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  1. Greeley added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    I wasn't trying to argue with you, just a thought I was making. Too bad your so sour from all these people who are obviously getting to you that you come off as a passive aggressive asshole to anyone trying to add content to your thread. 
    ----- you and have a nice day
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  2. Greeley added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    Only argument I would have is much like any game with microtransactions the majority of the income comes from a small % of the player base, so it could be the mmo/microtransation addiction we've seen in so many games before.
    If you compare it to the alcohol industry as rough example, 30% of people don't really drink, 30% only have drinks occasionally, and the 40% thats left over is really supporting the industry, but only say 10% of those 40% who have 10 drinks plus a day are the real income for the industry.
    you can assume that maybe 30% of people don't buy anything but the base game, 30% buy things occasionally (thats where I sat when I was still playing a lot), and the rest of the 40% are regularly putting in a few dollars here and there, but 10% of those 40% are what I have heard been referred to as "whales"
    Using a small population of 1000 for math reasons, you can assume that if one "drink" costs a $1 and 30% of the population has 1 drink a week and that would cost about $16,000 in a year for them to buy those drinks, if 10% of the population is alcoholics and having 10+ drinks a day you can calculate that it would collectively cost them $365,000.
    you only need a small fraction of addicts to make your profits.
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  3. Greeley added a topic in General   

    Enhancement failures
    Haven't played in a month or two I believe. Was level 50 before the conquerers early start was over, was on top with +15 liverto and +15 grunils pretty early. Started getting capped out aside from Accessories, but the grind vs enjoyment for enhancing the gear seemed like a little much for me. I broke so many PRI witches earings at 30+ stacks, failed ultimate grunil armor 42 times in a row, etc. It was fun getting to that point where I was +15 in all my weapons/armor, but once I was there it was more of a chore to get those 2 ap bonus' from the rings. I guess its a valid system to keep the hardcore players slowly escalating while those lagging behind can catch up.
    however a month or so ago I ended up quitting Veritas because I don't have the mental motivation and dedication to both live my real life and keep myself constantly on the ball with the best gear possible in this mmo where your shit breaks. I thought I could do it at first, but it was breaking my enjoyment, I was falling asleep at my keyboard trying to kill mobs, going back and forth to my sunflower garden, trying to play as efficiently as possible.
    someone wanna talk me in to coming back, or talk me out of considering it
    just for discussion, i won't be a sourpuss, I just genuinely only have 95% bad memories of this game save for the amazing graphics in 4k and ultra settings.
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  4. Greeley added a topic in General   

    Found a hacker, here's proof
    Link Removed
    So this Wizard is using an instant residual, at an insane cast speed, and with no cooldowns.
    The player name is Galaxia, and they are currently running around on Orwen farming helms with these hacks, I got killed by them and you can see the players name despite the ghillie suit. This all took place around 3:40PM EST on Monday, April 11th, for the record. Which was only several minutes before this post was made.
    This is the first hacking I've seen since WoW private servers, and its so blatantly obvious.
    Burn it before it lays eggs!
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  5. Greeley added a post in a topic A product you pay for   

    Last christmas my father received a dashboard camera, a pretty cheap one. When he put batteries in it he realized that the battery cover doesn't attach anymore, whoever designed the piece of shit didn't give enough room in the design for the damn batteries. Now you have to tape it shut or let the batteries be exposed.
    Stuuuupid shit like that reminds of Daum not making sure they labelled the channels properly before letting thousands of players in to them
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  6. Greeley added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Pre-Order Package

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  7. Greeley added a post in a topic "Invite a Friend" CBT2 Key   

    I definitely agree with this. I have a buddy waiting to try it out on launch. A free CBT2 key might help lock down a sale from him and others like him come launch.
    I second the email notion, referring a friend à la World of Warcraft would make it much more tedious and difficult to turn a profit from selling keys. A major deterrent to toxic behavior and once in place is a self organising system.
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  8. Greeley added a post in a topic A Problem With Potions In PvP   

    well thats unfortunate, but at least we can cross our fingers for some balance then if it stays this way. I would prefer to win or lose because of a skillful knockdown and combo, this running around spending a third of my money on potions in one fight is nuts.
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  9. Greeley added a post in a topic A Problem With Potions In PvP   

