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  1. Flaee added a post in a topic Trying to get into this game, but the negativity in chat is overwhelming   

    I'm on Olvia all day long and I must have seen a p2w discussion maybe 3 times in 3 weeks. What makes ME want to quit is the "how do I turn off the notifications" every 2 goddamn minutes.
    Game is indeed p2w, but only slightly. The only complains are the extra inventory slots and weight limit you can get with money, but you can very much live without it (as long as you train your Strenght stat and spend your loyalty points on that). It's all mostly convenience, paying doesn't make you stronger than another played of similar gear.
    Except for outfits.These give extra stats and features. It's a bit bullshit but nothing major, except for the fish and camouflage outfits that let you swim super fast and hide your name.
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  2. Flaee added a post in a topic Wizard seems fun   

    Fireball+explosion, chain lightning+lightning storm, lighting+residual lightning, as they are your three main nukes.
    Also Multiple Magic Arrows, the two heals, Meteor and Blizzard.
    If you lack points it's better to max out the second part of the nukes (like explosion) before the first.
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  3. Flaee added a post in a topic Summon attack power   

    And is there a difference between both summons? Is one better than another on bosses or in pvp?
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  4. Flaee added a post in a topic Disappointed by AW.   

    I'm not testing anything, it's just the tooltip damage (and I'm 56 anyway)
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  5. Flaee added a post in a topic Disappointed by AW.   

    Even without any flows they have higher damage. Here's the damage for each spell, unless I'm mistaken (and I didn't take into account accuracy or crit chance) :
    lowest-highest lvl (+flow dmg)
    Equilibrium Break : 5247 - 7020 (+2660) Fissure Wave : 5380 - 7260 (+4196) Yoke of Ordeal : 5316 - 7296 (+7572) Detonative Flow : 3820 - 4390 Thunder Storm : 3024 - 4962 (+3180) Voltaic Pulse : 4599 - 6678 (+4585) 
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  6. Flaee added a post in a topic Disappointed by AW.   

    But Fissure and Yoke are the biggest nukes?
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  7. Flaee added a post in a topic Mixed Review, Holding Judgment for a few Weeks.   

    Why are you talking about chain lightning, blizzard and earthquake, when your post is about awakening skills?
    Also this might come as a shock to you, but witch has earth and lightning spells, wizard has ice and fire. I assumed you would be able to translate that into whichever class you play, but it seems I overestimated your capacities. So, to make it more understandable to you, I meant ice spells were on Shift, and fire spells on F.
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  8. Flaee added a post in a topic Tips and tricks for awakening Witch   

    Yoke sends 2 waves, if you hold RMB it will send 2 more. Dunno what you mean by "6 attacks", the skill doesn't say 6, it says 12 and 12 more with the combo (6 per wave I guess).
    No need to hold LMB+RMB, RMB suffice.
    EDIT: after reading that other post, apparently each wave only does 3 attacks, for a total of 12 hits with all four waves.
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  9. Flaee added a post in a topic Mixed Review, Holding Judgment for a few Weeks.   

    The key binding is bad? Wut? I love it, it's so easy to remember. Earth spells are on Shift, lightning spells are on F. Extra spells on Q and E.
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  10. Flaee added a post in a topic Witch/Wizz Stat priority   

    Does cast speed even do something with awakening? There's the debate wether the Mind Training skills are useful or not.
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  11. Flaee added a post in a topic Tips and tricks for awakening Witch   

    Yes, everyone seems to agree that you never use your staff skills anymore. Just keep the utility (evasion, teleport, mana ball etc) and take all the awakening skills.
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  12. Flaee added a post in a topic Trouble keeping MP with wizard Awakening vs witch   

    Serves you right for summoning a sexy Shiva when all we witches have is Aquaman
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  13. Flaee added a post in a topic Trouble keeping MP with wizard Awakening vs witch   

    Witch has 2 skills that restore 30 MP/hit, like the Wizard, but they also have a third skill with 50 MP/hit for some reason.
    Still, I don't think that's major regen. I often use Mana Absorb (from skill bar), then cast ↑+F or ↓+C to switch back to awakening.
    Also, you can use skill addons to add MP/hit on a skill or two.
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  14. Flaee added a post in a topic C+S Teleport Bug?   

    It's not just Space+LMB, it's Space after any sphera skill. Including the autoattack, which is LMB.
    (It works with W+F too :p)
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