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  1. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Shortsword only Kuno?   

    Definitely would be gimping yourself, you need the damage from the awakening weapon to do most of the zones in Valencia. Also not using your awakening weapon in pvp at all will be an instant loss for you, we are already pretty weak compared to other classes as is so not using the chakram is a big no no. However they are releasing a 2nd awakening for original weapons sometime in the future so the shortword might be viable again later on. 
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  2. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Rumors regarding 2nd awakening   

    We wont be getting another weapon that will replace our shortsword, the 2nd awakening will bring our original weapons on par with our awakening weapon. If I could choose another weapon tho it would definitely be a Kusarigama
    Plans to have flying ships players can hop on/off to travel around the world instead of having to ride horses to everywhere. This concept might appear in game this year.They are considering second awakenings this year. The current awakening weapons are too strong so the second awakening will be for the starter/original weapons to make them on par.In addition to adding new maps, they are also thinking about designing more vertical maps like icebergs or underground caves.Revamp of some of the life skills are planned, such as fishing.They are working on a mobile app that allows the game to be streamed to the phone but feels the UI is a bit clunky and need to be improved. Can’t guarantee this mobile app but will try their best.Pearl Abyss havn’t started developing new games yet, they are considering two possible new games but Black Desert Online need to be further optimized first.As for Black Desert Online on other platforms, they are working on a PS4/Xbox One version but havn’t decided if the console version will share servers with the PC version.http://dulfy.net/2017/01/21/black-desert-devs-talks-about-second-awakening-and-console/
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  3. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

  4. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic What kind of Bartle are you?   

    You are 93% Killer
    What Bartle says:
    You are also:
    53% Achiever
    40% Explorer
    13% Socialiser
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  5. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Returning to game after a long break   

    Wandering rogues I think its 600=10g bar(not entirely sure on this) or 150 for offensive off-hand box(AP offhand for your class)
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  6. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Returning to game after a long break   

    Yes they did for some mobs like sausans/elrics. 600 tokens = 10g bar for elrics, 1000 armor/cloth scrap from sausans = 10g bar, 600 sausan supplies = 10g bar if turned in at western guard camp, 800 if turned in at sarma outpost. Not sure if they have this implemented in Valencia but in older zones like catfish it's still just silver for trash turn ins.
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  7. Murder_Inc. added a topic in Musa   

    How is this class doing?
    Saw on the marketplace yesterday there was 4 TET Dande Crescent Blades, why are so many Musas re-rolling? Does it have something to do with Maewha getting buffed on the last KR patch? Also have any of you re-rolled recently?
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  8. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Dark Knight must be soon, it's already on the site   

    Give me a dwarf class with a war-hammer and I will instantly re-roll

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  9. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic DP feels worthless as a stat.   

    Had no interest in the Dark Knight class and haven't bothered watching any of her gameplay videos....now I might have to check this class out
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  10. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Kunai Durabilty Bugged   

    This isn't just a kunai problem, pretty sure this is intended. All 5 classes that I have awakened this happens to all their off hand weapons, your best bet to to just brand it if you want to spend the pearls for it.
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  11. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Why is this sub forum so inactive?   

    ninja/kuno were the last 2 classes to be released in NA/EU so compared to other class forums it will have alot less posts. Also Kuno is one of the least played classes, not many people main it so not alot of posting going on in here.
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  12. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic [Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...   

    I voted yes just because Kuno still has double jump with awakening, I'm curious why ninjas lost it.
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  13. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic They're only doing this cuz BDO suck   

    All of his posts are shit posts, along with extreme Tibia obsession.
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  14. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Kunoichi Night Cat costume   

    2nd one was one of the contest winners for Kuno, the nightcat costume was the winner for tamer but they gave it to kunos as well. So it is very likely we may get that costume later on
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  15. Murder_Inc. added a post in a topic Kunoichi Night Cat costume   

    That one is ok but I really hope we get this one

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