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  1. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Marketplace bidding issue (POLL)   

    I don't like the bidding system because it gets in the way of wanting to buy items that are available to buy. No instead I always get "must buy cheapest item" yet I can't bid because the item is already in bidding stage. It's very annoying. Never had these problems with the old system, I just could get on the AH see the item I want and then attempt to buy it. Easy. This new bidding system is an rng nightmare. All I want to do is buy 10 memory frags, lel >_>
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  2. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Do you guys think we can get a PVE channel?   

    lol this isn't true. I'm level 56 at 175/205 and I don't fight back. I don't like pvp at at all so if I get attacked, I just stand there, let them kill me and then they go on their merry way. I use one of my several stacks of Elion Tears and continue on to finish my quest lol. If someone stays around longer, I just let them kill me again over and over until they see I am there to stay. Normally I'm already in a spot when someone comes up to kill me. If I see a person there already I usually go the opposite direction and leave them alone (that didn't work one time as someone saw me and chased me down for just looking at them lol. I still let them kill me without a fight, I don't fight back cuz I don't pvp lol).
    TL;DR, Not everyone fights back, regardless of their level and gear score.
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  3. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Solo play vs playing with a guild?   

    The Souls series are great games (ironically they are JRPGs and number one is still the best imo). I agree with you on that. Tbh, I would play Bloodborne but I don't have a PS4 and I don't like the modern consoles. I think they are a disappointment compared to the leaps between generations before them and I do not like their technology because I think they are vastly underpowered with only just 4 GB of RAM (stupid OS's hogging the other 4 GB). Instead of actually building game consoles, they are too busy trying to be an all in one box which is what I don't want (my PC is good enough for that). I want a machine that just plays games. I would get a Wii U but I do not like the games that are available for it. I have never been a Nintendo fan (yes I am one of those that does not like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, etc.).
    Anyway, I will continue to play this game because I like it and it scratches my itch for a good RPG experience. AFAIK, there isn't any single player game like it hence I play this one. People and guilds are just one of the downsides, but you know what, I suck it up and I ignore them for the most part. What triggers me is is idealistic people who think guilds are all great and they are not. Then again, everyone has different experiences with them and what one person might experience is not what someone else will. I am glad people can have fun with them if they can, that's great. They just are not mine or other people's cup o' tea and people need to realize that then attempting to suggest people to join one. If guildless players wanted to join a guild, they would have already joined one (or ask for help in attempting to join one).
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  4. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Solo play vs playing with a guild?   

    No, I won't look it up myself. You said play a normal single player RPG. I already did(I've played a ton of them over the years). Now I want to play this game because it appeals to me. Don't tell people what genre of game to play if you are not willing to provide a recommendation of what game in that genre would be good to try. I like THIS game, so therefore I will play it. If you do not have a recommendation, then stfu and begone.
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  5. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Solo play vs playing with a guild?   

    It doesn't matter if I am a girl or not, I don't like people hearing my voice. It's that simple.
    Also, please do recommend a good single player RPG that is close to the quality of this one or better (not a jrpg, nor Skyrim, Skrim I got bored of after playing over 1000 hours on it lol).
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  6. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Solo play vs playing with a guild?   

    That's all nice and all, but not everyone likes voice chat.I don't want people to hear my voice, I don't want to buy a voice modulator and I don't own a microphone. I prefer text. I'm not going to bend over backwards for someone or some stupid guild that will only do voice chat.
    lol, I actually see this as the opposite. I see guilds like this as elitist cancer guilds who look down on players who don't want to go into the whole min/maxing stuff. Not everyone is lazy. It's just many people do not have the time to try to meet some of these absurd draconian requirements to enter a guild. In addition, some of these requirements are almost like a full time job. I already have one, I'm not going to play a game just to go to work, I already went to and from my job for the day.(For many its two jobs or more) I am playing a game to escape the real world for a little while because the real world sucks.
    And I face palm at the overly idealistic. In my experience, yeah playing with friends is fun for maybe 15 minutes, then it starts to get annoying and not fun because stupid stuff starts happening and you don't really care for it. And to be honest, I am an introvert and I don't really like people and I trust them even less(been burnt too many times over the years, irl and gaming). I have maybe only two real friends who I will do anything for and vice versa. And no I did not meet them in a guild. Unfortunately they do not play BDO so that leaves me running solo. No amount of incentives or other nonsense will convince me otherwise.
    I remember trying Echo of Soul where they implemented this mechanic where new players they would throw together into a random beginner guild and i'm like nope, screw this and immediately leave the guild after each login. I eventually stopped playing because of that plus the game was a little too generic for me.
    Am I triggered? Yeah I'm triggered. Guild talk triggers me but specifically idealistic idiots like you who have no clue why people do not want to join guilds. And no, not everyone wants to be social either. I hate being social, can't stand little small talk chit chat, it annoys me and wears me out. I'll be social only to a very select few who actually pique my interest.
    Oh and before the obligatory "So why play an MMO if you won't be social" bs, I play the game because I like the world, the environments, the graphics, the character creator, the classes, the lore (even though the localization is the worst I have seen in any game) and stuff. I could really care less about the people.
    TL;DR: My point is that it's not sunshine and rainbows for everyone and people have legitimate reasons for not wanting to be a part of a group and socializing.
    Sorry about my rant.
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  7. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Solo play vs playing with a guild?   

