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  1. Deioth added a post in a topic Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP   

    Aside from in-game obtainability, it should reveal name/tag on mouse over and it should force the tag on if you or they begin combat with you or while in combat period.  Needing to hit a priority target in PVP can be difficult enough.  In a sea of bushes and already hectic particle effects, good luck keeping track of the one you really need to kill.
    Force on the tag while in combat and the bad design gameplay advantage problem is resolved rather instantly without harming its potential for ganking and ambush.
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  2. Deioth added a post in a topic A Gamebreaking Problem With PVE World Bosses In This Game   

    Decided to see what world bosses were like.  Walk up, take 3 swings, didn't even realize I was dead until my brain realized the text on my screen was for a broken crystal.  I'm 50 with 134 DP and people are reporting twice that much at level 55 being one shot by the same boss, Bheg.  He hadn't even swung yet on my screen.  I was just dead from a 360 no scope chain swing that didn't even start to animate yet.
    I don't understand how these bosses are being downed and people participating aren't being guaranteed liverto to justify the frustration.  At least if world bosses acted like summoned and didn't hit XP/crystals on death it wouldn't seem so bad but zerg rushing from nearest node isn't exactly a funner proposition.  With this game failing to even hold a candle to the accuracy of and remarkably lagless block and iframe mechanics of the likes of Tera I can't imagine why anyone who mains melee would bother trying to fight world bosses without being masochistic.  Even if I drop all armor to save my crystals my weapon is still going empty and from the sounds of it I'd probably not get anything worth even the repair bill since I'm not keeping up consistent participation.
    Is Korea's world boss scene somehow different from ours?  Is ours broken?
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  3. Deioth added a post in a topic NA - Orwen | AEONIAN |   

    Good day, everyone.  We're still a growing guild always looking for more folks to bring into the fold.  Go ahead and check us out!
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  4. Deioth added a topic in Berserker   

    Question about our CC
    If I increase headbutt's level, for example, do I increase the chance of knockback and increase the distance of the knockback?  Or is this entirely an increased damage/accuracy buff per rank?  Knockback from headbutt feels like it knocks the enemy out of our melee range so I'm wondering if when I skill reset from level 45 I just keep it at rank 1 in favor of potentially more useful skills and ranks.
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