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  1. Anarak added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  2. Anarak added a topic in US Guild   

    <BloodyOath> Australian Guild | Uno Server | PvE Focused | Casual & Friendly Guild

    <Bloody Oath>
    Bloody Oath is a new Australian guild on the NA Uno Server. It was founded to meet other Aussies to play with on our own timezone and make great friendships! We are PvE focused so we love doing guild missions, questing and leveling life skills! Our Guild Master is a high ranking tamer who enjoys sharing her secrets on taming and me? Well I can cook you up a hell of a meal! Our guild thrives off helping each other out and connecting on a personal level, we can't stand all the trump talk so we're always talking about something interesting!
    We are looking for players who :
    Are activeGet involvedAre matureAre driven to succeed in whatever aspect they enjoyFrom AustraliaIt does not matter what class or level you are. We are here to have fun and everyone should progress at their own pace. We are always looking for new leaders if you feel up for it!
    Our Goal
    Our vision for the guild is to create a place where you can log in and be greeted by friendly faces. Where you can come back from a long day at work/school and have fun with your mates, doing anything and everything this world has to offer. We want to build this guild into a community with many different personalities and talents, we want the entire server to know how badass aussies can be!
    How to Join
    Instead of an application form, we would rather meet you in-game and just have a chat. Simply leave a message in this thread with your character name and I will get in contact with you. Can't wait to meet you!
    Ingame Contact: Anarak or Nova_Luna
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  3. Anarak added a post in a topic One more reason to hate this dye system   

    Fortunately for you, it looks better ingame 
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  4. Anarak added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. A screenshot of yourself on your mount (horse or donkey)

    2. A screenshot of yourself on your boat

    3. A screenshot of yourself on your wagon

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  5. Anarak added a post in a topic G'day Mates   

    Hello Nahla! Welcome to the game! I've started an aussie guild with an aussi friend I made on black desert. She is also a girl gamer and we named our guild Blood Oath. If you're interested in meeting us, send me a message here and we'll set it up. We are a relaxed guild who just like talking and gaming together and we'd love to have you! 
    Edit: We are on the Uno server in NA
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  6. Anarak added a post in a topic Title "AAAAAAAAAH"   

    If you have to survive the fall, I would assume jumping off a cliff into water would get you the title. 
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  7. Anarak added a post in a topic Please allow us to re-use past recipe combinations   

    I couldn't believe this didn't work when I tried it ingame. Developers please! Black Desert is amazing but please fix these distracting issues that takes us out of the immersion 
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  8. Anarak added a post in a topic This game is p2w and this is why the game will die   

    The 10% exp gain is not a big deal at all. So what if someone is 31 when you're lvl 30, this isn't a regular mmo. Plus there are craft able items in the game that will give u the same effect 
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