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Posts posted by riverseo

  1. Northwestern Gateway

    Final_IMPACT v VoS v TheLynEnnor vs LuxArcana

    So VoS killed Final_IMPACT in the first 5 mins, we allied briefly up with TheLyn to kill VoS alternating pushes.  We killed TheLyn's GM north of our base trying to either do command to gather or place a flag when VoS were down to 10%.  Think VoS had already done good damage on thelyns base before we did our command to gather and then it was a base race.  theLyn were a bit slow pushing us and we were much faster.  Our fort dropped to 70% at the lowest while we got their base down super fast.

    Thanks to all involved.

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  2. Still see too many warriors trying to block their way through everything, its a rare time that I get one comboed unless massively outgeared but as Oneup says thats true for everyone.

  3. hey Fesquera, twas a very epic base race! Initially thought you were going to out dps us hence why we ported back to defend when yeah we were down to 10%.  But our command to gather worked really well after we repaired up to 60%.  But seriously wiping us when all I could see on your fort was like 0.5% health, I nearly blew a blood vessel shouting at everyone to just respawn and suicide your fort^^

    After you guys we went for WingedAssassins and while brave defense we got them down and then Exus were last, they tried to push our base but we had fully repaired by then and were able to race theirs down as well.

    But was super fun! Really enjoyed that and gg to all guilds involved.

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  4. Lake Kaia - Draw.

    The Exodus Company vs Empire + LuxArcana + Purge vs Vanguard.

    Thanks for a good fight guys!


    We took out empire in about 20-25 minutes, while defending against Lux and Purge.

    Total turnout from us was about 25 and alot of those were low level alts, so we were badly outnumbered and outgeared. But, went pretty damn well as it always does.

    Video here:


    Hey there we were 32 for the fight with 7 in base so when attacking you we probably had similar numbers fighting against each other, though your vs thing seems to suggest we were allied with guilds, its something we have often done but not in this case.  I also maybe see one Purge push altogether, my understanding is Vanguard had them pretty tied up most of the fight.

    Still GG was fun on our side to!

  5. sorry, just saw it now.

    On Quint Hill was LuxArcana vs RLXT_Alliance vs idontknow

    we said to lux we're going for another node. Just because we always looking for good fights. If we had know that RLXT is gonna go there - we would've build there also ;)

    Castle Ruins:
    GaiaForever vs Confusion vs Hostile

    Gaia just had an empty tower and we gave the Node to Confusion because we want to have some fun atleast.

    Wasn't Lux since we were getting beat by Dogma at NW Gateway!

  6. Tbh tri grunil liverto and acc offhand is still pretty viable against people full boss gear if the class matchup and other things favour you.

    Lvl 58 pvp wise is still pretty viable.

    Valks are amaazing at pulling groups in mass pvp, really annoying.

    Tamers, ninjas etc amazing at harrassing the backline or protecting your own.  We have a couple of really great tamers in our guild at least.

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  7. T1 Keplan Hill

    Lux Arcana (35 at max) v Leviathan (?30) v Now (?15)

    Good long fight tonight, will be a shame when the timers go back to 2hrs.

    Went for Now who we knew were in the north near Marni Farm Ruins, had the upper hand and were getting their fort heavily damaged when Leviathan spotted our fort and came against us in numbers and our defense needed help.  We forced Leviathan off and decided best to attack them as we now had their fort location.  They repelled us and we had to run back as they were hitting us hard again due to an outpost in a cave just to our forts north.  The cave was hell to get the outpost down as while it kept Leviathan bunched up it also made it very hard to push through to destroy the outpost.  We eventually got there though after a good few pushes.  Leviathan also had some creative cannon placement in safe zones which caused issues.  They got a second outpost down which again after a good few pushes we managed to clear.  At this point Now who had pushed Leviathan's fort a few times lost players went down to like 5 people.  Leviathan had managed to get our fort down to 20% with no buildings.  But we managed to rebuild fully and repair fort to 100% after we destroyed their outpost.

    We managed to get our own outpost down from which we eventually managed to keep the pressure up on Leviathan, though they destroyed it our cannon fire was starting to wreck their base and with a second outpost we managed to eventually get their fort down after repeated pushes.  Felt they lost numbers or maybe got disheartened after getting us down so far but we were still able to continue, that or just the longer re-spawn timers.  After that it was more or less a quick wipe of Now's fort where only a few were defending.

    Anyway GG to all involved, twas a good fight and again shame about the timers changing back otherwise this would have been a draw.

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  8. 06/01/17

    T1 Wale Farm

    Lux Arcana (38 at max) v Rebellicious (15?)v Ethereal (20?) v PapysWarriors v WingedAssassins (20?)

    Took out Rebellicious first who put up a spirited defense, though quite outnumbered, moved onto Ethereal as they were hitting our base hard, really strong guild though heavily outnumbered, forced us off a good few times, big Ups to Redstar (their GM I think), Pooki (sorry if name wrong) great zerker and Nothin a ninja who was pretty hard to.  They kept knocking us back when their base was only at 5%.  Even numbers would have been a harder fight.  Then during that WingedAssassins took out PapysWarriors.  Once we got Ethereal out moved onto Winged who we completely missed earlier even though they were so close to where we spawned in for the node war at Wale Farm. Another good defence but our cannon fire got their defenses down.

    Done in 1hr 15mins or thereabouts.