    I am a PvE'er mostly, I am used to 2-5 minutes for a potion cooldown. 
    5 or 10 seconds more isn't going to hurt anyone aside from the PvE'ers who cant play thier class and go after mobs that are too strong, but it would make potion spamming out of a knockdown so much harder.
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  10. Greeley added a post in a topic A Problem With Potions In PvP   

    Thats good to know, that works for me. Not being able to PvP until 50 should solve the problem until the bridge is crossed and the WP/MP/SP pots are in the picture.
    My suggestion is shelved until the full release then I suppose aha. thanks for the reply!
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  11. Greeley added a post in a topic My CBT 1 Feedback   

    This! It IS a drinking contest. You don't lose or win until someones out of potions, or gets caught on scenery. I just made a post about it. 
    I am level 34 Wizard and I drank 60k worth of potions in one pvp fight
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  12. Greeley added a topic in Suggestions   

    A Problem With Potions In PvP
    Potions are beginning to be a major problem in the game for me, especially in regards to PvP. 
    There was a scenario that just took place with me moments ago, where I was in a group with one other, and two PK's marked in red advance in our direction at a grinding zone. I had 70ish of both Large potions, like 70k silver in potions, not really that much, but around as much as I can carry in terms of weight. The enemy attacked us and we fought back, for 15 minutes we ran around a tiny cave room guzzling potions, in the end I had less than 20 of each potion left. The battle wouldn't end until someone ran out of potions or got caught on scenery.
    A little more than halfway through the fight I felt like I should have just let them kill me right at the beginning, I'd have saved a lot of time and silver. The time they took away from me in a stupid circle jerk of potion abuse was worth more in killing mobs than the 2% of exp I would have lost from dying. I beat two players in PvP but I actually wish I didn't, does that make sense?
    Now I am level 34 and perhaps they haven't quite ironed out PvP damage at this level, and an increase in damage against players may help to defeat expensive, boring, potion spam battles that aren't the least bit fun. I am not 100% sure of a solution, perhaps a harsher potion nerf and 15s-30s cooldown is better than changing the way players damage each other.
    thanks for reading, any thoughts or ideas welcome. (Really wanna know if this only bother me)
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  13. Greeley added a post in a topic Taxes system   

    anyone can sign into Tera and just own the AH and squeeze hundreds of thousands of gold out of it and buy several 60 scrolls, thats why I stopped playing.
    If you get yourself into any of those pitfalls you are making mistakes, and you learn from them. Yes people do try to undercut you, that is part of the plan, this way you can buy goods for cheaper than you sell them, if you run out of gold you picked the wrong market to corner, you weren't ready for it. 
    Players undercutting you in the AH is a necessity, for example on Tera it shows who is posting the item, so one character you have goods posted at 500% value, on another you have them posted for 90%. Whenever people come to the AH to throw their junk up they try to undercut the 90% to get a quick sale, then you buy their item at 89% or lower value, and post it back at 500%. When a high roller player is looking to craft without grinding they usually buy all your 90%, but you only posted a couple at that price to force others to undercut even more, so they have to buy the 500% stacks if they don't want to go gather it themselves.
    Dedication pays off, the real problems is when you have another player trying to market the corner under you, but you can often win by buying all thier goods and taking all the undercuts before they can get them. Again if you picked a market you weren't ready for you will go negative from your original investment.
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  14. Greeley added a post in a topic Elephant Hype! [Legacy Gaming] (Veritas, Legatum, Dommestici) - Orwen | PvP | Recruiting Now   

    got mail, signed up at legacygg.com and slack. Will be on teamspeak on beta for sure, may come beforehand to introduce myself and discuss some classes and whatnot if such a thing is going on.
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  15. Greeley added a post in a topic Taxes system   

    Without Taxes and other systems they have in place people like me will destroy the Economy.
    We will buy all your crafting goods from the AH, we will repost them at 500% value, and we will profit from making the game a worse place to play.
    Now taxes eat into our already waning profits, what with the local markets, price fixing, and other barriers, my kind of person needs to find different ways to collect income now, which is exciting. 
    I think this feature is an important part of a set of features designed to stop players from getting ahead in an almost exploitative manner, sure the taxes can be zero, but that adds to the travel time, risk, and costs for a trader looking for a town with demand for his product along with lower taxes.
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