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  1. vecte added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    I'm still working on gearing, and currently still don't have Bheg's.  Running Acc offhand, TRI Liverto, and 2x Witch Earrings.  Should I drop the Witch Earrings for Red Corral? 
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  2. vecte added a post in a topic Post your Kunoichi Screenshots here   

    Just came back to the game.  Had quit shortly after Musa/Maewha release.  Here is my Kuno I made upon return.  Level 54 and loving it!

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  3. vecte added a post in a topic Maehwa Costumes (KR CS)   

    I didn't say the were Samurai.  I said they were warriors.  None of these outfits reflect that.  To be honest, they don't really fit the assassin part either, imo.
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  4. vecte added a post in a topic Maehwa Costumes (KR CS)   

    No idea.  The only two I have found are Ranger/Berserker.  Doesn't really make sense for them to make it for just those two classes.  I expect it to hit every class.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way!
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  5. vecte added a post in a topic Maehwa Costumes (KR CS)   

    There is a Berserker version:  http://bdo-fashion.com/berserker-gotha-rensa/
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  6. vecte added a post in a topic Skill build   

    No idea about the BDFoundry guide, but you can use Google Chrome to translate the Korean page.
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  7. vecte added a post in a topic Gear Prep for Maewha   

    I'm not going to sit and debate what your guildmates have said.  Get a Liverto weapon bundle for yourself and open it, then you will see.
    Also, Hexe Marie has a chance to drop a random Liverto weapon, it's not always class specific.  The bundles are guaranteed to the class that opens it.
    (Edited for spelling)
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  8. vecte added a post in a topic Gear Prep for Maewha   

    This is false.  Is gives the weapon-type of the class that opens it.
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  9. vecte added a post in a topic Maehwa Costumes (KR CS)   

    Completely and utterly agree with you, and I don't even RP at all.  The costumes they have for this class are the complete opposite theme.  I want a costume that resembles something along the lines of the Taritas or Grunil sets.
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  10. vecte added a post in a topic Black Spirits quest daily and weekly bugged?   

    I have started experiencing these issues.  It's not letting me pick up dailies as of yesterday, and I haven't received a weekly quest in almost three weeks now.  Not sure what's going on, but I'm ending up with less scrolls than my guildmates, and I have significantly more playtime.
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  11. vecte added a post in a topic Maehwa Costumes (KR CS)   

    In my honest opinion, most of the costumes just don't fit her class theme.  Red Moon is really the only one that I like, and to be honest, it just doesn't look like warrior material.  Despite that, I will still likely buy the Red Moon set for the EXP boost, and likely hide it in favor of my Grunil armor showing.
    This is just my opinion though.
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  12. vecte added a post in a topic Gear Prep for Maewha   

    4/4 Grunil here, 2x Witch Earrings, 2x PRI RoGD, PRI Bares Belt, and PRI Bares Neck.  Was going to do 2/2 Grunil/Taritas, but I already have 4/4 heavily upgraded and it seems 4/4 is favored more by KR.  No scientific basis on my part though, just observation.
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  13. vecte added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    I'm going to be one of those people, so here it goes...
    You purchased a heavily PvP-oriented game, that as a whole does not award casual play.  This game was out for two years before it came here, so there is no reason you should not have known this.  Hell, I play this game with nearly all the free time I have, and I am still behind by a good margin.  I'm just now coming up on 53, I'm still missing some accessories, and my armor still isn't all +15.  Does this stop me?  Nope, sure doesn't.  Am I able to complete with those that have put more time in?  Nope, sure can't.  Is any of this stopping me from continuing to play?  Nope, sure isn't.
    My point is, you need to accept the game for what it is, accept your limitations, and deal with the consequences.  IMO, the best way to describe this game is, it's a game of consequences.  It's a huge, no risk/no reward system.  Dealing with the PvPers is one of the risks you have to handle to get the reward.  If you are getting grief in one channel, try your luck in another.  If that doesn't work, move on to another area.  There are plenty of things that can be done to try and avoid the PvPers.  The game's system does not need to change.
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  14. vecte added a post in a topic Razer Wind awakening   

    IMO, best choice for this skill is Ranged Attack Damage +5.  This is your hard hitting, single target damage attack for PvE.  The more raw power you can give it, the better.
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