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  1. Zev added a post in a topic Hellp, getting pushed off boat and it's wasteing my time   

    dont afk in da ocean, theres scary things out there :^)
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  2. Zev added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    lol you quoted lockets picture of two cats hugging from another thread, wrote some nonsense it the quote, then challenged her LOL
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  3. Zev added a post in a topic Orwen: Week 5 Node War Results   

    We definitely need server mergers 
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  4. Zev added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    his name is @Alphabet, not Grammar ;P and as a fellow person who isnt always tip top on their grammar, all i have to say is

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  5. Zev added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    I miss the generation of people who actually preferred fair play and competition and just wanted to have fun, win or lose. Not just people doing anything they can to get that "W" (and this goes for pretty much all the big guilds)
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  6. Zev added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    and your desperate need to cause/be part of forum drama is just as pathetic. 
    on topic a lot of people did quit, the game is not dead though, but the longevity of bdos life was definitely shortened.
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  7. Zev added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    clearly they just RP and do their life skills afk
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  8. Zev added a post in a topic Kakao is actually a pretty sweet company   

    what game?
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  9. Zev added a post in a topic Against players hiding behind gear   

    1. Im guild leader of a guild with less than 20 people
    2. I have a full time career 40+hours a week
    3.Its more about the principle of the matter
    4. When u get equal gear from p2w youll se people didnt just learn to be geared by playing that much
    5. polls and in game would say other wise
    6. ive never even done a node war yet
    I'm anti p2w
    Real people with jobs pay pills and have families and relationships to pay for, apparently these pro p2w people have nothing in their lives except sadness that they have to get rid of via in game monetary power ego trips
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  10. Zev added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    just sad when devs/publishers sell out
    and especially when they straight lie saying its what the community wants
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  11. Zev added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    I work over 40 hours a week full time job. My ninja is working on 58 atm.
    I am AGAINST P2W
    It will do nothing but kill the longevity of the game. the population is about to greatly decline.
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  12. Zev added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    ThunderCats (N.A. Orwen)
    We support actual gameplay, effort, and time spent getting good/geared.
    P2W can eat actual shit. 
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  13. Zev added a post in a topic For justice   

  14. Zev added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    @hakklo we did it!
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