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  1. Pwn Intended added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    I mean I was 24/2 vs barcode allies and 52/13 vs barcode holding choke points just sayin...
    Also people calling out ManUp for merging with Gravity right after Barcode takes members from ManUp?  Hypocrite much?
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  2. Pwn Intended added a post in a topic Item Enhancement Failure Cap   

    As much as 21 TET fails hurts, just having some sort of guarantee even at 25 fails would make things not so hopeless.  I would expect the guarantee success cap to be high.  Or it could be similar to auras from bosses, yes it's still RNG getting a box and auras but at least there's a guarantee that eventually you will get one.  Maybe like enhancement failure auras for certain grade items at certain enhancement levels.  I.E. you fail TET kzarka you get rng 1-5 tet boss failure auras.  TET liverto would yield TET liverto auras etc.
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  3. Pwn Intended added a post in a topic Item Enhancement Failure Cap   

     I enjoy many aspects of the game but I enjoy competitive pvp and when it comes down to it you need gear progression to stay in the game.  In that sense, it is a race.
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  4. Pwn Intended added a topic in Suggestions   

    Item Enhancement Failure Cap
    It seems to me that some sort of max failure cap would be a good idea on the enhancing system.  I've failed tet attempts on my dandelion weapon 21 times in a row now and at this point I just expect it to fail and use it to build fail stacks.  I started 2 characters with 50+ stacks and they are now at 134 and 90 stacks.  I've never heard of anyone else having this many tet fails but it doesn't mean it hasn't happened.  The major issue with enhancement failure streaks that (in this case) can span several months of attempts is that eventually it leaves a player who wants to keep playing feeling like there's no more point because they can't progress and are being buried by one item.  I understand that it's RNG and I've played more punishing enhancement games like Lineage 2 so it's not like I'm unfamiliar with RNG.  I have had friends quit over being buried by an excessively long bad streak and just having any sort of guarantee that SOMEDAY it will actually succeed (even if it's a high cap) would have kept them around.  I've stayed fairly positive through all of this until very recently and every time I hit it again I think "IT HAS TO WORK AT SOME POINT" but I'm actually starting to believe that it could go 30, 40, who knows more fails.  This, of course, is soul crushing and starts making it very difficult to continue enjoying the game (and spending money on it).  Please consider something of this nature as I believe it would keep some people playing who would otherwise ragequit.
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  5. Pwn Intended added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Nouver not spawning
    Past the window and no spawn.  Also the bug where the escape button doesn't work sometimes is unfixed.
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