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  1. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Events and more   

    That moment when you finish your Dark Knights customization and forget to upload the template, welp GG me, i guess i'm out of the running T_T
    prob perm set, 30 day palette. 
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  2. blindfoldedchaos added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't open residence door
    To whom it may concern.
    Ever since the last update, i am unable to enter any of my residences, i have changed characters, restarted the game etc.
    If i walk up to the door, it gives me no option to open the door or even visit any other person's house, and i can just phase through the door into an empty room
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  3. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    Doing the slide attacks help
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  4. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    never really have a issue with my WP, the recovery move plus a slash or two fills it all up
    hopefully never coming
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  5. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    dude, you can make that from weeds and water, no salt needed
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  6. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    Finally a use for all my keys, Landlocked Gold chests here i come!

    and a 2 for one log deal, these cards better be semi-common drops, because damn, if it's like a shard? we gonna have issues
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  7. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    Doubt they could do anything like that, at most prob cash store items, and even then, prob minor ones like a horse coupon are the ones that slip under radars
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  8. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic It's official, we officialy beat WoW...   

    na, with the recent screw up that they made, it's looking like they will only reach like 7-8 mil, for a week or 2, then drop more subs,
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  9. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic When will Kunoichi/Ninja be put in the game   

    Ninja and Kuno are in May, according to PA's old press release,
    Valencia and possible awakenings were in June.
    We already got the Blader April update...
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  10. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic does Pearl abyss have different dev teams for Korea, Russian, Jap and NA/EU?   

    Na, its just Pearl in KR and for NA/EU Daum translates everything, it's one of the reasons the patch notes don't get released till after maintenance. because they have to translate the notes PA sends 'em
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  11. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic It's official, we officialy beat WoW...   

    more like almost 5mil, plus with the recent -----up, they lost even more subs, they may gain some for a few months with the new expansion, but most will quit shortly after as they game is going down the casual sinkhole,
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  12. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    But it's not the character dressed up as a horse its not the same T_T

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  13. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Divorce advertisement?   

    Welcome to random forum spam-bots
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  14. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic RNG Hidden stats   

    Well if it all apparently balances out in the end, i don't really see the issue,

    for example, loss in HP is gained in MP and vice versa,
    if hidden stats are effected, it's prob just a simple point swap in opposite sides
    like if hidden AP is affected, then DP is prob it's counterpart,

    but just like everyone else, short of what was already confirmed, we are all grasping for straws,
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  15. blindfoldedchaos added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game