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  1. Vanux added a post in a topic So disappointed about Margoria...   

    I'm not asking for land content, but at least the whole city area can be made available for exploring...
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  2. Vanux added a topic in General   

    So disappointed about Margoria...
    I swam two days (around 2 to 3 hours play time) from Private island all the way to Margoria because my fishing boat KOed by a sea monster when I was in middle of the sea, and eventually arrived Port Ratt.  Firstly I thought it was a beautiful city and happily running around, and then realized that it is a fake city, it's just a picture behind an invisible wall....  I almost thought I was playing Blade&Soul/Terra instead of BDO.  Is Port Ratt the only city in Margoria and nothing else to see except under water?
    One thing that I love about BDO is the feel of exploration, you can climb up almost anything/anywhere you see on screen no matter how far it is, and almost able to enter any buildings, which makes the game world feeling real and immersive, and differentiate BDO from anther other MMOs in terms of exploration.  But this time, it really disappoints me.
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  3. Vanux added a post in a topic Suggestion: Different Shark Costum   

    I wish we can hide the shark with "hide helm/cloak" button...   
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  4. Vanux added a post in a topic Thinking about playing BDO again   

    I really can't find anything better to play in terms of MMORPG with same level of graphic/action-combat/activities, any suggestion?
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  5. Vanux added a post in a topic Any option to turn off pet's sound effect?   

    Seems no more pet noise now if pets are turned off.  I didn't know this until u said so because I didn't turn on the game sound since the penguin came. 
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  6. Vanux added a post in a topic Is BDO the prettiest game ever made?   

    Because of BDO's amazing graphic and character design, I quit all my console & PC games.  And there is no other better MMO like BDO coming in the near future, so I need to stick with BDO until then.
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  7. Vanux added a post in a topic Any option to turn off pet's sound effect?   

    The reason I asked in the first place was that I heard weird sound but don't see anything around including my pets as I always turn them off...  Did the recent patch fixed it?
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  8. Vanux added a post in a topic Black Desert Online is it going pay to win? how can they Prevent it from happening?   

    I spend around 50 bucks in this game every months since it launched, I didn't win anything so far, still got killed by any occasional asshole who think they own the place while I was just passing by questing.  Still enjoying the game though. 
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  9. Vanux added a post in a topic Another dream come true, thanks BDO   

    This is actually an Axe with scythe looking skin..... and berserker gameplay in Tera is terribly slow pace and boring....... B&S's combat makes me hate Tera, while BDO's combat makes me forget about B&S.
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  10. Vanux added a post in a topic Another dream come true, thanks BDO   

    This game gives me much more entertainment hours with much lower cost than any other MMOs that I played in the past 15 years, so no complain at all.
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  11. Vanux added a post in a topic Another dream come true, thanks BDO   

    My old & new dark knight  

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  12. Vanux added a post in a topic Another dream come true, thanks BDO   

    At least a scythe looking sickle..  Im satisfied.
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  13. Vanux added a topic in General   

    Another dream come true, thanks BDO
    Since FFXI, I dreamed to have my Scythe wielding dark knight played in action instead of turn based.  Since then there is no other action mmo has a real scythe wielding class available (I thought FFXIV would have made it but became a total disappointed).  Until BDO sorceror awakened, with such smooth action and cool looking animation style, it makes the dark knight in my dream come to live!  Good job BDO, good job Korean!
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  14. Vanux added a post in a topic Amongst all this negativity, what are your favorite things about BDO?   

    Graphic, World exploration, combat, awakening weapons, afk mode progression and all the other life skills activities.... basically everything..
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  15. Vanux added a post in a topic My review of BDO thus far.   

    Well said OP, totally agree with you.  I came from Everquest and FFXI, since then no other MMORPGs can give me the feeling of exploration like EQ/FFXI, until BDO.
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