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  1. legendary_item added a post in a topic Carebear Lives Matter   

    They are self serving.
    Its as crass as someone talking solely about white cancer patients as if it happens to be just a white person's problem.
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  2. legendary_item added a post in a topic Is Valencia dead already?   

    Yes. There are new accessories to farm.
    Allow me me clear up some misconceptions;
    Firstly, you do not need crazy gear to grind there. Yes, some mobs are higher level but that is not the majority of them, the rest are comparable to mobs in Kuit Island.
    As for XP the White / Red mobs gives slightly more XP than Pirates but are less dense. They are a good alternative grinding spot for solo players.
    As for money, the money is comparable to most Mediah mobs. People expecting to be raking it in there will be disappointed.
    The XP and money rate not being super awesome is actually a good thing. If it was much better XP and much better money then it wouldn't be long before we had players complaining about higher levels getting too far ahead in levels, gear and money.
    I think a lot of people expected the big leap that Mediah was and I'm glad it isn't. The only problem with Valencia is that it is out of the way. Every other complaint is just disappointment due to unrealistic expectations.
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  3. legendary_item added a post in a topic 54 Valk leveling ?   

    I solo took my Valk from 54 to 55 at Soldier's Grave. Great spot for solo.
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  4. legendary_item added a post in a topic Someone please complain about Valkaries   

    They don't have 360 block, also it breaks pretty quick now - until awakening shield.
    They have a high burst combo which relies heavily on a CC chain with no resists.
    They are balanced around being a melee ranged class with lowest straight line mobility in the game.
    They have a very good toolkit, but nothing about them is cheese or OP.
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  5. legendary_item added a post in a topic +20 with current AP/DP scaling is probably the worst part of the update.   

    I know a lot of people will say that AP scales better than DP but the bigger problem is how some classes' skills scale better with more AP.
    If Warrior skills don't scale as well as lets say Ranger, then you're double screwed as your Ranger enemy just got more AP to smash through your DP and more DP to mitigate your shitty scaling skills.
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  6. legendary_item added a post in a topic Someone please complain about Valkaries   

    Valks are and always will be in the "good" area. Reason no-one talks about them is because they are not under-powered or over-powered.
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  7. legendary_item added a post in a topic Racist :c   

    Yeah, they kill innocent people for absolutely no reason. Just walk up to people in the street and shoot them. 
    Or, sometimes, accidents and misjudgements occur during altercations with criminals.
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  8. legendary_item added a post in a topic EU/NA leveling slower then RU/KR in 3 times.   

    I've watched videos of Korean players grinding at the same spots that I'm grinding at it is evident that our mobs give a ton more XP than other versions. We don't need +200% XP weekends etc. when we have a permanent +100% XP buff.
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  9. legendary_item added a post in a topic Racist :c   

    As far as Trump is concerned, what's racist about protecting your border?
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  10. legendary_item added a post in a topic Some love for pre-awakening Ninja/Kunoichi..   

    In the first video the ninja ganks a warrior who can't help but pull aggro of mobs around him with cleave damage while the ninja drops aggro going into stealth. At one point the ninja actually pulls mobs to train onto the warrior. The warrior, trying not to lose XP to mobs plays defensively. He takes quite a bit of damage from mobs. When the mobs are cleared he just put his sword down and lets the ninja kill him. I'm assuming that he figured that it would be more productive to die, node res and continue farming. This tells me that the Ninja is another evasive class that players just can't be bothered to deal with.
    I have yet to play a game where assassin classes based around evasion and stealth are anything but cheese classes and I don't expect anything different from Ninja in BDO. So no, nothing to be excited about.
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  11. legendary_item added a post in a topic [Edan] In regards to any and all threads coming from Edan or about Edan   

    Firstly, I agree that there should be individual sections of the forum for each server. That way everything server specific can be seen in one place.
    While I don't disagree with labelling threads with [Server] so that players can find subjects related just to their server easier, I don't agree with all the reasons why you want to mark threads with [Edan]. For example, "to ensure Edan's voice is heard just a little bit louder than the rest [...] our voices and opinions mean that much more.". No they shouldn't and no they don't. Your opinions are no more important than anyone else's, you just come across as pompous.
    Secondly, when you say "able to differentiate the troll/whiny/non constructive threads from those that offer positive and constructive feedback", you're assuming that the majority of the whiny posts are from players not playing on Edan. I don't agree with this as there's no way to know which server the whiners are coming from. For all we know Edan may hold a disproportionate number of whiners who are filling the forum every day with threads which muddy the waters making it harder to see that ever so important Edan generated content.
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  12. legendary_item added a post in a topic Remove the karma system already and allow full loot pking   

    Game would degenerate into a few players running around in top gear while everyone else can't get out of dobart.
    Have you considered diplomacy? I have no problem with players moving out of my grind spot after I ask them to move on.
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  13. legendary_item added a post in a topic Power Gap: What Do You Do if You Don't Have Full +18 Already?   

    "What do you do if you don't have +18?".
    You start working on it while doing the content that you are capable of doing. I was farming crescent shrine on day 1 with everything still +15 except for my main weapon which I made DUO.
    Why does everyone think that you need +18 to step into Valencia?
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  14. legendary_item added a post in a topic This is a Themepark game.   

    Okay. Who cares?
    Are you happier now that you have pigeon holed the game into the category you are satisfied with?
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  15. legendary_item added a post in a topic What I'm doing after Valencia Update?   

    Is this available in paperback?
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