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  1. Seolhyun added a post in a topic I made some educational PvP videos to help out my fellow rangers who might be struggling on how to use our moves defensively.   

    The NA ap monkey and EU accuracy/evasion thing is mostly for fun and jokes. Lots of top player in NA in top guilds (250+ap) have been running Evasion gems and offhands and many people are also using RCEarrings. 

    The damage is just RNG sometimes. 
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  2. Seolhyun added a post in a topic I made some educational PvP videos to help out my fellow rangers who might be struggling on how to use our moves defensively.   

    Full AP with Nouver but using 2x TRI Red Coral Earrings.
    And this is NA.
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  3. Seolhyun added a topic in Ranger   

    I made some educational PvP videos to help out my fellow rangers who might be struggling on how to use our moves defensively.
    Most new rangers might not know how to use our kit defensively to win fights so maybe this video will help.
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  4. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    All this tells me is you haven't PvP practiced with ranger enough. Learn how to play the class.
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  5. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    Ranger here who duels my Valkyrie friend pretty much every other day for at least an hour-two hours. Today I was breaking his block with one fully-charged Tearing Arrow. Before this would never happen. He hasn't gained/lost any DP either.
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  6. Seolhyun added a post in a topic N00b question   

    You use Shift+Q for the buff, then sprint while having your awakening weapon out. It will make these cool looking trails but you actually aren't running any faster than if you put away your weapon and sprinted with the buff on.
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  7. Seolhyun added a post in a topic 60% resistances   

    Ikcen, the way you respond makes you sound like a lvl 56 casual who doesn't grind and is probably sitting on base coral rings and PRI weapon and non-Ultimate armor. You've probably done a bit of PvP vs folks who are sitting with TRI weapons and decent accessories and gotten completely cleaned and you now believe in silly assumptions that have no truth at all.

    You talk without any proof of your gearscore to show your knowledge and amount of time spent in this game. You also don't seem like the type of person to do your research to improve. I'll be nice here and help you out


    This link talks about how levels affect accuracy. I suggest you give this a read.
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  8. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Orwen better than Edan   

    Next time Relevant has a castle siege, someone please take a picture of the growth rank in the channel to show these Edan scrubs how far behind they are compared to Orwen. 
    Also shoutout to RangerMorph's gear. multiple DUO Bas and DUO Ogres before he sold RIP. Woulda been legendary by now. 
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  9. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Ranger armor   

    If your only piece of boss armor is Bheg's glove, then 3-Heve is the best option. You will get 300HP from set bonus and you have 2x crystals in every slot. But if you want, you can use 2-Heve (with Chest and Boots) and a Zereth helm. With this setup, you can cap out on Knockdown resistance and get a bit more DP. 
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  10. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    Nice guide! I personally like to use 1x Adamantine (25% KB/KD resist) and 1x (Swiftness +2 MS) in shoes and 1x Intimidation (10% KB/KD resist) in Helmet.
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  11. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Shotgun Nerf - top loot at field bosses   

    I still get high loot table every time even post-nerf. RNG decides whether or not you get a shiny liverto. Today we killed Bheg with around 10 people. I had aggro 100% of the time because I was the strongest person out there. I got so much damage onto Bheg but I still didn't get any rare item drop. I was 184AP with all my buffs ticking and I didn't die a single time.
    No one got a single rare drop in this boss kill except for maybe Ancient Crystals. No Liverto/gloves dropped on this boss kill.

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  12. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Some questions about Ranger   

    If you have absolutely nothing else to use for armor then you could use that for now. However I recommend switching to either Full Grunil or 2 Heve-2 Grunil ASAP. Ranger gets some extra damage from building HP because she has %HP scaling on some abilities.

    Since you already have a Grunil Glove, you can do a Heve Chest+Shoes with a Grunil Helmet+Gloves. This will give you +200 HP and 5AP from set bonuses. Other rangers like to do Heve Helmet+Gloves with Grunil Chest+Shoes to get +200 and +150HP bonuses to be more tanky. 
    As far as awakenings, I personally like either 10% Movement Speed slow on Blasting Gust  or 10% Attack Speed Bonus. 10% MS slow helps you escape or chase enemies when doing the middle-mouse camera lock while 10% Attack Speed lets you shoot faster and move more. On EES, most people were using Mana Regen on Hit back when people were using this skill exclusively in PvE (pre-nerfs). 
    Bow Skill affects the damage of the LMB portion of EES (the "umbrella" spray of arrows). 
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  13. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Awakening Help   

    I don't have this but I think a 10% Attack Speed buff on Tearing Arrow would be good for getting TA-BG and TA-PW cancels off faster.
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  14. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

  15. Seolhyun added a post in a topic Steel Dagger or Bronze Dagger for World/Field Bosses?   

    Thanks! I just got a Liverto while using my Steel Dagger from Dim Tree.
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