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  1. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Does this mean there is a CHANCE it can not happen? Even a slim one? @PM_Jouska
    Surely you can see the outcry.
    If you REALLY cared about players having access to pearl shop items, just make them available via loyalty. Make them expensive as hell, like idk, 5k per pet, 10k per costume, so people still feel inclined to buy pearls and contribute to the game - but if people really want something they can save over a long time.
    Otherwise you could have pre-set prices for some pearl store items on the marketplace, set by the GM's, but I prefer the first option better.
    If you really cared about non-payers, this would be the route you'd take, not dress up P2W and fishing for wallet whale money as a "favour" to non payers. The gaps in Payers, non payers and excessive players + payers will only get larger. You're literally killing your own game here, NA/EU don't want this bull, fight our cause at least Daum/Kakao, although in reality we all know it's what ever Pearl Abyss decide is best for us, not that they'd know...
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  2. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I prayed the same, brother. Cuz I love this game. Thing is, I don't like the Grind/Nolife to win model, if they wanted more players/more money, appeal to a greater playerbase, make lifeskills relevant and viable again, fast track naval and underwater content and lower some RNG... the answer ain't P2W, the answer is diversity, variety in gameplay and a broader market. Sigh
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  3. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Cash Shop items will not be possible to sell on the marketplace at launch phaseIf we decide to enable selling Cash Shop Items at a later stage, there will be control mechanisms that will prevent players from heavily profiting and gaining an advantage by repetitively selling Cash Items on the marketplaceSadly bro, it was always coming just from this post on the 15th Jan, pre-release. That stunk of "we will make them marketable" from the very beginning, so screaming fraud every 2 minutes gonna be useless, sadly
    Guess it was always gonna go p2w, we were just all blind/numb to it
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  4. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Sweet, would appreciate if you could update mine, added some further points to my post, triquetra. You're doing gods work, get some sleep
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  5. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I agree, but here therein also is a problem, the whole Grind/Nolife 2 win, those with no school, job, studies, life etc can get a excrutiatingly massive advantage, and I'm not saying the game should not take effort, and it sure as hell shouldn't go P2W like suggested here, but the whole neverending grind system has to be readjusted also, a full-time job of grinding won't appeal to the masses. You want more players in BDO? Want BDO to survive or even Thrive? Reduce some of the grind, reduce some of the RNG, make life-skills and other activites relevant again so the whole playerbase can do the things they enjoy, rather than feeling they have to grind 10 hours a day to be remotely competitive. I don't hold the cards to those answers, hell I'm not even a life-skiller, but I like the idea of some of the new accessories in the underwater update in korea coming from gathering/crafting. The game needs more diversity, there is TONS to do, but only one thing is worth doing, grind. P2W ain't the answer for more money or longevity, diversity and appealing to a broader playerbase is. 
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  6. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Croxus, EU. Leader of <Triquetra> 
    I believe, that while currently this game is "No-life 2 win" and I hate that model, the fact people with 16 hours a day to grind endlessly, will always have a unfair advantage over those that only pay 2-5 hours a day, due to School/Studies/Full-time work etc, that this is NOT the correct way of dealing with this issue. Saying that, almost all B2P/F2P models have something similar, hell in SW:TOR it was "Hypercrates" of randomised goods, that could be sold on the market, and this was basically the ONLY way to make siginificant money. But that game went F2P. Many others have something similar, and if it was implemented correctly, with even stricter restrictions, lower prices, and only function items, it could possibly work.
    Yes, the argument can be made that people with full-time jobs, less time but ability to "catch-up" via being able to sell some cash-sop items sounds ok on the face of it, Imo, all that will happen is a even more ridiculous gap between Pay AND Players (10+ hours a day) and the "normal" hours players who drop a little bit of cash. 
    We paid for B2P Model, keep it at what you promised (Although yes I know, you did mention this even pre-release). Shift your focus into making the Game less about Grind, make life skills relevant again, screw some of the RNG, and make the enhancement system less punishing would be a way to attract more masses of people, not P2W.
    I'd like to see the RNG/Grind/Nolife2win model somewhat adjusted, but we believe this is NOT the way to do it. We do not support P2W purely for the fact we love BDO, and want it to SURVIVE.
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  7. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [EU-Croxus]<Apostles> Established PvX Guild Recruiting | TS3 | Age 18+ | Top 30   

    Still looking for more people, come join the family
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  8. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [EU-Croxus]<Apostles> Established PvX Guild Recruiting | TS3 | Age 18+ | Top 30   

    Changed some contacts, and updated some things regarding Node wars and more!
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  9. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic GM Changing and Better Customer Support   

    I didn't disagree with your actions, only your tone and choice of words in dealing with the matter, I just felt a level of professionalism should be required, from your first post you were accusing of "spam" without politely putting over your side of the story, is all. No problem with the locking of the thread - just a polite notice on the forum of the actions being taken would of gone a long way to appease your customers, and make your own life easier.
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  10. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic GM Changing and Better Customer Support   

    Just wow... Never have I seen such arrogance and in-politeness from a member of staff anywhere. I don't think it's too much to ask for to have simple politeness and cordial manner when dealing with problems. It's not too much to expect for supposed professionals to follow a certain degree of conduct, in my opinion. Even if you're to lock the thread, and tell us to be patient, they're more professional ways of saying such things. If every member of staff was as unprofessional as @GM_Dew was in handling this situation, then I fear greatly for your company if that's the standard of customer service.
    Your first response was "Stop spamming" before you'd even acknowledged the thread or the tickets... That's despicable! Not even once you gave anyone a reply or even a simple act of courtesy. A cordial "Hey sorry guys, we've been slow to reply on your tickets, and we've been slow to come to a resolution on your issue and we apologise, but our staff are working on it so if you could please refrain from sending in more tickets for now and we'll get back to you ASAP!" would of done nicely. It may be lies, or stalling tactics but at least it'd be cordial and polite. Get your act together on this, I'm simply astounded. 
    Now the issue at hand, some feedback or some reply or outlook would be nice, as to maybe what fix or date we can expect. I mean hell, you're meant to be "Devs" right? Surely a simple ediiting of a database can't be too much for you to handle? But after reading the other thread.... I think your CS is much, much more concerning than anything else. Horrific. I think he owes the people concerned a apology for his abrupt, unprofessional manner.
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  11. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic I GET BANNED FOR NOTHING???!!!?!?!?!   

    They have a telephone number anywhere?
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  12. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic I GET BANNED FOR NOTHING???!!!?!?!?!   

    Same boat, Xigncode has flagged my antivrus and some streaming software before now.
    I know the feeling
    Request #126353
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  13. Yggdrasill5 added a post in a topic [EU-Croxus]<Apostles> Established PvX Guild Recruiting | TS3 | Age 18+ | Top 30   

    Still recruiting! Bezerkers, Rangers, Warriors especially! But every class is very welcome
    Come play with a bunch of relaxed, friendly yet dedicated people today! Just msg for a chat!
    We'd also consider absolving/merging with another group of friends or guild of people with a similar mindset!
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