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  1. Sey added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    and say welcome to gold seller NO thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All form of trading from players to players, will bring gold seller within.
    they are just waiting for this.
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  2. Sey added a topic in General   

    Node & Energy Invest
     Since last maintenance; I noticed a fairly droprare increase in the node i invested energy.  did they change something? did someone notice the same?
    or I have just been lucky.
    • 3 replies
  3. Sey added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    i can't believe that T7 are hard to get. I find it very common.
    Maybe try to lvl your horse until lvl 30 and not always follow the website.
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  4. Sey added a post in a topic New Upgrade Button   

    thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate
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  5. Sey added a topic in General   

    New Upgrade Button
    Upon Enhancement, players can now choose between Enhancement types.
    Affected Items: Green-level Gear with Enhancement Lv. +14 and below (Reformed gear included)
    Enhancement types are divided into [Enhance] and [Durable].
    Now players can choose the Enhancement type when placing relevant gear into the Enhancement slot.
    Choosing [Enhance] will increase the success rate of the enhancement attempt, at the risk of additional durability loss should a failure occur.
    Choosing [Durable] will decrease the success rate of the enhancement attempt, but minimize the amount of durability lost if the enhancement fails.
    is the new system the same as Kr? 
    Or was it due to so much tears and  cry that they changed it? 
    • 17 replies
  6. Sey added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    seriously.............. what are those strange topic....
    You want to make the game easier so that, it is like playing Lego.?
    I have 4 t7 and i have something like 8 ,   1 t8, you can't say it is hard to breed a t7
    seriously and i am a casual breeder.
    Please........... if you don't have balls, don't play games.
    You can quite easily get a t7 with  2 t4.... please..................................
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  7. Sey added a post in a topic Kamasylve Channels ~ A New Approach   

    Why this?
    You should lose exp and crystal on this channel. Hardcore ch you want. Add -10% from mob as i already stated. 00 boss spawn.
    and you kill yourself as you want.
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  8. Sey added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    some people just wine, cry, just to cry...... 
    Do they lack affection...? don't know.
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  9. Sey added a post in a topic Open up Marketplace / Player Driven Economy   

    maybe you should learn how the market works in Bdo before posting......@ Opening 
    the Econmy is good as it is. I don't see any kind of problem.
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  10. Sey added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    those people where ignoring you, i am sure they were playing there without pots and without effect.
    The DK was overweight and didn't want to lose items.
    Your play is so bad i could cry.....
    they didn't give a care about you, this mean you were worthless and not even to be considered.
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  11. Sey added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    It is funny how some people write: He broke my rotation Y_Y
    He killed 15 monster while i already slaugthered 70. now i miss 15 monsters.  My rotation is broken "cry" c"cry"
    those cry baby are the one who lvl where the monster are grey or light green. But feel so proud.
    I spend my time in the desert and i see nobody. Guess what
    @Opening post. Stat your level and where you grind. let us  laugh a bit.
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  12. Sey added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    @ Catastigma at least you understand the problem.
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  13. Sey added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    let me guess Opening post is lvl 60 and  level at  Fogan or Helm post. 
    what they should do is to remove the fact, that we high level player get exp from troll mob
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  14. Sey added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    Those people complaining like Octia don't understand the way of Korean game and what is behind the grind.
    I suggest you to get some information in the Net. In Koera, this kind of grind has a deep meaning.
    If you really cant stand it. This just mean the game is too tough for you. You would be considered as a "Cry baby" or "wimp" "Sissy" in Korea, and most of Korean player would just advise to stop playing online game overall and laugh at your complain.
    I suppose you never played game like ragnarok, if you think Bdo is heavy grind.... you should go out to see world of gaming.
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  15. Sey added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    your post is so lol........... i don't even know what i could comment.
    it is so ridiculous.
    I think you played to much dead gw2 game.
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