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  1. Jurou added a post in a topic [Official] Edan Guild Tier Ranking System [5/19/16]   

    @Sylta gg pussies
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  2. Jurou added a post in a topic Honest question to Rangers   

    So here goes. First disregard everything that people have said on this post so far. I've been playing BDO for over a year now and can confidently say that ranger is one of the best if not the best classes for pve, yea all the weaboos will say "OMG SENPAI ALL THE MP POTS!!". yea all the mp pots true, i bring 800 large mana pots to sausan every time i restock but im able to blow thru groups of mobs quickly and move to the next group making my kill speed the highest of any class so im getting more exp and silver than anyone else. every group will want you for your dps but make sure to +15 a steel dagger for pve. in pve we the rangers are jesus. moving on to pvp (my fave part of the game). ranger can shit on any class hardest matchup being good warriors and wizards and desynced sorcs (can never land hits on them). to be a good ranger in pvp you must stack cc resistances in all gem slots possible, we are made of paper and as soon as we get ccd we die. you need to learn how to my quickly and unpredictably with cancel q's and will of the winds cancel, also make use of the w+lmb+space bar+rmb(this requires a flow skill i forget its name) hop for stuns to set up knockdowns and get those down attack shotguns going. you should never stand still and throw shotguns into anyone unless you are allowed to free cast with 0 danger. also a good ranger must learn must learn how to camera lock cancel q forwards and backwards this allows for quick getaways when in danger or quick get ins if you land a long range kd with s+e+shift+lmb+rmb combo. summary: stack cc resistances and accuracy if youre not lvl56+ atm, learn how to move fast and unpredictable. One last point rangers are super gimped in 1v1 scenarios atm because of the lack of extra large mana pots that our version doesnt have atm. if they are ever added rangers have 0 probles shitting on anyone because those pots allow to move and dish out dmg only having to be concerned about your stamina and never having issues with mana. the end
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  3. Jurou added a post in a topic Which server should I play on for PvP? What does each server offer?   

    I play in edan and it's the most competitive of the servers pvp wise. All guilds that played kr jp or ru are on edan
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  4. Jurou added a topic in General   

    Failed to request daum cash???
    bought $200 worth of daum cash and cannot claim it? can this get any more disappointing ?
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  5. Jurou added a post in a topic Serendia 2k16 Survivers #LaunchEncouragement   

    endorsed by #SerendiaSurvivor2k16. This pictures was taken about 20 minutes before the tragedy of Serendia was brought up to light and the channel taken down
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  6. Jurou added a post in a topic #Serendia2K16   

    endorsed by #SerendiaSurvivor
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  7. Jurou added a topic in General   

    #Serendia2k16 the dream killer. share youre sorrow
    was gonna be first the first group to 50 on chnl and possibly server but serendia had other plans. Post your sorrow here

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  8. Jurou added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue   

    best $100 bucks spent man. so much for being competitive on the server 
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  9. Jurou added a post in a topic Lock Serendia 1 Channels   

  10. Jurou added a post in a topic Lock Serendia 1 Channels   

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  11. Jurou added a topic in General   

    bring the servers dowN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. Jurou added a post in a topic Time for a megaserver....   

    bump agree
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  13. Jurou added a post in a topic Unable To Switch Channels & Characters Missing   

    thanks so much daum!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Jurou added a post in a topic Servers need to go down NOW   

    please take the servers down! bring them down to fix the issue
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  15. Jurou added a post in a topic Server closed and moved my character to orwen?!?!?   

    i want my money back man this is such bull
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