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  1. FunkD added a post in a topic Daum? HELLO? Are you doing something?   

    Yo dude, every class can 1 combo every other class to death.  Wiz has a slow ass 100% that is actually rather easy to avoid unless you are not paying attention and/or set up by someone else's CC and can't move.
    Most PvP'rs know the Wiz meta at this point, how to avoid, and how to engage, except apparently you.    
    Working as intended.  
    Git gud.  
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  2. FunkD added a post in a topic Patch notes 1hr before end of maintenance   

    You people must all be new around these parts...
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  3. FunkD added a post in a topic Play your Way event   

    Good to confirm then.  I'll just chalk up my experience to really bad luck then. 
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  4. FunkD added a post in a topic Play your Way event   

    The only thing I've noticed is blackstone drop increase.
    450 energy - 2 hard 1 sharp (pretty standard)
    Several hours of fishing = 4 relics (also pretty standard)
    In past "relic" events the added relics where a chance to catch one in addition with a fish.  All I am catching while fishing is additional Lavientia event items, and all the relics I've gotten are standard single relic catches.  I think the Lavientia event extension is bugging out the so called "relic/shard" event and frankly the blackstones are the only items increased at the moment.  
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  5. FunkD added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    Are we sure the "Play your way" event is turned on?  Been fishing since servers are up and caught ONE relic shard.  It was a normal catch too, not added as an additional item like the relic increase events of past.  Methinks these patch notes are severely lost in translation.  
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  6. FunkD added a post in a topic Wizard grab   

    OMG thank you nerds for really attempting to test this finally.  Wiz grab is an infuriating tease.  Try it in PvE on a grind, you'll notice it basically has a 100% success rate.  Try it in PvP, and you look like an asshole grabbing air, get CC'd and killed.  
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  7. FunkD added a post in a topic Wizard with Evasion Equipment ?   

    Could be true I'm just going by initial reaction to seeing him having nothing but +3 from his belt.  Not sure what the accuracy is at lvl 57 skills are either, probably half of that of lvl 60 skills from a quick glance it looks like.  Plus, yeah he's lvl 57, so he's facing things most likely higher levels on a regular basis.
    No point in going AP if your not able to hit anything.
    I could be wrong though, definitely been wrong in the past. lol
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  8. FunkD added a post in a topic Wizard with Evasion Equipment ?   

    I'd suggest switching to a Bronze dagger before anything else seeing your current gear.  You really shouldn't be using an AP offhand if you don't have any accuracy stacked up from Bhegs and elsewhere.  Not sure if your goal right now is to not hit anyone, and also not get hit, so you are a heal-bot then?   
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  9. FunkD added a post in a topic Wizard weapon swaping   

    I assigned one of my mouse buttons to C (middle mouse button click to the left), making it much easier for me to switch back while moving. Otherwise just hitting C on the keyboard was too awkward for me personally, as I could never position my fingers or even use my thumb for it with much success.
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  10. FunkD added a post in a topic Awakening Skills cannot Animation Cancel   

    It would be nice to have a cancel option out of Aqua-Jail.  Wish dagger stab took you out of it like it cancels out of other skills (healing/meteor for example).  It'd be kind of a compromise because you'd be out of awakening stance too, so....
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  11. FunkD added a post in a topic Bidding....is the worst.   

