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  1. Valakas added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    Most guilds with the same amount of members since months, yeah, game is fine for sure
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  2. Valakas added a post in a topic So basically we paid for a game to get korean F2P model   

    bdo was sinking ship even before they announced p2w patch, due not fixed desync issues and imagined new PvP system introduced before release (even worse, screwing pvp system by removing penalties - what kind of logic is that according to PvP system introduced by them before release...), delays between updates and worst support ever, now it's just attempt to milk whales before the game die completly
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  3. Valakas added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Autumn, winter is coming, lf worth MMO's with open world pvp
    any types?
    since bdo turned into p2w shit with broken promises by publisher
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  4. Valakas added a post in a topic PM_Jouska updated the In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items with this statement   

    lmao, people preferring those features, looks like jouska is blind or successfully avoids bdo's forums, or both
    sinking ship
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  5. Valakas added a topic in General   

    The most greedy and lazy publisher I've ever seen
    B2P system with shitty designed sets but hundred of costumes in IS. Starting from not fixed decync issues, no progress in PvP system introduced on forum before release (best grab trick evah) - even worse, changing pvp system into pure carebear fest without any penalties in open world, support stuff - lmao, not even gonna comment it.
    Value packs, IS shops, all within few weeks, looks like daum is trying to get the biggest amount of money before game dies, top 50 clans with the same number and the same people since months not logged for xx days.
    sadly no L2 vol 2. qq
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  6. Valakas added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Top 10 PvP Guilds   

    lmao who cares mr sheriff
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  7. Valakas added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Top 10 PvP Guilds   

    1. Genocide
    2. Swarm
    3. RedZerg
    4. SilentHorrors
    5. DragonHunters
    6. Einheit
    7. ITT
    8. Unforgiven
    9. ROA
    10. Chaos
    BDO's shit full of randoms if we're considering guild community.
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  8. Valakas added a topic in General   

    bdo's low budget cashgrab thing, face it
    starting from worst support ever considering amount of time needed to receive answer, ignoring questions about main things like pvp system introduced before release (great bait honestly, gg daum), desync issues not fixed since start, huge delays between updates (before release updates were promised to be released faster than in ru), it was pretty impressive how one person known as Jouska was answering to all questions and suggestions about changes, huge topics made by daum about game mechanics like pvp system for example, after release delay after delay, main topics we discussed before release are abandoned and seems like kakao aka daum is literally ignoring people's questions about that
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  9. Valakas added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    If you were being killed again and again and you didn't change a channel, you're literally brainless. Problem is with you not with "griefing" whatever it means for carebears.
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  10. Valakas added a post in a topic jghphhhf   

    Wish I could turn back time to the old days when you had to prove yourself to play under decent tag with your very well known people forming a group together and be one of many core members instead of current shit and guilds full of carebears and randoms jumping from guild to guild like it happens everyday in BDO.
    PvP "content" in BDO is boring after 2-3 weeks of playing, lack of true group competition and these retarted retractions after boss spawned and tons of channels.
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  11. Valakas added a post in a topic This game had so much potential but   

    Sandbox is just empty word, no worth to sacrifice competition between guilds for sth like that.
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  12. Valakas added a topic in General   

    This game had so much potential but
    PA failed so hard trying to find compromise between hardcore players and casuals in the typical korean grind mmo with rng system, you just couldn't decide which side to choose.
    First of all: world bosses, instead of making it more competetive it just huge brainless brick with thousands randoms around what caused that half guilds bored to death were disbanded even before first siege started, competetive I mean GvG's but it's hard to do since every random can come, ignore PvP and deal the biggest damage, where is fun and competition? Open world bosses sucks, wouldn't it be better to implement open instances closed after 1h (announcement about boss spawning - 1h of pure PvP between top guilds, during this 1h if you die during PvP you can still enter instance to fight back but everytime you die instance is closed for you for a longer time - 1st death - 2 min, 2nd - 4 min etc, then rb spawns, guild which survived with the bigger amount of members can enter instance again and again, for others people instance is closed)
    Missing healer class, not like it is required for PvE since moobs are so brainless and even nerfed once again by PA, lmao, skilled healer, mass ressurections, cleaning debuffs etc makes PvP's more interesting, you could ignore typical trinity but healer is still needed for PvP's, especially for people who played MMO's for years and couldn't imagine the game without even one support class.
    Removing death penalty in the game where people had to fight for spots what caused no consequences in open world, gg. Is it open world game or not? Satisfied some casuals, some trolls and pissed off people who played grind mmos before with open world.
    Alliances system - this is great example how much it's needed in BDO since so many guilds lost most of members but they still don't want leave their crest tag and merge with others guilds, alliance system is the best solution here, many guilds are literally dead and many guilds are still losing members, typical agony, matter of time.
    and more
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  13. Valakas added a post in a topic jghphhhf   

    marr pee sitting, confirmed by trusted malakas
    toi 13 fast plz
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  14. Valakas added a post in a topic Avalon EU Guild - Jordine   

    You're prolly one of these big mouths who yells so much but do less than other people, have you realized that joining "top guild" in bdo is not even any achievement since every guild is formed mostly in 95 % by randoms? Just look at your posts, noone's taking you serious, what a clown.
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  15. Valakas added a post in a topic Avalon EU Guild - Jordine   

    You're hating Avalon since over month, don't know you dude but if you're still continuing personal drama you got some real issues and prolly there was a problem with you, not Avalon, go and be top kek somewhere else instead of wasting your time on forum. Let people do their job.
    Good luck.
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