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  1. DrDeath added a post in a topic Witch Summoning Bug   

    It works best if you just add the actual summon skill to your quick slots.  I swap pets frequently and it is much easier when I want to dismiss them as well.
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  2. DrDeath added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Thanks for ruining my Sunday evening.......
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  3. DrDeath added a post in a topic Possible bugged knowledge   

    Harpy Language:  Look at the "Can be Obtained From" tab on this link http://bddatabase.net/us/item/36154/  Pretty sure that one came from a dead harpy on the ground
    Delphe Knights Operation Command:  If memory serves, this should come from a book in a room below the NPC/Questgiver (That is about 1/2 to the top of the castle area)  http://bddatabase.net/us/item/36155/
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  4. DrDeath added a post in a topic Ouch !!   

    By far, the absolute best Tin-Foil solution I have heard to date!!!!
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  5. DrDeath added a post in a topic MISSING Valentines Rewards!!!   

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  6. DrDeath added a post in a topic MISSING Valentines Rewards!!!   

    I was unable to turn in my final chocolate last night before Maint. ... sent a ticket... got automated response telling me the event was closed and I was up sh*t creek. (paraphrased of course)
    Getting pretty fed up with the Automated BS responses.
    The NPC turn in's were obviously not snyc'd properly with the server clocks and client side clocks.  Amirte?  Not my fault... gimmee my sheeet!  I still have my chocolate and it's melting!!!!!

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  7. DrDeath added a post in a topic Sailboaters UNITE!   

    The knowledge is already in.  I have them completed at S rank already,  just look at the image.  And yes the knowledge can be obtained via amity games of NPCs in Port Ratt.  If your knowledge log does not show it, try to repair files... that sounds bugged out man.  SUBMIT A TICKET  They populated for me when I patched the initial Magoria patches.  You shouldn't need to do anything for the list to be in your log.
    Look here in the Knowledge Log:   Ecology > Ecology of Valencia > Oceanic Creatures

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  8. DrDeath added a post in a topic LOST EPHERIA SAILBOAT ***Resolved***   

    It was located north of Kuit Island in the Ross Sea.
    After swimming to Kuit it showed up in the Wharf.  It was not on any other Wharf list prior to going to Kuit.... That is a heart-stopping bug .....
    All good now though **resolved.
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  9. DrDeath added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    LOST EPHERIA SAILBOAT ***Resolved***
    Do not remote collect your Epheria Sailboat!!!!     
    I just did and it is now completely missing. 
    Checked all the wharfs on my list and it does not appear there....... the boat icon is no longer on my UI either (like I checked it in) . 
    It is like it never existed and I am beyond pissed off.
    Weeks of prep and crafting to get it finished as well as the set of +5 vendor Sailboat gear, a load of crafted cannonballs and breezy crystals are all gone.  I hope this gets fixed and my boat gets restored asap
    Be aware when you remote collect your Epheria Sailboat, it may not show up on the wharf manager's ship list.
    **********  I went to the closest wharf manager/ferry guy from where I had left my sailboat, and my sailboat popped up in the Ship list.  Glad i found it..... I had some baby rage building!
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  10. DrDeath added a post in a topic Sailboaters UNITE!   

    Boat progress is solid..... What's better is the S ranks on all the ocean creatures!
    Who want's to go F**k some shit up when our boats are complete?   Hit me up!

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  11. DrDeath added a post in a topic Santa's presents?   

    To the OP,  I haven't seen any of those drop except the fox mask.  I have gotten at least 9, maybe 10.  The other items must have a low %drop rate.  It's nice to hear the flag is dropping though =)
    *** My real question is:  Why in the F* does he only drop 4 house items when there is a set bonus for 5.   Derp!  The pearl shop interior items show a set bonus of 9 which leads me to believe buying one of those would not complete the set.  Amirite?
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  12. DrDeath added a post in a topic Please Fix Wizard/Witch Dura bug   

    This Shiz is annoying as F####
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  13. DrDeath added a post in a topic Cant locate Gahaz Tuval   

    Here is a screenshot, he is actually slightly NW and is standing on the Cliff

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  14. DrDeath added a topic in General   

    Ban the IP of that stupid Forum SPAMMER PLEASE!
    As simple as the title states.  As Nike said, JUST DO IT!
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