    I have every single cat/dog/hawk that is available to put on notice, on notice.  I have successfully purchased ZERO out of the last 100 that have been put up.  I'm starting to shadowplay record my attempts at buying them now in order to put together a compilation of failure.  
    And someone told me that these pets are "easy" to snipe off the market in order to attempt to get 4 tier 4 pets, especially at "odd hours."  
    I call BS.
    Overall I guess the new system is "fair" as in winning the lottery is "fair" but it's not without it's flaws. 
    For other "hot" items, such as memory frags, they NEED to take out the requirement to buy the lowest priced item.  Buying these items is pure AIDS because every other minute, you can't buy anything sitting there because some idiot posts 1 or 2 more frags that cost 1 silver less than what's listed, and you are forced to bid on that while the rest are stuck in limbo until the bidding is done for the "cheapest" listed item.  They need to implement a threshold system that dictates if an item is selling out at a certain rate, it no longer has a max/min price for a period of time to eliminate this from happening.   
    Normally I'm sitting on a rather huge pile of frags, but my Nouver gave me trouble/blessed failstacks (successfully smashed a TRI Witch and DUO crescent out of them stacks) and I burned through a record 455 frags getting it to TRI.  I just wanted it repaired without bothering to run more scrolls, and holy crap, trying to buy the mere 20 frags I needed to get back to full dura from the AH was absolutely an asinine experience.  I feel sorry for anyone who is buying hards/sharps/frags off the AH it's a hot mess.
    And I'm just going to chalk up my luck with pets as exactly that, bad luck.  But if anyone running around with 4 tier 4 pets claiming how easy it is to get them via the AH, and "they didn't buy them from the cash shop, I swear!" forgive me for not believing you for even 1 second. lmao.
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  12. FunkD added a post in a topic Valecnia EXP and especially Elite Mobs need a Buff!   

    Sorry I had to stop reading thread and laugh at this.  Been farming crescents every night ever since Wiz awakening now that I can efficiently roll through the mobs quicker than they can re-spawn in any given spot there, and got 12 shattered and 1 actual crescent ring.  
    I made my two DUO crescent rings from Night Vendor rolls for crying out loud.  Wasting actual time at crescents gained me one whole ring, for one whole failed TRI attempt.  Whoopdeedoo.   
    Crescents is garbage money, garbage XP, and the only reason to be there is for a ring, which has a garbage drop rate. 
    Wanna know the secret to getting Crescent Rings?  Farm Pirates or Sausans for actual XP/money and buy those rings from the AH or NV.  I'm starting to realize that probably more than a third of those crescent rings sitting on the AH are cheap 15-22mil NV rolled rings for a profit turnover.   
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  13. FunkD added a post in a topic servers are dying??   

    Seems to have cleared about 5 min ago?  Anyone else seeing relief?  That's was some EPIC disturbance in the force...
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  14. FunkD added a post in a topic servers are dying??   

    On NA everyone can confirm something is awry across every channel.  Even went to twitch to peep some streamers and all of the NA ones indeed confirm, and it is server wide in NA.  Started to ramp up to crazy conditions about an hour and a half ago.  
    Can't really get anything done.  Lag so bad I decided to finally go though mail and collect all my spellbound/special meal boxes and roll them.  It took forever for mails to load.  It takes 10 seconds from me hitting spacebar until it registers.
    They need an emergency reboot or something.  Something crazy is going on that is for sure.  
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  15. FunkD added a post in a topic Gaining S Rank Mob Knowledge   

    My reply wasn't directed at you as an insult.  I am sorry you took it that way.  It was directed at the absurd RNG and price tag behind getting four Tier 4 of a specific kind of pet, and how some people cannot see how this is P2W.  
    I don't care if you sat at the marketplace for dozens of accumulated hours to get them, or solicited someone in game to post them, or were even gifted the pearls to get them. The price tag behind this "convenience" is only rivaled, and far exceeded, by what the people who breed horses in this game are subjected to.   
    Having four Tier 4 pets that basically make it where you never have to press R to loot, and gain so called "S" knowledge your first time killing mobs, as you claim, is a bit more than a "convenience."  People get stuck on the technicality of these mechanics as a convenience, instead of just stepping back and looking at it practically.  The loot animation is something that happens to specifically trigger me, because I have carpel tunnel in my left wrist, and having to spam "R" constantly in order to loot aggravates it.  Just because I could solicit somebody to buy the amount of pets needed for a "chance" at obtaining a Tier 4, let alone four Tier 4's, doesn't change the absurd amount of cash behind process.  Whether it's from my wallet, or some strangers wallet.  
    BDO is not blatantly P2W, but there are aspects of it that are.  It's not bad enough to make me quit, but it is there to be sure.      
    Anyways, stay classy Lemonz.
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