    No one is going to like my opinion here, but tbh guilds are cancer. I stay far away from them now. No matter how casual they advertise and stuff, there is always that one person that will incite drama. Guilds? No thank you, I prefer to solo everything. It is what I love about this game the most is that I can pretty much solo anything in this game, I love it. Unfortunately at the same time, its hard to play with friends if they are in a guild and you are not. I've tried out Lineage 2 but just couldn't get into it. My best friend is part of a massive three guild alliance and I can't really play with them to get the best gear and stuff because it all requires to be in the guild which I refuse to join. I love my best friend but I will never join their guild or any others. All of my bad experiences in them have kinda scarred me... D:
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  8. AileenRedra added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    Haven't posted in the forums for months, may as well show off my current princess look :3

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  9. AileenRedra added a post in a topic what do you think there is wrong with BDO=   

    1. RNG. It is way too extreme. (haven't played in over two weeks because of this).
    2. No dedicated PVE server, which leads me to...
    3. Server Merge (this was really the last straw and haven't played since they announced this. completing quests to get 120 mobs is hard enough as it is without even more people trying to gank you everyday, and before anyone says its rare it is not because this happened daily to me until I quit)
    4. Gear balance is out of whack big time
    5. Casuals cannot make money that easily if they don't like doing life skills or grinding
    6. Too much grinding (ofc its a KR game so that's kinda my fault there, but at least its not as bad as Lineage II where you need 400 mobs just to finish a quest that gives you only enough experience points for what, 5% to the next level, what a joke  )
    7. Guilds (guilds are a problem in every game so this isn't really unique to BDO)
    8. Cash shop items way too expensive unless you are rich in real life (and yes I have a job (in the game industry actually) but bills prevent me from spending tons of money on items I would like from the cash shop)
    9. English translations (these are horrible and whoever did these should be fired and a new translation team set up by the publisher so the story and everything else in the game can be translated properly.)
    10. Kakao Europe (terrible customer service, I'm surprised a class action lawsuit hasn't been filed against them yet, maybe someone should set up a petition to get the funds to pay the lawyers lol...)
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  10. AileenRedra added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 50+?   

    ugh... sorry. I'm just gonna go calm down. Forums always piss me off...
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  11. AileenRedra added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 50+?   

    Sorry, but I am tired of people assuming I didn't read the stickies first. I did read the stickies and the information was confusing and no help. Hence why I asked. Not everyone who posts a request for help thread ignores the stickies you know. >:/ If I didn't need help, I wouldn't be asking, geez.
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  12. AileenRedra added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 50+?   

    I did read the sticky. The guides were confusing, didn't provide all of the information I needed, and some were outdated. :-|
    Go be a troll elsewhere.
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  13. AileenRedra added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 50+?   

    Cool, thanks for all the info guys. Now I have an idea what I need to be doing. And yeah, I am thinking of not doing a boss scroll until I have 100 AP at least. DP doesn't really matter because I shouldn't be getting hit in the first place lol (not that I wont work on it ofc).
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  14. AileenRedra added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 50+?   

    Thanks for the advice. I was wondering though about the experience gain now. I noticed that now that I hit 50, the amount required to reach 51 is quite huge because I barely get any experience from Manshas now lol. I know about the soft cap, I just thought I wouldn't hit it so soon. So I am not for sure what you mean by very quick since before 50 it would take me one to two hours of grinding to get up a level. :3
    btw, what are these books/shards you are talking about?
    Also, I'm in Mediah already, but only so I could get the Grunil stuff from the guy in Altinova for repairs. The amity isn't that hard, but its slow because you get so little from him lol. Anyway, thanks again!
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  15. AileenRedra added a post in a topic How do I get better gear for 50+?   

    Ah ok, thx. Yeah, i'm not trying to find the fastest way to kill bosses, just making sure I am strong enough to do them, lol. Would do me no good if I don't stand a chance
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