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Zero Celcius

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  1. Zero Celcius added a topic in General   

    Gifting is back, can i gift more weight limits?
    As you know each character have a limit weight pack they can buy off the pearls shop, but now gifting is back. If my friend make a new character and gift more weight pack to me is it possible and if so can i use the pack to get more weight even if my character already hit the limits to buy weight in pearlshop?
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  2. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    What are the chances to obtains a t8? I breed 2 level 30 t7 and result in a t6 and a t7 =.="
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  3. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic The concept of RNG in BDO   

    Now came back to see all the comment about casino and fliping coin  well kinda related to rng but not the game! 
    This thread is a thought from experience, and other people with same problem but without record evidence, so people don't take it seriously. i think if some one actually take the time to do some data report maybe the GM would address this to the KaKAO
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  4. Zero Celcius added a topic in General   

    The concept of RNG in BDO
    As many of you may know the ridiculous rng in this game at any activity like enchanting, grind, life skill, box...ect. Now most people think it is just luck. But the concept behind it is intended by the game, I mean rng is under controled, I don't have experience with enchanting but with grinding I noticed the more you grind the chance of rare drop decreases, for example the first 3 days I grind wandering rough usually I get about 1,2 belt gladiator 5-8 book forbidden, and around 50 piece of armor of luck every 2 hours. Then day 4 - 7th, I got none belt 2-4 book and 30ish piece of armor every 2 hour, the belt drop reduced to 10 hours for 1 drop. After that 7 days of grinding I take a break from wandering rough to grind Sausan for a week then come back, the same thing happen as if the game control the amount of item I would get. Same thing with life skill the first day I went farming the sharp/hard drop was high then decrease the more I farm. And fishing afk time also the same relic decreases the more I did it. So does it really rng or rng is controled by the game? My brother and a couple guild member noticed the same concept, does anyone else experience this? Does enchanting work the same way?
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  5. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic The Best Way To Store Your Money!   

    If u dont know the weapon black stone is actually cheaper then the armor stone! And u can make more profit by buying armor stone, thought i dont do it since i have better way of making silve  armor stone sold out faster! 
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  6. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Golden coelacanth caught Rate.   

    So how many of u have gotten the golden dagger? I grind ninja straight up to 52 and haven't got one yet! While i actually got a mos! Lol this is bs event
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  7. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

    just before hit 50

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  8. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Golden coelacanth caught Rate.   

    Still no fish yet, 
    Hell i even spend my 2 day off fishing nonstop 24h, and a bunch of afk. Because i just want one in my inventory slot to look nice.  
    I hope they increase the drop rate for the week with all three event, so the fisher and gather be happy not only the grinder! 
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  9. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Golden coelacanth caught Rate.   

    we know u r a lier! Atpeast give some nice screen shot so we can droll over
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  10. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Golden coelacanth caught Rate.   

    u get ripoff by trying to do event for 12h get notthing! Waste ur 12h when u could grind for silver
    we talking about event here! Pls dont come in to cry about other thing! Ogre is there forever for u to grind not the event! There is a different between temporary rare drop item and event item! 
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  11. Zero Celcius added a topic in General   

    Golden coelacanth caught Rate.
    So the current event with fishing for 5mil golden coelacanth isn't satisfied due to the rate of catching it, once the event is up i start fishing none afk for 12h straight (yes its a pain) caught none event fish, my brother afk fish for 24h+ didn't caught one, i heard many many ppl say they fish all day and got none, only some really lucky dude got once, haven't heard anyone got 2! So is the rng rate working at intended? Or is this just a ripoff event? pls fix the caught rate asap! So atleast the next event wouldn't be at terrible! 
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo
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  12. Zero Celcius added a topic in General   

    couple change to make life a better place!
    First of all make ancient shard and forbidden book drop rate higher! The need of memofrag is higher now then any time before its all sold out at max price! And the price of them shard and book is rediculous!
    bring the night vendor! No reason wai not! 
    Give us ninja even if its broken! Lol and maid-sama!!
    +16 -> 18 need to reduce the cost to reduce the overpower!  Its ok with +19 or 20 being costly for competitive purpose but it shouldn't be too overpower compare to +18! 
    Fix ur world and field boss looting system pls!
    Give us imperial exhange! Idk what to do with my conquerer preorder horses! 
    Lastly increst drop rate for shard and hard stone for being late with valencia! 
    Give ninja some special buff once it released! 
    #bdo is awesome thoughtt! @CM_Jouska
    • 6 replies
  13. Zero Celcius added a topic in General   

    Need help +15 grunil set
    To day i noised how bad my ap/dp were since geting 1 shot by random dude. So i attempt to use my 50mil silver to try enchant my grunil set to +15. I do lots of research know the basic, using failstack and some force enchant, buying grunil piece to recover~ cause i suck at amity game. Result is 
    +11 armor and +9 helmet, glove, shoe. So i think its a rip off rather buying it off the market cheaper and faster. But market is also full of sniper. 
    So if any expert in here could explain to me how you get ur grunil set +15 or what is the best way to get +15 grunil set Thanks a bunch! :3
    • 3 replies
  14. Zero Celcius added a topic in General   

    Rare item biding system
    Idk if this was made before
    but you know, the market item isn't enough for all player! Like liverto, boss armor, crystal,... Everytime it being resister hundred of people are waiting for it and 0.5s after it show up its gone no one know who got it except for one lol the chance to buy a liverto off the market is even lower than doing weekly boss~ 
    So i think it would be nice to have a bidding system for those highly in demand item, that when it show up on the market it will be there for another 30min for people to bid, start at the seller price, and after 30 min is up the highest bid person will win the item! And ofcourse add a count down time for the item, and maybe a buy now option for the seller! With like 3 time the original price~ 
    another option is to make an auction house, where people can resister item for people to bid, same concept as above. And maybe to prevent gold seller, u need 50 energy to bid, or 1 person can only bid one, or two time on an item, while the game control the starting price, and the maximum biding amount like 2 or 3 time the starting price. @CM_Jouska
    do u guy think this will workout?
    nvm this won't work out just close this thread~ 
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  15. Zero Celcius added a post in a topic Lost everything after a disconnect?   

    Holy crap!! I got disconnected while swaping character too "it said restricted" or something but i go to bed after so didn't get right back online, now i'm at work T-T i need to check it immediately after work!! Omg i have a bad feeling about this
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