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  1. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Complete Welee   

    Nothing about this is true.
    play a different game then.
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  2. Bernkastel added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    Even with my green goblins I can make 72 per goblin per day so your math is already wrong. That's 288 in epheria only. If I had the skill for them to make more crates at ones, it would be easy to go over 1000 crates a day. Don't know about getting so much plywood but with the thrifty skill you get a lot of the materials back.
    With multiple alts and 300-400 max energy I'd be willing to believe that it's possible to sustain 1000 crates per day. Utilize beds, maybe use kamasylve blessing for that +1 energy. It's not impossible.
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  3. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Fissure Wave?   

    Even before awakening some of our skills were kinda useless on uneven terrain.
    Thunder Storm also misses most of the time when you're not on the same "plane" as your enemy.
    LPT for all the plebs saying we're all OP: Attack from above or below. Can't do shit about that.
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  4. Bernkastel added a post in a topic so i rerolled sorc, my opinion, need tipps.   

    We are very friendly actually. Just not to you. I still remember your first account and your thread about "ban ugly characters". You are cancer and that's why you get nothing but cancer in return. And some of the people who replied here are german, so good luck with the german community.
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  5. Bernkastel added a post in a topic so i rerolled sorc, my opinion, need tipps.   

    For life, huh? Did you die already?
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  6. Bernkastel added a post in a topic --   

    Also tamer grab is so broken you might as well not use it at all.
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  7. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Why do people say BDO is P2W?   

    The people who got bombed aren't the ones who are complaining tho
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  8. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Why do people say BDO is P2W?   

    if you think americans cry a lot, you should hear us germans.
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  9. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Beruf Anbau schikanen?   

    Es ist nicht schon immer so, aber schon seit geraumer Zeit. Nach dem Schaufelexploit wurde das geändert.
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  10. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Guild Ships & Sea Monsters   

    We killed one and it took around 40 cannonballs. Pirateship kept resetting though so we couldn't kill one before we had to repair.
    On a site node: Is the ghost ship in our version bugged? It's incredibly weak and the monsters were dead in about 5 seconds.
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  11. Bernkastel added a post in a topic {POLL} What class do you main?   

    And still not knowing anything about the class and being a disgrace to every witch out there
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  12. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Welee Class.   

    Yeah, me neither. You actually find him saying balance mongering on a WoW forum though... 2 years ago. And he's just telling people to google it. He's been at it for years. I can't even
    Edit: His post history on the WoW forums reveals that he's been getting "dislikes" on almost all of his posts. And his first post on the forum is from 2010. TWO THOUSAND AND TEN. I think it's time for me to just take my own advice and ignore his threads in the future. I don't want to be pulled into his mess.
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  13. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Welee Class.   

    But. but... he is the famous inventor of "BALANCE MONGERING" and whatever the car thing is about.
    Edit: Just searching for balance mongering and my god... he's been doing this shit for years.
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  14. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Funniest class [POLL]   

    Zerker because it's ridiculous how broken it is
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  15. Bernkastel added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 8th 2017   

    Weight of loot decreased everywhere but valencia. So level 61 plebs farming sausans all day are rewarded even more and valencia is, once again, useless. nice.
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