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  1. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Abuse or new PvP "feature"   

    The only one that cannot be protected is the guild leader, officers can be protected.
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  2. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Abuse or new PvP "feature"   

    Yeah, that is called Guild Protection and is in the game since the release. The Guild Leader can "protect" a certain amount of people. Those people cannot be the target of normal GvG attacks but need to be flagged to be killed. Everything fine here.
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  3. UrzaKeFrostgard added a topic in European Guild   

    Unofficial Guild Spotlights: EU List
    This is a list of all unofficial guild spotlights for BDO guilds from the European Server. I thought instead of making a single thread for every spotlight a compiled list would actually work better. I hope you guys enjoy reading!
    All Unofficial Guild Spotlights (including NA & EU)
    Guild Spotlight: SovereignGuild Spotlight: AddictedGuild Spotlight: MillenniumIf you want your guild to be featured in one of the upcoming unofficial guild spotlights send me a message, including a short overview of your guild and your achievements, here, via PM or contact me on any IHA Discord. I am going to feature guilds (PvE, PvP, and PvX) across both, the NA and the EU servers.
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  4. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    What about Field Boss Mechanic Changes?
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  5. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    And this shows? We started a complete new server for the merge and open it officially today.
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  6. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    Yeah the NA Servers had a great unbalance on the populations numbers, I'd say something along Edan: Uno + Orwen 60:40
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  7. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    If we get the "Korean" Field Boss System things will become even better
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  8. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    IHA Uno had ~1,100 registered (online) members. (~3,200 registered total)
    IHA Orwen had ~1,500 registerd (online) members. (~2,800 registered total)
    IHA Edan had ~100 registered (online) members. (~300 registered total)
    IHA NA: https://discord.gg/7jyHprb
    EWB: https://discord.gg/zN3trkr 
    ^ this
    Any comment on that would bring their beloved star sign chat here  (Don't get me wrong I personally like their #starsignchannel)
    I think people from either server will check out the other and the server with the better quality will become the favored one for NA.
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  9. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Mister UrzaKeFrostgard   

    The IHAA has more than 4,000 registered users on Discord - the IHA network more than 16,000. It is not possible for us to monitor everybody - and tbh we don't want to do that in the first place. However as the whole system is community based there have to be some regulations. In addition we are currently working on certain system that will help with problem like non calling, false calling or trolling.
    The first part of this is the new authenification system we have introduced on Alustin this week. We will proceed to put that system on all of the IHA server in the upcoming days. Yet, this is only the first part of a bigger package containing many more protection, anti-leech and anti-troll measures.
    Next servers receiving this update will be IHAC and IHAJ followed by IHAE, IHAO, and IHAU one week later. Feel free to check out the system on IHAA.
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  10. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Mister UrzaKeFrostgard   

    He was doing Dim in Ve2 and then Boss went down from 100 > dead
    The same group of people switched to Ve1 and I told them if you do another 100 > dead youre out and it told it a few times as it was in the morning so not much people were doing bosses and they were doing it with 6 ppl so more than enough time to call
    Boss went 100 > d
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  11. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Mister UrzaKeFrostgard   

    EasyGaming sponsored by justOP
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  12. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Mister UrzaKeFrostgard   

    Only 450+ AP/DP + being AFK doing nothing Bot Bosses player ^^
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  13. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic Mister UrzaKeFrostgard   

    Hey, you were banned for doing a second channel without any calling. I have screenshots of you standing directly besides the dead boss in the 2nd channel

    any further questions? btw now I have to consider if I throw you out again once you have auth'd
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  14. UrzaKeFrostgard added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 2nd   

    I wish everybody a nice Red Nose Day!
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  15. UrzaKeFrostgard added a topic in General   

    Winter is coming!
    I'd thought I share this with you  personally I hope we get something like that for the Winter Months ^^
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