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Serendian Soldier Suit Is Crap...   

    Wow, that full plate look would be great for a DK.
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  3. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Dark Knight and Kamasylvia to be released in March.   

    I can't believe Kakao is refusing that kitty.  They're heartless, I tell you, heartless!
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  4. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    Another two people passed you last night while you were sleeping.
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  5. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic The costumes in the shop are overpriced   

    I wouldn't be surprised if they were making enough on value packs alone though.  Perhaps they could offer a 30 day value pack that gave a discount on other store items.
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  6. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Dealing with the housing crisis   

    He means the investment banks - those gold bar icons that appear on the city maps.  You can only invest if you have the most "furnishing points" in any one particular residence.  That's why so many places look like furniture warehouses.
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  7. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Dealing with the housing crisis   

    I don't care if someone spends real money to access the investment bank, but one-room houses with 20,000 to 60,000 points in them are simply ridiculous.  There's got to be a better way.
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  8. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic What weapon will the Dark Knight use?   

    I love the look of the sword, so wouldn't mind seeing it carried through to Awakening, but since Warrior already has a 2-hander... I'd vote for a whip or flail (PA lets us vote, right?)
    Also, isn't it about 11am December 15 in Korea right now? Let's see some gameplay videos, people! 
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  9. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    MOBA's and  most FPS games are just arenas. That's it. There's no option for out-of-team cooperation.  In BDO you have plenty of opportunity to cooperate to everyone's advantage, or at least find a reasonable compromise.
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  10. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    Maybe something went awry in the last few minutes.
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  11. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Missing Patch Notes for Mob Turn-ins and dailies   

    2 & 3 were changed a week or two ago. 
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  12. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Abandoned player by Black Desert   

    Have you tried investing in more lodging to see if your workers show up? 
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  13. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic An AI companion system.   

    Stay strong OP.    More people would be interested in this than some would think.  Good cash shop opportunity for PA/Kakao. Maybe wait until their partnership with that Japanese co. improves the engine though, since the current pop-in/lag is so bad.  And I'd limit it to a single follower to prevent too much clutter.
    And to those who say it isn't "that type of game" - BS.  Look at how much effort they put into changing seasons, weather, non-combat animations, housing, etc.  Someone over there in Korea is trying to maintain the RP in MMORPG.
    Edit:  Actually, just make them pets, which already have simple AI's.  Seems to be what the OP is mostly asking for.
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  14. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic Need PVE server   

    I like PVP, but this game just seems better suited to PVE.  And RP, lol.  Is anyone else enjoying all the tulips and flowery bushes that sprung up after that early dusting of snow melted away? 
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  15. MooTownSnacker added a post in a topic [POLL] Item Merge ... Yes or No?   

    I switched servers quite a while back to be with friends, but didn't even think to log in to my old server to get rewards.  I had assumed it was all account based, not server based.  Any how, I really don't care if someone had characters on all 3 servers, and will now have 3 times as much free crap on one account as I do.
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